Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 36) Last Episode


Scene 1

Swaragini comes to house and sat on the sofa. They get some burnt smell from the kitchen. They went to kitchen and saw Sanslak and kitchen in the horrible way and started laughing.
Sanskar: hey just stop it yaar we tried to do something for u and u r laughing at us.
Laksh: Bhai help me…. the whole food is burnt.
Sanskar: wait lucky and tried to take it off but the handle bar got broken and the pan hitted the flour box. All the flour fall on Sanslak. Swaragini laughed aloud.
Swara while laughing: Sorry guys I cant control my laugh.
Rags: go and see ur faces in the mirror it looks like monkey.
Laksh: first get us to the room we cant see anything.

Sanskar: han Shona plz.
Swaragini got them to their respective room.
Swara says Sanskar who asked u do this. He says u only told na when u come from shopping u want to eat something so me and Lucky did something but all gone waste. She puts him under shower.
In Raglak room
Ragini wipes Laksh face and says Mom ready made some basic things and kept in the fridge we have to warm it only now we have to clean the whole kitchen. Laksh says thank God I didnt born as a Girl actually why u keep all the things in some kind if bottle we r really confused. Ragini thats y we r special.

Scene 2

Ap calls Sumi and ask her well being. Sumi says we should keep baby shower ceremony its being 7 months. Ap says I am also thinking about it Ok lets keep it tomorrow. Sumi says I will do the arraangements. Ap comes to kitchen and sees Swaragini who have big bumps in the stomach cooking. Ap says y u both r always doing working u should take rest. Ragini says Mom its boring to sit the room and Laksh he is always busy with his phone. Swara laugh and gives her a chocolate. Ragini gets happy and says thank u so much. Ap says tomorrow is ur baby shower so u both should take rest Sumi will come and we both will do all the things. They compiles and goes to the room.

In Swasan room

Swara comes and sees both Son and father sleeping peacefully. She wakes up them.
Swara: Rajat its being late for ur school cone beta.
Rajat: Mamma plz just 2 minutes
Sanskar: han Shona.
Suddenly they hear Ragini screaming. They all go to her.
Ragini : Shona…… its paining
Swara: Rags calm down.
Sanskar: lets get her to hospital.
They all get her to hospital. Sanskar calls Laksh and tells him everything. He says I will be there. Swara cries hard and Sanskar consoles her.
Swara: head is spining Sanskar and she fall unconscious. Sanskar shouts Doctor and they take her to ICU. Here Laksh enters the hospital and ask Mom what happened and hears Ragini scream. Sanskar says Maa Doc took Shona to OT. Sumi, Shekar, Dp, Dadi and Dida comes too.Ap says God plz help my bahus. They hear baby cry from Ragini room. Nurse come with baby and says its a girl. Sanskar hugs Laksh. Ap gives the baby to Laksh. Laksh cries and kissed the baby. From OT Doc comes and says congrats its a girl. All get happy. Nurse gives the baby to Sanskar. Laksh says Bhai we got princess to our house and hugs him. Doc says u can meet them.
All go to meet Swaragini.

Ragini sees Laksh holding the baby. She cries. He says dont cry sweetheart see she is like u gives the baby. She ask about Swara. He says she also got a girl. There Sanskar says finally our family got completed. Swara says see mere Rajkumari she is so cute. Rajat comes and says Mamma I got to Sisters. Swara looks at Sanskar and he nods. After discharge
Ap took Aarti of Swaragini.
All ask what will be the name of these sisters. Swara says Suhani. Ragini says Nishita. And all in chorus says………


AND it ends with the new born sisters Suhanishita and our old Swaragini. And their perfect family.
Thank u guys for ur support love affection and with full of happy tears I am ending this beautiful fanfic SWARAGINI BLOOMS AGAIN……….

Credit to: Rini

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