Swaragini blooms again MAHA EPISODE

Hi guys I know all r waiting for this beautiful epi so if anyone want to know the previous epi go to fourth page.
In the night swara sees her mehandi and smiles. Sanskar comes from the window and starts singing tu je deka song. Swara sees him.
Swara: y did u come?
Sanskar: what lover u r I thought u will be happy but I expected more from u.
He takes his phome and calls someone.
Swara : who u r calling.
Sanskar: hello darling how r u ? I missed u so much shall we meet my would be is not interested.
Swara : give the phone who the hell u r and dont u ever look at my hubby.
Sanskar laughs. Shethen sees Ragini coming. Ragini says oh I should not see ur hubby and teases her. Sanskar says come lets go Swara. Swara says but mom. Ragini says I will take care u go enjoy. They leave.

Swasan reach their farmhouse. He blindfolds Swara takes her in. He opens her eyes. She sees a room beautifulky decorated with their photos from childhood till now. Sanky says I want to spend time with u as a lover and gives her a gift. She opens and see a beautiful black saree. He ask her to wear. After sometime see comes wearing it. She looks so hot. Her back is open. Sanskar touches her and kiss her back. Swara turns and run around. Sanskar pinned to a wall. She breathes heavily. Sanskar kisses her forehead then eyes cheek neck about to kiss her on the lips she pushes him and runs. They finally fall on the bed. They both laugh. Sanskar cups her face and kisses deeply. Swara tightly holds him after sometime they separate. Sanskar: sorry shona its all wrong before marriage.
Swara: shhhhs dont say anything. I want this moment to freeze. From childhood I hear cry everyday.
Sanskar: why
Swara: u dont know one thing I am Ragini’s half sister. Ragini was so small when I was adopted. Eventhough I got family, sister I feel so lonely I cry in the night. She cries.
Sanskar kisses her and says from now on u r my responsibility Sanskar lie her down and conssumate their marriage.

After an hour
Swara wakes up sees Sanskar and smiles. She says thank u Sanskar for coming to my life and kisses on his fore head. Sanskar says only on head and pulls her. She says u naughty boy come lets leave and goes change. They reach Swaragini house. Swara says Sanky till now I dont have fear but from now I have fear that if I lose u I will give up my life. Sanskar says shut up dont talk like that u shared ur life’s biggest secert and I promise u I will never leave u . They hug eachother and Swara leaves.

In the morning
Haldi ceremony starts Thapki and Bihaan came there. Thapki goes to Swara and wishes. Ragini comes there and says u did not called us for ur marriage. Thapki tells everything. Ragini says but ur hubby is so handsome u should give a chance to ur that time Laksh comes and takes her from there. Thapki makes Swara ready and gets her down. Bihaan and thapki dance on London tu song. Swara thinks about last night and blushes.

In store room
Laksh and Ragini plans something. Laksh calls Abhi and tells him everything . Abhi assure him and I will be there with Pragya.

In the evening
Marriage preparation are in full swing. Abhi and Pragya comes there fighting. Abhi says u fuggi go from here. Pragya says ok I will leave. And she goes to Swara’s room there she sees thapki and hugs her. Both make Swara gets and goes out. Raglak, thahaan and abhya gathers in the store room. Abhi says I finished What u asked. Fb shows Laksh tells Abhi I message u a guys photos and I want a guy to be in his group and tells him everything. Abhi says leave it bro I will make arrangement Fb ends. Abhi calls Akash. Akash says Amit is leaving when he reaches i will call u. Abhi says all set and lets leave. Laksh says Ragini u be with me. Pragya and thapki u two be with Swara. Abhi comes there and says Ragini dont let Laksh go from u else he will die . Ragini smiile. Pragya says dont tease them let them be free and they leave . Laksh ask Ragini r u feared ? Yes lucky I just want all goes well. Laksh holds her and says I am here na nothing will happen and they leave.

In the room
Swara turns to leave her saree gets torn and bangles gets broken. She gets worried. Swara says God what type of sign is this u gave me happiness after long time plz save Sanskar. In a cave Sanskar is seen unconscious. Akash calls Abhi and says Amit entered the house he called a mask maker may be he is going to be one of u. Abhi says ok and tells everything to Laksh.
Bihaan says we have to be careful and says I wiil go check. Swara tells eveything to Pragya. Pragya assures her nothing will happen. Thapki and Pragya get her down. Annapurna ask Laksh to bring Sanskar.Laksh compiles.

In sanskar room
Amit wears Sanskar mask and says Swara u r only mine. Laksh comes and ask Sanskar to come. Amit in sanskar mask says yes Laksh I am coming. Laksh stops and ask What did u call me . Amit says Laksh come lets go. Laksh gets suspicious. Pragya makes Swara stand beside Amit. In the cave Sanskar gets conscious. He hold his head and says today is my wedding how did I come here. He sees two men and fights with them and escapes. In the house pandit ji ask them to start the pheres. Bihaan calls Abhi and ask him to come. Abhi goes to Bihaan and sees Amits friend. He says the one who u r thinking Sanskar is Amit. Abhi gets shocked and runs to mandap. He stops the wedding. Ragini ask y did u stopped the wedding. Abhi says to Amit u think u r genius but not with me. Sumi ask what is happening? Bihaan says I will tell u and removes the mask. They all get shoocked to see Amit. Amit says come Swara lets get married. Swara ask where Sanskar tell me. Laksh tells Abhi u go and find Bhai I will handle this. Abhi leaves. Amit says he is DEAD. Swara gets shocked. She says no ……no and sits. Amit says I only killed him with these hands and laughs I was crazy about u . I thought about u only but u are simply going get married. Thats y I killed Sanskar. Laksh says u did a big mistake and beated. Abhi comes there and says action without me its so bad. Pragya says stop joking where is Sanskar? He brings Sanskar . He is all bleeding. Sanskar says Shona. Swara sees him. She runs and hug him. Sanskar says I told u na I will never leave u and kisses her. Bihaan brings Amit what will we do with him. Abhi says let him play with police and handover him to police. Amit says I wont leave u Ragini……I will come again. Abhi says lets finish the wedding. They finish pheres. Sanskar puts sindoor on Swara’s mang and makes her wear mangalsutra. Screen freezes on Swasan happy face.

Hope u enjoyed. Plz comment guyz.

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  1. Nothing interesting
    This story is like all serial story
    Like two boy luv same girl one is good nd another is bad nd girl luv good one
    Then another Boy is trying to get her like amit.
    Old storyline
    Sry if u feel bad it is my view
    I m also swasan fan
    I was Reading this ff coz i think it will be interesting

    1. Its ok kirtya I know its old fashioned I had another scene for this epi but my bro asked me to change thats y because I am studying +1.

  2. Excellent epi….loved it a lot…keepi it up rini…????

  3. N happy diwali to all??

  4. Awesome episode loved it please keep going when u will upload next part waiting for it 🙂

  5. No precap

  6. superb.. maha epi

  7. good 🙂

  8. Guys this is my hummble request to telly updates to plz publish this msg
    Dear frdz my grandpa is in hospital surviving for life plz pray him

    1. Dear rini don’t worry your grandpa will be fine soon we all are praying for him .:-)

  9. It was good.

  10. […] Hi guyz hope u enjoyed the maha episode. If anyone missed it , it is in the 2nd page. Here’s link – http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-blooms-maha-episode/ […]

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