Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 10


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Swara asks ragini not to do this you life will be spoiled.ragini says I dnt care buy wtever he did to u is unbearable.I will teach him a lesson and for that I will have to do this.shekhar blessed both of them.anapurna comes and hugs swara.she apologizes on laksh’s behalf.ragini gets laksh’s call.she is surprised.he greets her and demands to talk to swara.she puts the phone on speaker.swara says hello.he says so swara gododia had fun??he says that this is just the beginning of my revenge.once we get married I will spoil u completely.this marriage will be just for sometime.once I spent a night with you I will divorce you.i will seek my revenge.all are shocked.laksh says that I u try to tell this to anybody or refused to marry then I will leak ur pics that were clicked today.all are dazed.he says I have sent pics on ragini’s mble.see and delete be4 anyone else sees it and think abt wt to do.he cuts call.swara sees pics.and breaks into tears collapsing on floor.ragini sees pics with swara’s saree torn.guys hugging her and trying to take off her saree.she is furious.all are angry and agree to ragini’s plan.dadi hugs and consoles swara that now everything will be okay.swara sees Sanskar who is restless.all leave to sleep.ragini eyes laks’s pic and says that I did a mistake to love you.u are worst than an animal.u have to pay for wtever u did to my sister.u have no idea how much I love her.u will get punished and will have to realise ur mistake.she says that it is the only way.she burns his pic and says laksh maheshwari get ready for a shock.
No one questions laksh about wt happened.they pretend as if they dnt know anything.laksh eats food and goes to sleep but wonders why is sanskar eyeing him angrily.sujata says hope sth good happens.she blesses sanskar and prays for swara’s safety.all go to sleep.
Swara remembers the recent incident and screams in the middle of night.she cries.ragini hugs her and gets concerned.swara asks her to save her.swara is terrified and continues saying help me.ragini is teary eyed and angry and says laksh maheshwari.
Next day its swara’s mehndi.all are at maheshwari house.swara is applying mehndi.laksh comes.she is shit scared.annapurna cones and blesses her saying that all will be okay.dnt worry.ragini sees laksh.the girl who is applying mehndi asks swara about her would be husband’s name.swara sees sanskar coming and calls him oblivious that the girl wrote sanskar’s name on her hand.sanskar comes and she asks about ragini.sanskar says he doesnt know.just then he notices his name on her hand.he alerts her about it.she is surprised.both eye each other and remember their happy moments while ya rabba plays in bg.
Just then ragini starts her dance performance.all enjoy it.ragini takes laksh to dance floor and they dance on London thumakda.dance ends with ragini putting her leg in laksh’s and making him fall.all laugh.ragini says how can u stoop so low?laksh is confused.she laughs and says how can u fall?dnt u know how to dance.laksh leaves after giving her an angry look.ragini says that I have to break your ego.
At night swara eyes her mehndi and says that she never thought that her fate will play such games with her.she says she never thought that she will marry like this.she hopes that wtever ragini is doing will be good.otherside ragini says that tomorrow is a new beginning for swara.hope all happens according to plan.she says that dnt wry swara laksh will get a huge shock and will realise his mistake.swara comes and says thanks.u r doing all this for me.she says that if u had not been here wt would have happened.ragini says that without ragini swara is incomplete so how will she not do this for her.we are swaragini.swara smiles and hugs her.sumi and shekhar smile at them….

Next epi:marriage happens.laksh is going to his room for suhagrat.he says that swara gododia its time for wt I had been waiting for.its time of your destruction.he enters room and locks it.he turns around and is shocked….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Naira malhotra

    Angel….so beautiful….I cant appreciate through words….because its so awesome

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  2. swasan and raglak plsssssssss

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  3. Nice plz ☆ update next épisode soon
    And i think in next epi laksh will see ragini instead swara

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  4. I loved ur episode please upload next part fast. It all be dadi ki laado right 🙂

  5. omg laksh marry ragini super interesting dear keep it up

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  9. don’t make my laksh so evil hearted

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  12. Can someone tell me what i have to do to write a fan fiction

  13. Oh god what a painfull episode angel…. laksh is an idiot

  14. Your ff is amazing and please put swasan and raglak

  15. Wow….Angel…I like ur story….its different n hope reel swaragini also does something like this….

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  18. wow…supense thriller…awsm angel

  19. Wow
    Different & new story line
    Better than real story…

  20. Epi was nice. update nxt prt soon & plz update daily

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  24. Angel ……so nice. …….I think show ke writer ko tumse kuch tips leni chahiye. Qki swaragini ka asli meaning to tumhari story mai hai.

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  27. nice yr…
    swara and ragini is swaragini in ur plot.
    thnx for showing ragini as a good person…
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