Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 32)


Scene 1

Swara goes to Ragini and says come Rags we have to go. Shona is that important to go says Ragini. Rags don’t be feared I am here so come and they leave. In the hospital Swaragini waits outside Dr room. Dr calls them and they go inside. Dr says the reports are positive u r going to become Maa congrats. Swara hugs her. Dr says but she has some complications so u should come for weekly checkup. They compiles and leave. Ragini says Shona I am going to become Maa and cries. Hey don’t cry it is normal come we should tell Mom and they leave.

In Sanslak house

Swaragini goes to kitchen. Ap ask them where u both have gone. Swara says Mom Ragini is pregnant. Ap ask true and hugs her. She gives her sweets. Swara says it is not fair Mom I am here na and Ap also give her sweet. She ask Ragini to go rest. Ap calls Sumi and tell her everything. Sumi gets happy and tells her she will come. Sumi, Dadi and Dida come to Sanslak house. Swaragini comes down and sees them. Ragini hugs Sumi. Dadi says mere Rags come here and feeds her sweet. All make feeds her. Sanslak comes there and sees all this. Laksh ask Bhai is this our house. Sanskar says I am also thinking. Rajat sees them and shouts Papa. All turn and see them standing.

Scene 2

Dida welcomes and teases Laksh. Laksh ask What happened. Ap says u r going to become papa. Laksh gets shocked and faints. All gets shocked. Sanskar wakes him up. Ragini eyes him angrily. Laksh gets up. He ask is this true and Ragini goes up. Laksh follows her. Sanskar comes to Swara and ask when we r going to become parents. She hits him and says u r already a father. He says yeah but I want a girl. She says Shut and leaves.

In Raglak room

Laksh comes and hugs her from the back. She ask what is this I am pregnant but u r fainting and stays annoyed. He says mere sweetheart I am so happy and teases her. She hits him. He ask when did u know. She says 2 days before. He says then y u didn’t tell me. She says I gone to hospital with Swara to confirm it today only we confirmed. He says so I am going to get a darling baby and hugs her.

Scene 3

Next morning Swaragini and Ap works in the kitchen. Swara feels uneasy. Ap ask r u ok Swara. She says nothing Mom and feels nausea and runs to bathroom. Ap and Ragini gets worried. Swara comes out but gain goes. Ragini calls doctor. Doc comes and checks Swara. She ask her to do test. Swara comes and gives the test. Doc sees and says congrats u r pregnant. Ap gets happy and calls everyone. All come down and ask what. She says Swara is pregnant. Sanskar gets happy and hugs her. Rajat comes and ask what happened Chachi. Ragini says u r going to become brother. Rajat says hey…and hugs Swara.

Precap: Sanslak pampering Swaragini.

Credit to: Rini

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