Swaragini (Blossoming Love) Episode 1


Two children are seen playing.they are dp and shekhar.Their time spent together in skul,then in college is shown and finally they move to their own ways for their future promising to never break their friendship.fb ends.
Shekhar:I really miss u dp.hope that we meet again.dnt know where u r.(main waqe tmhen bht yad krta hn dp.umid hai tmse jldi milun GA.pta n tm kaha ho).sumi cums nd tells him not to worry.u will meet him soon.
Shekhar:where r the girls?(lrkiyan kahan hain?)
“ma”,a voice is heard.a girl is standing in orange dress with blue embroidery and blue dubatta.she has a long braid md some of her hair are free at front of her face.luking beautiful.she z ragini.
Sumi:where z swara(swara kahan hai)
“yahan”.a girl wearing red sleevless top and black skirt comes with her hair open.gorgeous.
Sumi:My daughters are luking beautiful.(MRI betiyan bht a6i lg rhi hain)
Swara:like always(hmesha Ki trha)
All smile
Dadi comes and says:lado Shona do breakfast nd leave for college its ur frst day.(lado Shona nashta kro r colij jao aj tmhra phla din hai)

*maheshwari house.
Dp is luking at his college photo with shekhar and hopes to meet him.annapurna calls him for pooja.all are doing pooja where as in a room a guy comes out after taking bath having earphones and listening pop music.he is none other than laksh.
Laksh:aha!life should be like this.just relaxation and fun on father’s money(aha life aisi honi chahye.baap k paise PE ash)
Just then dp knocks but laksh doesn’t open as he is listening to music.
Just then a handsome guy dressed in black shirt blue jeans comes and takes dp’s blessings.its sanskar.
Snskar:bare papa laksh mite be taking bath I will just bring him(bre papa lksh Naha r hoga.main usko ke k Ata hn)
Dp:ok beta.(thik hai beta)
Snskar calls laksh.lksh’s music is interrupted by snskar’s phone call.
Snskar:cum on bro.open the door if u are finished with ur music.(chal mere bhai.agr gana ho gya ho tau drwaza khol).lksh opens door and hugs him.
Lksh:u saved me again bhai.(tum ne phr mjhe bcha Lia bhai)
They both go in.lkah goes to change nd gets ready for college.
Snskar:eager to go to college.han??(Colij Jane k Lie bre becheyn ho kyun?)
Lksh:of course.but not like u who z going for buks nd all…i m going for hot chicks…(Han bilkul lkin tmhri trha kitabaun se ishq krne nahin blke hot lrkiyon k liye)
Snskar:u wont change.God knows what will becum of u(tum n sudhro ge.bhgwan Jane tmhra kya ho GA)
Lksh:if God doesn’t exist then wt will happen(jb bhgwan hai hi n tau kya hoga??)
Snskar:not again plz(phr se n plz)
Laksh:ok fine.but plz dnt frget that I just dnt believe in God so dnt talk abt it again bhai(a6a thik hai lkin mat bhulna k mjhe bhgwan k hone ka blkul bharosa n hai tau is bare Mein phr se Bt mat krna.
Snskar:fine lets go.we r getng late(thik hai chalo hmein der ho r hai)
Laksh:oh yes.come fst.girls should not wait(oh Han.jaldi chalo lrkiyon Ko intzar n krna chahye)
Both leave as well as swaragini.

NEXT EPI: laksh is flirting with girls.he sees swara nd gets mesmerized.he runs after her but bumps into ragini.swara slips and falls in snkar’s arms…..

Plz comment….i m sorry if its really long…tell if u have any complains…?

Credit to: Angel

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  1. waiting for the next episode pls update it soon

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  4. Please make it swalak and ragsan…

    1. @zoha it is durga prasad….wow angel i simply loved it.i happnd 2 c this post coincidently….bt i loved it …ndf i do hope that he real stry was lyk this……..

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