Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 29)


The pain of love.
Scene 1
Neil takes Sanskar to OT. All family memebers come to the hospital. Ragini console Swara. After an hour Neil comes. He says because of shock Sanskar gone to coma. All gets shocked. Swara cries vigorously. Ragini ask Is there any other way. Neil says we can hold him for 6 hours if he cannot get conscious before 6 hours…….. It is upto Sanskar whether he want or not. Swara ask can I meet him. Neil allows her. She takes Rajat from Sumi and goes inside. She sees Sanskar.
Swara: Sanskar I forgave na plz come back see Rajat ur papa is not talking tell. I am a fool plz forgive me Sanskar plz get up see Rajat is asking y papa is not waking up. I asked sorry na then y u rpujishing me and cries. All cry seeing.

Swara: u dont like Mom crying na see she us crying get up Sanskar get up. Rajat u have to come with ur father only and keep him beside Sanskar.
Rags come inside and says come Swara u have to be strong he will come if want u. Swara turns to leave but Sanskar her hand.
He says Swa….,ra, Ra…..jat and breathes heavily. Laksh calls Neil. Neil comes and ask her to wait ourside. She takes Rajat and leaves. After an hour Neil cones and says Sanskar is out of coma. All gets relieve. Neil says thanks to Swara her love only gave him trust to live. Ap hugs her and cries.

Scene 2
In the morning
Sanskar wakes up and sees Rajat beside him.
Sanskar: where is ur Maa Rajat
Swara : she is here.
Swara angrily comes and start scolding him.
Swara: what do u think of urself ur big hero and doing stunts. Have u gone mad have u think about consequences.
She turns sees Sanskar sleeping.
Swara: Sanskar……
Sanskar: funished ur lectures No…..
Swara: u …… and beats him that time Rajat cries and he take him.
Swara: oh ur a saviour of ur papa wait I will see u both when ur papa gets well.
Sanskar: Swara I am sorry whatever I done to u……
Swara:sssshhhh….. Swara nahi Shona. Sanskar smiles.
Sanskar: I love u Shona
Swara: I love u too and they have a family hug. Neil and Ragini sees this. They says THIS IS WHAT LOVE. LOVE MEANS TRUST. IF U HAVE TRUST IN UR LOVE THEN U CAN EVEN EIN THE DEATH. Freezes on Swasan happy family.

Precap: Raglak wedding and 3 years leap.

Credit to: Rini

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