Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 34)


Scene 1
In the office
Sanslak comes to the office and asked the PA to cancel all the meetings for three hours and dose off. Suddenly Laksh phone rings.
Sanskar: arre Lucky switch off ur phone yaar.
Laksh: U switch it off I am so sleepy.
Sanskar sees his phone and wakes him up saying it is Ragini phone. Laksh gets scared and picks the call.
Laksh: Hello sweetheart.
Ragini: Stop being innocent I am calling u for so long u r picking
Laksh: No sweetheart tell me what u want
Ragini: I dont want anything a girl came to see Sanskar.
Laksh: a girl what is her name.
Ragini: Yeah…….. han Kavita.
Laksh shouts Kavita and looks at Sanskar. Sanskar sits in shock.
Laksh: r u sure sweetheart
Ragini: s Lucky she is talking to Shona u come with Sanskar and also bring poli for me.
Laksh: Ok sweety and cuts the call.
Laksh shakes Sanskar and ask Bhai is this that Kavita whom u loved in the college and saw her dieing. Sanskar says No Lucky it will not be her She died 5 years ago. Laksh says ok we will go to house to check and they leave.

Scene 2
In Sanslak house
Sanslak come and shocked to see the same Kavita. Sanskar remember about past how Kavita proposed him and their romantic moments. Swara sees them and says Kavita see ur frndz came. Kavita hugs Sanskar and says I missed u so much darling. Sanskar ask u died infront of me wat is hris drama in the eve meet in the coffee shop. She hugs Laksh also and says Good to see u guys. She says Sanky u have a big boy and he is so cute Ok Swara I will leave I have work. Swara says u should come often. Kavita says Sure seeing Sanky and leaves.
Sanskar says Swara cime to my room and Raglak manage Rajat till we come and leaves with her. Ragini ask Lucky y Sanskar is behaving strangely. Laksh says I will tell u everything first we have to see Rajat and Laksh runs behind him and Rajat hide behind Ragini.
In Swasan room
Swara: What happened Sanskar y u look worried
Sanskar: do u know who she is.
Swara: Yes ur frnd.
Sanskar: No……… Shona she was my lover.
Swara: What……. I dont understand anything u and Kavita.
Sanskar: Yes Kavita was my first love in the college days we used to love eachother. One day some goons came and teased her. She slapped them and one guy stabbed her. When I came there I took her to the hospital but doctors said she is dead her family came and took her body.
Swara: When these and all happened
Sanskar: 5 years ago……
Swara: so u hidden it from me
Sanskar: No Shona it is not I like that it was my past yaar and I thought she was dead and No use of telling u Suddenly she came here. If I want to hide it I wont even tell u now.
Swara: Ok I trust u and she wishpered something na what is it
Sanskar: she want to meet me in the Coffee shop today eve
Swara: Ok u go and meet her then only we will for what purpose she came here.
Sanskar: Thank u Shona
Swara: but she should bring icecream for me pakka
Sanskar: pakka and hugs her.
When they came down they Laksh slept in the sofa and Ragini playing with Rajat. Swara ask y Laksh is sleeping here.
Rajat says Mom me chachu played lock and key Chachu became tired running behind me so gave him rest and played with chachi and He slept. Sanskar says I leave now and signs Swara.

Scene 3
In the coffee shop
Kavita waits for Sanskar and he comes.
Kavita: come Sanky sit
Sanskar: y u called me here
Kavita: I will tell u but first order something
Sanskar: I am not in the mood first tell what u want to talk
Kavita: First of all what drama is going in ur house. U r married and having a three years son what the hell is that Sanky.
Sanskar: Dont call me Sanky. Only one person have that right and it is Swara my wife.
Kavita: bull shit Sanskar we were the lovebirds of our college and I thought u will be waiting for me but when I came here…..
Sanskar: I can also ask u the same question u died infront of me and u r standing like this.
Kavita: Sanskar it was a prank played by me I tested u how much u love when I searched for u our fnds said that u went to Australia so I also did some work in USA. Yesterday only I came and today I saw that u r married my dreams shattered.
Sanskar: Kavita it was ur mistake if had contacted me and if u loved really that these and all not happened and one more thing I got my true love I that is my Shona and Rajat.
Kavita: so u didnt love me.
Sanskar: Kavita try understand I am family man and u just plz go away from my life.
Kavita: Mr. Sanskar I have bad habit If dont get wat I want I will snatch it. U will also come to me one day.
Sanskar: lets see that Kavita and he leaves.
Freezes on Kavita’s devil face.

Precap: Kavita brainwash Swaragini

Credit to: Rini

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