Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 11


Marriage preaparations are on full swing.swara is tensed.dadi and dida cone to cheer her up.she says that she is tensed for ragini.dadi consoles her and says that ragini can do anything fir her as u sisters are like that.dida cracks jokes and dadi dida nok jhok starts.swara smiles.she sees sanskars name on her hand and gets teary eyed
Laksh is abou to GE ready when he notices that his dress is missind.do asks him to go and fetch it from shop.laksh is irritated but complies.aftersome time he comes back gets ready and takes baraat.
Swara is dressed beautifully as bride ?.laksh eyes her and smirks.sanskar sees her emotionally.laksh goes and holds swara’s hands who gets scared.he takes her to mandap.dadi asks him yo stop as they follow old rituals and says that swara will have to put veil over her face.laksh calls this stupid but dp shuts him and says that kaki is right.she covers her face and as dida is about to do gath bandhan lights go off.all are confused,it cones back after 2-3 mnts.pheras start and end.laksh asks swara to unveil her face as he has to put sindur,dadi says it will be inauspicious to see face so she cleverly covers swara’s face with another dupatta and exposes her maang.laksh fills it.makes her wear manfalsutar.marriage is over.they take blesssings and bidai occurs.sumi cries and prays for swara’s happiness.
Laksh’s friends tease him about his first night.he replies that his wife must be waiting for him.while all the guests leave the family gathers to have tea.laksh on his way to room says that swara gidodia that slap had to cause you badly.he says that its just the matter if one night and u r gone.he enters room and licks he turns around and is shocked to find RAGINI.he asks her what is she doing here?she says that she is married and is in her susral so she will stay in her husband’s room.he is dazed when sje tells that he has been married to her.fb shows that when lights went off ragini took swara’s place.
Laksh is outraged and storms out of the room.he spots swara and says that how dare u double cross me?u cheated me.he is about to slap her when sanskar holds his hand and says that don’t ubdare touch my WIFE.laksh is boggled.he descends the stairs and shouts that he has been betrayed.he says that his best friend snatched his would be wife and he has been married to another girl.he says that he is ashamed of sanskar.Annapurna comes and slaps him saying that she and his father are ashamed that they gave birth to a devil who tried to malign a girls repesct just bcz of a slap.she says that today your mom slapped u so what punishment will u give to her?laksh says what r u talking about?dp says that stop this drama as we all know what u did with swara at the party.he is taken aback.dp tells him that they followed ragini’s plan.fb shows ragini telling everyone that she will marry laksh instead of swara to teach him a lesson.he has to realise his mistake for what he did to my sister.dadi days but who will marry swara now as she list her repo due to laksh.swara cries badly and ragini consoles her.dp says that its their mistake so they will correct it.he goes to sanskar and asks if he will keep his bade papa’s respect.sanskar asks him wt does he want.dp asks if he will,marry swara.he is shocked.he looks at her and says yes he will do wtever he says.dp hugs him and says to shekhar that he knew his son is spoilt but he did not know that he will stoop ao low but he trusts sanskar.shekhar hugs sanskar and thanks him.swara stays silent.
When laksh went to fetch his dress all were gathered at mhshwari house and swara sanskar got married.swara was silent and expressionless throughout.till laksh came gododia family was gone.
When ragini replaced swara,sanskar and swara went back to mheshwari house to search for mms.they found it.fb ends)
Laksh says how can u do this.dp asks him to accept the reality as ragini will straighten him.she is allowed to do wtever she wants and they won’t mind as we want u to realise your mistake.he storms back into his room saying that he won’t change.ragini says that I will change you as u have no idea how much power swaragini occupy.dp asks swasan to go and rest.
As swasan enter their room sanskar tries to talk to swara who finally shouts that its not right.it shouldn’t have happened.all this happened to me but u got punished.u got married to the girl whose respect got maligned.u did this on the sayings of your bade papa.its wrong.i ve to free you.u shouwnot be in pain.sanskar tries to talk but in vain.she says promise me that once everything cones back to normal u will divorce me.sanskar is stunned.he says wt r u talking about,she says that u will divorce me after 3 mnths.he is teary eyed and says that if this is wt u want then ok.
Other side ragini enters room and sees laksh spoiling flowers with which room was decorated.she taunts that u enjoy a lot ruining the poor flowers like u did to my sis who is an innocent beautiful flower.laksh eyes her.she closes door locks it and sits on bed.sje says she is tired.he is about to get on bed when ragini asks him to stop.she throws pillow on his face and says sleep on sofa.he is taken aback and asks again if u want me LAKSH MAHESHWARI to sleep on sofa??she says clean ur ears properly if u cant listen for once.thats exactly wt I said as I dnt want u to come near me.he says I dnt believe that an innocent shy girls like u can become jhansi Ki rani.he asks when did u get inspired by Rakhi sawant.she answers back that she got inspired as you became Amrish puri…she says pray for yourself…saying so she sleeps while laksh eyes her angrily….

Next epi:swaragini prepare dishes on their 1st day.all like it and laksh spills it out saying that its very salty and spicy.raginj says that she made it with live u have to eat it.she makes him eat with force and laksh has tears in his eyes as food is damn spicy.ragini thinks its just tart laksh maheshwari….u will feel pain each day….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. I loved the episode. And too happy that u gave ragini a new face

    1. Thnk u

  2. me too ,luv the epi

  3. Loveddddd this ep ! ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡
    Very nice !

    1. Thnk u yashal

  4. Oh god angel i cant even stop my smile so sweet ragini like bangalore mirchi

    1. Thnx hayathi…i m glad that u read both of my ff ….swaragini as well as piya rangrezz

  5. i lvd this epi…superb yaar

  6. Wow..its soo good…ragini as Jhansi Ki rani very funny….its too good that ur giving eqal importance to both of them…loved it soo much

    1. Thnk u manu

  7. Love ragini’s new face and supporting swara luv it

    1. Thnk u

  8. wow dis part was so gud n Tat jhansi ki rani n rakhi sawant was so funny

  9. Well done angel, writers of the show has to learn something from ur ff, u have given equal importance to all 4 characters..

    1. Thnk u

  10. wow sema dear..i love u r story dear.keep rocking..

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