Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 13


Swaragini and sanlak wake up.swara doesn’t see sanskar and remember last night embrace.she smiles.all get ready.ragini is wearing parrot green lehnga and swara is wearing orange lehnga shining brightly.their heads are veiled.its their mun dikhai(the ritual when groom’s relatives come to see newly wedded bride’s face).gododia family also arrives.mun dikhai is done.all praise swaragini’s beauty.
Ring finding ceremony starts.
Raglak finding ring.laksh pinches ragini’s hand.ragini takes off her pin from head and cleverly puts it in the plate(thaali) in which they are finding ring.she pinches laksh and he says ouch.all wonder what they are doing?ragini finds the ring and wins.all clap.she says to laksh I Wo so u always have to obey me now.laksh is angry but gives a smile.
Swasan’s turn:they search ring.sanskar holds swara’s hand.she looks at him.they have eyelock.guests talk that they are looking so cute.ragini smiles at them.sanskar finds the ring and gives to swara.she is surprised and smiles.she takes her hand out of plate and shows the ring.all clap for her.all say that the sisters will rule over their husbands.dp says it will be good as I want both of my sons to be under control.shekhar and dp sit and remember old times.swaragini enjoy the function.all leave.at night dp asks the couples to pack bags and leave for Switzerland.swaragini say that they want to go to Mumbai.all are surprised but dp agrees.after swasan and laksh are gone ragini thanks dp.dp says beta I know wtever u r doing is to unite swara and Sanskar.just stop the divorce and improve laksh.she nods and leaves.fb shows ragini informing everyone about swara’s demand for sanskar’s sake.sujata asks her to do sth and unite them.ragini says she will and needs their support.dp says we r with you.fb ends.ragini thinks Mumbai is ur favourite place swara and its romantic so its the best place for BLOSSOMING LOVE.
Ragini is packing stuff.she sees alcohol in laksh’s stuff and throws it.laksh reprimands her for doing so and she says u wont drink it.he pins her against wall keeping both hands at her side and says that u cant rule me.they have an eyelock.ragini is about to cry but remembers swara’s screams and fear.she composes her self and pushes him.she says she will rule him as she won the ring finding ceremony.if u dnt obey then I will tell papa(dp).she continues packing while laksh leaves in anger.
Swara packs bags and tells sanskar that she doesn’t feel like going.sanskar says why?she says laksh.sanskar holds her and says that u have to fight.forget that day and move on.the swara I knew was a fighter.and u have to become that swara again.ur sis is doing so much for u.u also have to do this for her cuz she feels pain to see u in this state.she cries and hugs him.he responds.she says that thank u for being my friend.laksh sees this and says swara I wont spare you.
They all reach Mumbai.swalak enter room decorated with flowers.ragini says don’t dare mess with flowers again.laksh asks her not to start again.she says u started first by hurting my sis feelings.he holds her and they fall on bed.moh moh ke dhage plays in bg.they compose themselves and laksh goes to get fresh.ragini sits and remembers her time with laksh and the day he insulted swara.she cries.
Swasan enter room.same decorations.they smile.swara sits on bed.sanskar sys he will get fresh.swara thinks about him and then her divorce demand and reprimands herself that why she said so?then thinks what are her feelings for him??oh God!!!
Swasan and raglak enjoy dinner.swasan are lost into one another.laksh says u guys look good together.ragini is surprised.laksh excuse himself.he goes to the caretaker of swimming pool.he gives him money and orders him sth.
After sometime he comes back and says to ragini that they should go for walk.the person asks all the swimmers to empty the pool.be then increases pool’s depth.ragini excuses laksh and he goes to find swara who is standing by the pool with her back to laksh.
he smirks and gives her a push.she screams.just then swara shouts ragini from behind.laksh is shocked to see her.sanskar jumps and saves ragini.ragini is coughing.swara caresses her.laksh is concerned and asks ragini I she is ok.swara unable to take it any longer stands up and slaps him she asks how dare u?wt do u think of ur self.why are u after me just bcz i insulted you or slapped you?she says that is ego so much important for u that u forgot your parents teachings and played with my respect.u misbehved with ur bro who is ur bf.she says that my sis is doing so much but u cant change and tried to kill me but my sis paid the price.she says that if I m going through pain then ragini is also going through pain as she loves u a lot but now she is forced to hate u after wt u did to me.she slaps him again and says that its for the night when u insulted me ishiild have given this to you on that night.she agin slaps him and says that its for hurting my sis.then slaps again that its for hurting both of our families and gives a final slap and says that I know you will again try to take revenge and will be caught.its an advance slap for ur mistake.she takes ragini and leaves.sanskar says I dnt believe that u r my same bro.i couldn’t think that you would stoop ao low.u forgot that swara is my wife and how much I love her.he leaves.
Laksh feels guilty for ragini but is still angry on swara and remembers swara’s words that ragini loves you.he leaves.
He shows concern for ragini but she shoves him away.she says that she did a mistake o love him and now she is regretting.i hate you laksh.just leave.laksh leaves.
Swara cries and hugs sanskar.he consoles her and says all will be okay.i will always be by ur side all my life.she clutches him.both close their eyes and the tune of kya pyar karoge mjhse plays…laksh sees and fumes thinking to do sth abt swara as she has made her fall in everyone’s eyes…(stupid guy)

Next epi:swasan on beach.swara running all over and sanskar making her eat by gol gappas.she laughs and sanskar smiles to see her.laksh after bath comes out naked and ragini slips.he catches her and they have eyelock….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Very nice !
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  2. Yeah laksh ko kya hua stupud guy

    1. Haha dnt wry he will change soon

  3. Very good Angel,m a die hard swasan fan but I want to Laksh and Ragini happy as well,I know it will happen in ur story..keep going dr.

    1. Thnx veena

  4. Love ur story. It’s better than the original story and other fan fictions!!!

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  5. very nice really so good than real story

  6. very nice really so good than original story

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