Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 28)


Pain of love . Guys this is the collabration of IKNMP and Swaragini. So I call Ragini says Rags.

Scene 1
Sanskar tells everything to Laksh. Sanskar ask how could I prove my love Lucky. Laksh says I itself thinking Bhai these sisters drive us crazy.
In the mehendi ceremony

Swara dressed in a maroon lehenga made a bun in her hair. Rags dressed in a pink saree with flower accessories. Sumi and Ap came their. Ap says my two bahu’s are really beautiful. Sumi says because they r my daughters. All smile. They bring Rags down. Swara dances on Radha teri chunri…. Rags sees Amit. She calls Swara. Ragini says Shona I saw Amit. Swara says what, where u saw. She shows but he is not there. Swara says what Rags he is not there come lets enjoy.
In the evening

All get ready for Sangeet.
Swasan gets Raglak down. Samrat host show.
Samrat: Ladies and gentleman we all welcome u for Ragini and Laksh Sangeet party. For this beautiful occassion I want to welcome the most romantic couple Neil and Ragini. They dance on Chak doom doom song.

Neil and Ragini came and congrats Swasan for the baby. Ragini takes Rajat and takes Swara aside. Neil ask Sanskar is that true u and Swara. Swara says S to Ragini. Sanskar says I did mistake in the past and now I really love her. Swara says I asked him to prove his love. Ragini says but I am like ur mother I did this same mistake what u r doing. Neil says by that one mistake we have been separated for two years. Ragini says Swara I know u forgave Rajat’s dad but what will happen to u. Swara says Aunty I will be independent. Ragini says but Swara I also took that decision but after some years ur child will ask about ur relationship what u both will answer. Neil says Sanskar there is no silution when u both think separately. Sit together and talk u will get many solution. Ragini also says that. Neil and Ragini go to see Raglak. Swasan see eachother. Sun rahahe na tu song plays
Samrat: next dance by Tom and jerry. All laugh. He says yes they are like that but their love is different. He calls Swasan.

They dance on di toh pagal hai song and both lost in eachother eyes. Raglak comes there and teases them. They drag all members and dance on disco deewane song.

Scene 2

Amit cones there and shoots in the air. All runs from there. He says Rags ur so happy na after sending me I told u I will come for u. He laughs evilly. Sanlak tries to go near him but he says dont to try to act smart. He aims at Ragini. Amit says y should I shoot u, you did all this for ur sister na and aims at Swara. All get shocked. Amit says Swara even now I love u so much but Its all started first because u. He shoots at her. Sanskar shouts Swara and pushes her. All stand still. Sanskar took the bullet on his stomach. Swara shouts Sanskar…….. She runs to him. Neil and Laksh holds Amit. Dp calls police. Swara calls Ragini. Ragini checks him. She says Nakcheit have to take him hospital as soon as possible. Police comes and takes Amit. Neil takes Sanskar in hos car. Ragini and Swara accompany him. Swara cries hard. Ragini consoles her. Sanskar opens his eyes.

Sanskar: Shona……..
Swara: Sanskar nothing will happen to u .
Sanskar: now u believe that my lvu is higher than urs Shona…….. She cries. He weeps her tears.
Sanskar: Take care of Rajat Shona and he become unconscious.
They reach the hospital. Dr. Aman says everything is ready Dr. Neil. Neil takes Sanskar to OT. Swara cries seeing him. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays. Ragini consoles her.

Precap: Maheswari and Garodia’s come to the hospital. Neil says sorry because of shock Sanskar gone to coma. Swara cries vigorously.

Credit to: Rini

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