Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 35)


Scene 1
Sanskar comes home.and goes to his room. Ap ask what happened to Sanskar looks tensed. Swara says Mom dont worry I will go and see him. Ap says Swara be careful. And Swara goes to her room.
In Raglak room.
Ragini throws pillow on Laksh. He says Ragini I am tired plz leave me. Ragini says Achaa then u should not sleep in the night.
Laksh says Ok I will now give some nice kiss na sweetheart. Ragini throws water on him. Laksh gets up and starts to run behind her. They fall on the bed and laugh. He gives her a chocolate. Ragini sats thank u Lucky u r the best hubby. Laksh says oh then give me a gift and dont eat too much else my princess will become fat like u . Ragini smears chocolate on his face and laugh.

Scene 2
In Swasan room
Sanskar is helping Rajat in drawing. Swara comes there and asked Rajat to go meet Dadi and he leaves.
Swara: Sanky what happened
Sanskar tells her everything.
Swara: What she did a prank now want u……Is she mad
Sanskar: I am also confused I think she will first come to u and tell our college life.
Swara: I think u r so close to her thats y she want u.
Sanskar: come on Shona u r my true love and tell me how is my princess.
Swara: oh she is telling Maa papa told to bring ice cream but he is speaking only.
Sanskar hugs Swara from back : Mere ladoo ice creams are not good so Papa will make something in the night.
Swara: Achaa u and ur brother look into cook books me and Ragini will go for shopping.
Sanskar : No Shona u should stress urself sit in the house and shop online.
Swara: hello mere hubby I have already worked when Rajat was in me ok.
Sanskar : S madam but come soon ok and I love u.
Swara: love u too.
In the mall
Swara and Ragini are in the baby shop. Kavita comes to them.
Kavita: Hi Swaragini how u do
Ragini: we r fine came for small purchase.
Swara: What r u doing here
Kavita: I came to talk to u both.
Swara: Lets go to CCD.
They head to cafรจ.
Kavita: I want to know about ur love story.
Ragini: it is a big story but mine and lucky we started our relation after marriage. Its been three years. And Swara’s it all started after Rajat’s arrival .
Swara: y u r asking about it tell what u want
Kavita: actually me and Sanskar…… we loved eachother in the college. We r so close. And Laksh he was such a flirt like he will change gf like tshirt he wonder how he is been in a relation for years.
Ragini gets angry Swara calms her.
Swara: it is called true luv Kavita I think ur luv is infactuation so stop ur nonsense.
Kavita: Swara u dont know that me and Sanskar…..
Ragini slaps Kavita.
Ragini: what do u think we know everything about u and Sanskar so stop brainwashing us and do ur work.
Kavita: u made mistake and she leaves.
Freezes on Ragini’s face.

Prcap: Swaragini’s baby shower ceremony.

Credit to: Rini

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