Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 30)

Scene 1

After one month
In this one month Ragini and Laksh again fallen for eachother and Sanskar also got well.
In Sanlak house
Dp ask Ap did u speak to panditji. Ap says yes today eve is very auspicious. Dp says ok and calls Shekar and tells that today eve is auspicious. Shekar says Ok and ask Sumi to get Ragini ready.
In the room Ragini is sleeping. Sumi comes and wakes her up. Ragini come on wake up today is ur wedding. Ragini wakes in a jerk and says today. Sumi says Yes panditji told today is very today for ur marriage so get ready we should be there in the noon and leaves. Ragini calls Swara.
In Swasan room
The whole room is dexorated with Swasan photos and some Rajat in the their family photo. Swara comes out of bathroom wear green saree and picks the call.
Swara:han Rags tell me
Ragini: Is this true Shona.
Swara: which one
Ragini: my marriage.
Swara: Yes dear.
Ragini: why so soon Shona
Swara: Rags it have been one month ur engagemeng is over Sanskar also got well. So what even Laksh doesnt know it
Ragini : What ok I will talk to u later and cuts the call.
Swara wonders what happened to this Rags. She combs her hair. Sanskar comes wearing black tshirt with pink coat and jeans and Swara from back.
Swara : Sanskar what r u doing leave me
Sanskar: Today u look so hot in this saree but one thing is missing
Swara: What?
He puts sindoor in her maang and kisses her cheek.
Swara: Sanskar what r u doing ur a baby’s papa
Sanskar: so what I am romancing with my wife.
Swara: aree baba we r not newly married couple. Now go out.
Sanskar : then give me my gift. That time Rajat cries.
Swara: see ur Raja got up now u handle him and I will go out and she leaves.
Sanskar: wrong timing Raja and takes Rajat out.

Scene 2

Ragini gets ready in a blue and pink lehenga and calls Laksh who wearing formals and is in the office. He sees her calling and picks.
Laksh: hello my sweetheart what happened
Ragini: Lucky today is our wedding.
Laksh: what?…………..wait Rags some misunderstanding they said next year only our marriage and we also acted well.
Fb shows Laksh and Ragini confess their love and having some sweet moments. Ragini says Laksh lets be independent and we have to be responsible then we will get married and also we should enjoy our love life. Laksh says oh mere Rags become naughty and they acted infront of the family that we want some time to understand and stayed annoyed with eachother and secretly meet.
Ragini: I dont know Lucky we r coming to ur house only
Laksh : Ok I will also come and assures her nd cuts the call.
In the Sanslak house
Garodia’s enter the house and sees Swara and Ap prepering for the wedding. Ap sees them and says come mere bahu is so beautiful today. Ragini takes her blessing. They see Sanskar coming with Rajat.
Sumi says beta where is Swara and Swara comes. Sumi says what Shona Sanskar us handling Rajat and u r working. Swara says what I will do Maa he always like to be with his papa. Ap says then give us another good news. Both blushes. Laksh comes there and ask what is happening is there any puja. Dp says nahi Laksh today is ur wedding. Laksh gets shocked and says but papa. Sanskar interuppts and says we have lot of work and Rajat to Ragini and ask her to go to our room. She signs Laksh and goes upstairs. Swasan sees this and laughs.

Scene 3

Ragini plays with Rajat in the room and waits for Laksh. Laksh comes there and locks the door. Ragini keeps Rajat in the crib.
Ragini: What is this Lucky
Laksh : I am also confused. I am thinking.
Ragini : I am also thinking we were so precautious about our meetings also then who came to know.
Swasan comes there and says we know it. Raglak gets shocked.
Sanskar says what u think Lucky I am ur brother and I got to from ur PA.Lucky says how did u know it. Swara shows Ragini’s ring. Swara says this only u asked ur PA to give to Ragini na but I got it and ur love letter also then I called Sanskar and saw u both meeting secretly. Ragini blushes. Sanskar says so I told Papa about this we planned this wedding secretly and invitations also. Swara says so Laksh u have to wait till u meet her in the mandap. Sanskar holds Laksh ears and drag him out. Swara teases Ragini. Ragini hugs her.

In the evening
Swasan brings Raglak to the home mandap. Laksh wishpers in Ragini ears u r looking beautiful. Swara says wait Lucky there is so much time for suhaagrat. Both blushes. Their wedding gets done. Swara leave Ragini in Laksh room and leaves.
Laksh comes there and sees her standing in the balcony. He hugs her tightly. She turns and hugs him. He run his finger into her hair and kisses her. Then took her to bed and lies her on the bed and switches off the lights.

Precap : 3 years leap.

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