Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 14

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Swara gets up and doesn’t find sanskar anywhere.she finds a gift on the bed. ? with a note saying that u have to wear it and I will not let u get sad today.she smiles and finds a beautiful dark and light blue long frock with choori pajama.she is happy and says that I hoe sanskar is also feeling the same.
She calls ragini and asks if she is okay.ragini complies and says that she is fine.just then she sneezes and tells that she has caught cold.swara worries but ragini says that go and enjoy with sanskar.swara smiles and cuts call.ragini prays that I hope swara soon realises her love for sanskar.she sees laksh coming with tea.she is surprised.laksh gives tea to her and then meds and finally a sorry card.she smiles seeing it and says that laksh wanna become good I guess.laksh replies just to you.she says dnt hurt my sis.he says snt wry I won’t.ragini wonders if its his new plan.
Swara gets dresses and is looking beautiful in the dress wearing long jhumke.and has made a puff at top with her hairs curled from down but straight from start.she sees sanskar waiting for her.sanskar compliments her and she asks that where are we going at this time of day.he takes her hand and leaves.they reach a beach.and swara is surprised and emotionally overwhelmed when she sees that there are beautiful arrangements done there.a beautiful sitting area has been arranged for eating decorated with balloons and flowers.at the side was the stall of gol gappas,icecream,chaats,golas.she is unable to believe her.she smiles widely and sanskar is happy.
Sanskar takes her hand and makes her have lunch.after lunch sanskar offers dance.she shyly complie and they dance on ZEHENASEEB.while dancing swara lost into sanskar hugs him and he smiles.
Laksh comes out of washroom after bath and is naked.tagini slips and he holds her.they have an eyelock with same bg music.ragini is nervous.she tries but laksh holds her.and pulls her back.he caresses her hair and cheeks.she is shit nervous and says laksh plz leave me.he complies.she goes and laksh smiles.
Swara eats gol gappas and starts saying that its my favourite.she is in amsti mood and continues talking forgetting all tensions and worries.she eats ice cream.sanskar also eats and she diverts sanskar’s attention and she adds chilli on his ice cream.sanskar unknowingly eats it and spills it out.swara bursts out laughing and he says swara you…he runs behind her but then stops.swara goes toward sea and enjoys splahsing water.she spins and enjoys the cool breeze.
Naina nu pata hai plays in bg…
Sanskar cant take his eyes off her.sanskar gives her some stuffs like teddy bears.she says they are so cute.he gives her a pair of teddy bears holding a heart.she thinks its sanskar and swara FOREVER.she smiles at the thought.they eat golas and chaats.they make a sand house.she is enjoying a lot.then at night both lie on sand.and see the sky.swara holds sanskars hand and says thanks to him.it was the most beautiful day of my life.he sees her watching sky with a smile.he comes over her and she is nervous.she tries to speak but he shuts her mouth by keeping hand on her lips.he says that let me see u.as after2 and half mnths u will leave me forever.swara is tensed at the thought.sanskar smiles and says ragini was right the plan will work.he holds her hand again and sleeps.swara eyes him emotionally and keeps her head on his shoulder and falls asleep.
Tjhko Jo paya plays.
On the other hand laksh makes ragini sleep.and sits by her side holding her hand and falls asleep.same bg music plays…

Next epi:its ragini’s bday.laksh plans to surprise ? her and arranges a beautiful set up for them.sanskar keeps irritating swara that soon they will be on their own ways after divorce.she tries to make him understand that I can’t hurt any1s feelings.all are happy with it.sanskar says that we want divorce so it will happen doesn’t matter wt all think.swara is tensed.sanskar thinks till u dint accept your love for me I wnt stop irritating you.he smiles….

Credit to: Angel

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