Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 12


Sanskar sleeps on bed on swara’s insistence while swara sleeps on sofa remembering the whole day incidents while sanskar reminisces swara’s divorce demand.hamari adhuri kahani.
Next morning ragini wakes up and gets ready.she sees laksh asleep and throws water on him.he angrily gets up and says wt is this nonsense.ragini,asks him to get up.laksh says he never wakes up early.ragini says now u have to.u have 15 mnts to change nd come for breakfast.she leaves and laksh fumes.
Swara comes out after taking bath.she is looking lovely in wet hair.sanskar wakes , sees her and smiles at her beauty.swara slips and falls on him.both have eyelock.tjhko Jo paya plays in bg.she gets up but her mngalsutar gets stuck in his shirts button.she tries to free it.sanskar offers help.he asks her to come close.she does.
Sanskar:more close.
She does.
Sanskar in a Little voice:a little more swara.
She is much close to sanskar.both are lost into each other.they are disturbed by ragini’s knock at the door.she calls them for breakfast.swara takes her dupata,sets her hair and leaves.ragini asks sanskar if swara was okay last night.he tells her about swara’s demand for divorce.she is shocked and tells him that she is a little terrified and will take time to forget that night.u make her realize your love ❤ for her.he asks how.she gives some tips to him.he smiles and hugs her.he says thanks for being my true best friend.she smiles and goes.sanskar goes to get ready.
All gather for breakfast.swaragini come with their prepared dishes.all appreciate them.laksh spills his food saying that its really salty and spicy.ragini smiles and reminisces preparing separate food for laksh and adding salt and spices.ragini says she has prepared with much love so eat it.he is about to leave when dp stops him.ragini makes him,eat forcefully.water comes in his eyes bcz of food being damn spicy.ragini thinks that you will suffer each day laksh maheshwari.dp says that egoistic laksh maheshwari will from ragini.all smile.
Ragini sees swara getting uncomfortable and signs sanskar
who holds swara’s hand.she smiles.
All do pooja.laksb says he is not interested.ragini says that God always helps people and he protects us.listens to us.
Laksh:he made us right?
Laksh:I m bad guy.he did mistake.why
Ragini:no u did mistake.man makes himself bad on his own.he also made me and now I m here to correct u.he gave u punishment to be with me forever for what u did to swara.got it??
He is taken aback all smile.then she asks her not to utter a single word again and do pooja.swara is praying deeply.pooja is over.dp and ram leave for office.
Sanskar:bade papa can I join office too.
Dp is surprised and says of course beta but u have got married yesterday so spent some time together,he gives one envelope to sanskar and one to laksh.they are HONEYMOON tickets for Switzerland.ragini and sanskar smile.laksh says he wont go while swara is upset.laksh eyes swara and says ok he will.ragini notices this and thinks oh laksh so u r planning sth.dp says u guys will go day after tomorrow as tomorrow will be mun dikhai of our daughter in laws.and ring finding ceremony will also be done as I could not be done yesterday.all nod and leave.
At night rain starts.swra is dreaming of that night.lightning cracks ⚡ .she gets up with a scream.she gets afraid and cries.sanskat switches on the light and comes to her asking if she is okay.she is terrified and asks sanskar if he will do what she says.he complies and asks.swara asks him to HUG her.he is surprised and comolies.she hugs him tightly and clutches his shirt feeling much solace.HUMDARD plays in bg.she looks at him and he kisses her forehead.swara shuts her eyes and sleeps on his chest while they are still embraced.he makes her lie on sofa and smiles seeing her.the screen freezes on his face…

Next epi:mun dikhai is done.swasan and raglak cute romance during ring finding ceremony,swaragini say that they wanna go to Mumbai.all comply.laksh pushes swara in pool and she screams for help….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Ha ha ha haaaaa ragini was so cool

  2. loving ragini

  3. U know what I have started liking Ragini on reading ur ff..its too cool nd fantastic….loved it

  4. wow different revenge story i like it very much

    1. Thnx swara?

  5. wow superb. u made ragini a bold character. nice

  6. Mouni Godavari

    Hats off angel your imagination is awesome you made my ragini such a loving sister thank you so much

    1. Thnks nd welcum

  7. Mouni Godavari

    I think your imagination is more awesome than real swaragini show

  8. This story is really cool…ur imagination is gr8…..pliz continue writing ?

  9. Sathyasree venkat

    really nice

  10. nyc story
    good going
    swasan the best
    ragini’s character in tis is supr

    1. Thnx sruthi

  11. Really fantastic ff.
    I love this as in this the character of ragini is soo good and swasan scenes are best.please update ur next part fast becoz i am really big fan ur this ff.i just loved this.

    1. Thnx priyanshi

  12. wow super update the next part soon i

  13. Wat is mean by mun dikhai… can u say the meaning of hindi words (lyk mun dikhai) in brackets

    1. Actually I dnt know a lot about these rituals as its not my religion but mun dikhi is the time when after marriage the relatives of groom come to see newly weddded bride’s face…..

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