Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 27)

Scene 1
In the night
Ragini standing near the door wear green night dress thinks about past happenings. That time Laksh comes from window and says Hi Ragini. Ragini gets shocked. She ask what r u doing here? He says to play with u and jumps in. Ragini says Shona will come any time. He says Sanskar is there and she will not come. Laksh says we beacame frndz but we dont no about eachother. Ragini says there is lot of time now u go. He stops her and took the eyelash from her face and gives her. He says now wish something and blow. She thinks God I donno wat is happening in my life but I want my Shona to be happy and blows. She opens the eyes sees Laksh in a comedy getup and laughs seeing him. Laksh says thank God smiled after so many days. Ragini cries and says Thanks Laksh I will try to forget about…. He says till Laksh is here no to fear but call me lucky because it sounds horrible when u call me. Ragini says u Lucky and throws pillow on him they fight and sit down and talked for hours.

Scene 2
In the kitchen
Swara kept Rajat in the pram and boils milk. He starts crying. She says my raja wait mamma will come in a minute. He stopped crying. She turns and sees Sanskar holding him. She says arre u stopped crying seeing ur papa. Sanskar says Yes he is papa’s raja see Rajat ur Mamma is jealous. Swara says who I am not jealous give to me and takes Rajat.
In the hall
Sanskar says by the way who is that Samrat. Swara says he is our childhood frnd when we r in juhu he was our neighbour. We studied till college. He says then any other things. She understands nd says oh han he proposed me in the college. Sanskar gets shocked. He says what? She says yeah it was like filmy he gone principal room and in the mike he said some shayari and said I luv u. It was so romantic and smiles She says not like u . He thinks oh God what is this new problem. Swara sees him and says Rajat seems like ur papa is jealous. He fumes. Laksh comes down with Ragini and leaves with Sanskar. Swara laughs seeing Sanskar. Ragini gets surprised and says Shona u laughed and hugs her smiling. Swara thinks it is because of Sanskar.
In Sanslak house
Sanskar says Oh like this Samrat will be threat to me he already proposed Swara in the college Lucky what if he again came here for Swara and sees Laksh staring at him keeping his hand in the cheek. Sanskar ask why r u staring at me ? Laksh says Bhai do u luv Swara. Sanskar says wat nonsense lucky y I will luv her she just my Rajat’s mom thats all. Laksh says then y it bothers when she meets Samrat or not. Sanskar ran out of word. Laksh says Bhai u thought that u acted to luv her but when u told her truth from that moment u started falling for her Bhai second chance in life is not at all given to eveyone but u got it think about it Bhai and leaves to sleep. Sanskar thinks about their moments after marriage.

Scene 3
In the mehandi all gathers in Sanslak house. Swara gives Rajat to Ap and goes to work. Samrat also came there and ask lady’s today gents will do the arrangements u have supervise us. Shekar says its a good idea and all gents start to work. Samrat comes to Swara but Sanskar intervened and takes Swara from there. Wherever Swara goes he stands around her. Swara gets fed up and drags Sanskar to room.
Swara: y u r alwaya around me like a cat
Sanskar: to help u
Swara: stop lying Sanskar I know u got jealous seeing Sam around me.
Sanskar stays silent.
Swara: y …… y it hurts u when he is with me. Y sanskar when he makes me happy ur face become red. What relation u have with What….. What. Sanskar loses his temper and say I love u bl**dy Swara. Swara gets shocked.
Sanskar: S we dont have any relation but when I said I hate u from that every second I started loving u . Swara into my eyes and hears my heartbeat it only says Swara. I was afraid that if I lose u I become dead person plz Swara give one chances. Swara says Ok I will give u a chance but u have prove me that ur love is .1% higher than my luv then I will think about. And she leaves. These and all heard by Elders and Samrat. Samrat says my work is done aunt. Fb shows Sumi called Samrat everything. He says aunty u told me na I will correct everything Fb ends. Samrat says ok aunty I will leave. Dp says beta u have to be here till marriage ends. Ap says u should not says no. Samrat says Ok aunty. Freezes on Elders happy face.

Precap: Amit escapes from jail and says Ragini I am waiting for this day and burns her pic.

Credit to: Rini


  1. Lucky

    hi rini ur story is very good. i hope u will make raglak together bcz precap with amit sounds dangerous. Swasan scenes are really awesome. pls update next part soon pls.

  2. Saba

    Nice dear! And its funny that he confess his love like this abusing way. But super keep it up!! Waiting for swasan moment(kuk real track ne to sirf humain tarpa tarpa k marna hai)

  3. khushi

    Rini ur ff..is awesome.I always read it without missing.plz update nxt episode soon..waiting….hardily……..

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