Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 31)


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Next morning Ragini gets up and goes to bathroom. Laksh gets up and sees her not in the bed. Ragini comes wearing yellow and blue mixed saree and says good morning. Laksh says Good morning and streches his body. Ragini says then Ok I am going down u get ready fast. Laksh holds her from waist and says so soon ur going from ur hubby. Ragini says Lucky leave me any body will come. Laksh so what I am romancing with my wife and I have liecense for that. Ragini turns and says acha ok then what u want. Laksh says give my gift. Ragini says what gift I dont have any gift. Laksh says Ok then I will give u and tries to kiss her but Ragini pushes him and leaves. Laksh says what a girl she is and goes to get ready.

In the kitchen

Ragini comes and get blessing from Ap. Ap says today is ur first day in this house so u should make some thing sweet. Swara says Mom Ragini is expert gulab jamun. Ap says then make it Laksh love jamun I will call everyone and she leaves. Ragini says Shona I dont know anything about cooking. Rags go and see in the fridge says Swara. Ragini goes and sees jamun in the fridge. She turns and Swara winks at her. They have a hug.

In the dining table

Sanskar and Laksh comes down wearing suits. Sanskar says Lucky tonight we have party in our farm house. Laksh ask what party. Sanskar says Drinks party man we didnt celebrate ur bachleor party so lets enjoy. Laksh says what will we tell to that devil sisters if they come know about it we will be finished. Sanskar says I will manage it so u plz dont tell anything to ur wife ok.
They sit and had their breakfast. Ragini serves jamun. All taste it and give her shagun. All leave for office.

In the evening Sanskar calls Swara.

Swara : han baba tell what happened do u want any permission.
Sanskar being shocked: how do u know Shona.
Swara: I dont know about my innocent hubby tell.
Sanskar: me Laksh r going for an important meeting.
Swara: y Laksh Sanskar u know na they r newly married
Sanskar: I know dear but papa told thats y
Swara: ok come soon Rajat’s maa is waiting and cuts the call and winks at Laksh and they leave to farm house.

In Sanslak house

Dp comes to house. Ap ask where is Sanslak. Dp says they already let the office I thought they are here. Swaragini gets shocked. Swara says Dad but Sanskar told u only asked them. Dp says nahi beta and leaves. Ragini ask Shona were these idiots gone. Swara thinks for sometime and says I know where if my guess was correct I will play their band and leaves with Ragini.

In the farm house

Sanskar and Laksh enjoying the party with drinks and music. Their friends says Lucky u also joined our grouptake some tips from our Bhai and laughs. Ragini says Oh we r here to give u some tips. All r shocked. Swara says Guys if u all dont go within half hour ur wives will arrive here. All leave in a fraction of second. Sanslak only left. Ragini comes to Laksh. He falls down.
Laksh: My sweetheart
Ragini: Shut up u told me that u wont ever drink then what is this, this is only or any other girl is here.
Laksh: No sweetheart its all Bhai is idea I just came here plz
Ragini : oh u r that much innocent come I will show the prize of doing this and drags him.
Laksh: Bhai best of luck
Sanskar in drunked state comes to Swara.
Sanakar: Shona I am sorry
Swara: lets leave and she tries to go but Sanky holds her hand.
Sanskar: dont do this Shona
Swara: I didnt tell anything then why u r asking forgiveness and tears roll down from her eyes.
Sanskar : I cant see tears in ur eyes and weeps it.
Swara: dont act in front of me. Come home.
Sanskar : then y u r not smiling and walks towards her. Swara says stop there u r drunk come home and she turns to leave but he holds her saree. She says leave me Sanskar.
Sanskar : why there is no one here and pull her towards him.
Her back hits his chest. She says Sanskar leave me. He keeps his hand on her belly and says now also and kisses her neck. She can feel his breathe. He whispers something she opened her eyes and ran from and ask him to catch her if he can. Sanskar run after her and pins her to the wall. Swara tries to speak but he kiss her hard on her lips. She stand on her toes. There Ragini keeps scolding Laksh and Laksh pull her and they fall on the bed. Ragini stay annoyed. Laksh drags her towards him and kisses her on the cheeks she tries to go but Laksh pulls Ragini and drapes bed sheet on them

In the farmhouse

Sanskar careses Swara’s face. Swara hugs him and he carry her to room. She sees the room and cries. He says here only I tought to ruin u and I want u to start our relation again where it all started. Sanskar comes towards her and undress her saree she goes towards bed and covered herself. She says Sanskar no.. He says y I am ur hubby na and comes to. Swara pushes him but he holds her and both fall on the bed. He drags her and Swara gets stunned. He removes her earrings and kiss her ears. She tightens her grip and both gone under sheet.

Next day

Swara gets up and smiles thinking about Sanskar. She wakes him and ask him to get ready we have to go the house. He says so soon oh god. Swara says oh u r not a baby and u have a son come. Sanskar says yes I know dont u here what mom told. She shys and leave to the house


Swaragini doing puja in the house. They pray to God. Ragini tensely says Shona I am very scared about the result. Swara assures her nothing will happpen and dont be tensed infront of Laksh ok. And she leaves. Swara enters the room and wakes Rajat and Sanskar. Both were having cotton in their ears. She ask what is this. Rajat says Mom ur singing is like alarm and plz dont sing. Sanskar says Yes shona y u r waking us so soon. Swara says aha like father like son if u both dont come down in 30 minutes ur favourite paratha will be over. They say what and goes to bathroom.

In Raglak room

Ragini walks tenselyvin the room. Laksh hugs from back and ask what my sweetheart is so dull today. Ragini says Lucky will u come early today. Laksh ask is there any special. Ragini say Yes or No. Laksh says Ok I will and kisses on her cheeks and leaves.

In the dining table

Sanskar and Rajat comes down. Ap says see carbon copy of Sanskar is coming.
Rajat says Yes Dadi I want to become like my papa. Sanskar says thats like my boy. Swara says arre then who will be like me. Ap says then give Rajat a sister. Rajat says Yes mom I want a sister. Swasan shys. Sansakr says Mom dont talk infront of him ok I will leave and sighs Swara. Laksh also leaves to office.

Precap : Swaragini waits in the hospital.

Credit to: Rini

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