Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 24)


Scene 1
Next Morning
Sanskar comes to the hospital and waits outside Swara room. Sumi sees him and ask Swara to let him see the child. Swara says No Maa I wont u dont know watever he did. Sumi says I know Swara its all wrong but u cant separate a father from his child plz Swara. Swara says Ok . Sumi calls Sanskar in. He comes and about to hold but Swara says I gave permission to see the child. Sanskar looks at her and gives some dress and toys for the baby. He leaves. Sumi ask y Swara ur punishing him. Maa he knows I am adopted says Swara. Shekar comes and says Doc said we can discharge today.
In Swaragini house
Ap does Swara’s aarti and welcomes her.
Ap says My rajkumar come to me and takes him. Ragini says we should decide the name and everyone tells names. Swara says Rajat. Dp and Ap are happy. Fb shows
While Sanskar talking to his frnz they ask What will name ur child. He says boy means Rajat and girl means Suhani. They ask y Rajat. He says he will be the Raja of my heart. And Swara hears it. Ap ask r u sure Swara. She says Yes and says I will feed him and leaves to the room. Sumi and Ap goes to kitchen to make ladoos for Swara. Ragini leaves to office.

Scene 2
On the road
Ragini while riding gets block by a car. She ask to move. Laksh gets down. Ragini tries to leave but holds the bike.
Laksh : come with me right now
Ragini : wat is this any plan to get Swara go and tell ur Bhai She will not come.
Laksh : u talk to much and ties her mouth and get her into the car. They leave.
In an isolated place
Laksh stops the car and get Ragini down. She tries to leave but he holds her hand
Ragini: leave my hand
Laksh: No Ragini I did this mistake once but not now. I told u many times that I love u.
Ragini: I also fed up of this my answer is I hate u. Even if ur the last person I wont love u.
Laksh: y Ragini this much hatred . Y u punish me for Bhai’s mistake.
Ragini: Its all because of u. If u didnt cut the current that day then ur Bhai would have left Swara. U dont know one thing she is my half sister. Laksh gets shocked.
Ragini: Swara doesnt know that I know it. Every night I hear her crying sound. I always wished she should get all happiness but it all shattered by ur brothers on mistake.
Laksh: look into my eyes and say that u doesnt have any feelings for me and holds her. She cries.
Ragini: I had but not now and leaves.
Laksh gets dejected and he goes to bar.
In Sanslak house
Laksh comes and says everything. Bhai y u did this is to me and he leaves. Sanskar leaves the house

Scene 3
In Swara room
Swara plays with Rajat and says I dont want that Sanskar to come near u Rajat. Sanskar says not so soon. Swara gets shocked.
He closes her mouth and says I came to see my Rajat and takes him. Sanskar says ur mom is so bad that she didnt told that ur going to come. Swara says if I said u would have killed him. Sanskar says shut up I hate u but how do u assumed that I will hate my child. Swara says Rajat is a sign of betrayal, watever u did with me that night I hate to think about it. Rajat starts crying. She says I have to feed him. He says so wat I am ur hubby. Swara says do u know what is the meaning of hubby u go into bathroom and he leaves. After sometime Sanskar comes out and Swara ask him y did u came here. He tells her about Raglak. She says Laksh is far better than u so I will talk to Ragini. She gives Rajat to him and sleeps. Sanskar says Rajat ur mom is more beautiful than before and smiles seeing her.

Precap: Swara and Sanskar meets Raglak in a park.

Guyz slowly Sanskar falls for Swara and Swasan love blooms again

Credit to: Rini

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  1. Loved it 🙂

  2. Its getting nice 🙂

  3. It’s amazing yr plz continue when r u going to upload nxt part plz tell

  4. Awesome friction… Update fastly dear…i loving it so much…

  5. I really love your ff but if you don’tin I want to suggest something when sans fall in love with swara don’t make swara forgive him so easily
    Sorry if offended

    1. Yes I agree with u..after all wt he did for swara its not forgivable….

  6. wow..!! its amazing..missing swasan moments..plz update next part soon..loved it.

  7. I can’t understand abt d current cut wat does ragini said to laksh

  8. Rini u can also make like this
    Sanky realize he is in love with swara but swara don’t forgive him nd there is a entry of boy who is handsome,caring,Gud natured,love swara secretary nd swara best friend from childhood.swara gets happy seeing him nd starts to spend her most of his time with him nd he also take Gud care of her nd Rajat nd by seeing this sanky get jealous nd annoyed nd decided to win her love back
    Only suggestion dear if u like it u can put this idea in your story but if nt then its ok

  9. Ese hi? ldte ldte? he started finding her beautiful? okay i don’t want anybody to feel like i am discouraging the track..but seriously..this needs to slow down a bit! Rini..please think upon what i said!

  10. Prakriti Akuli

    nice story

  11. Nice
    Anu ka idea achaa h

  12. Hi guys thanks for all who encouraged me to do this ff because I read our comments everyday so I will try to do ur suggestions .

  13. Hey rini, I am a silent reader of all your ff ‘s on this page, obviously other ff’s also.
    I really appreciate all your and others work who write these ff’s and provide some relief to the readers from the harsh reality of the serial.
    These ff’s and we all know that it’s not gonna happen in the serial but your (including all other writers) work make us feel as if it’s happening in front of us.
    I have a small suggestions for all the writers
    It would be great if u ppl describe the dress of the characters. Lyk rags wear lahenga choli (if I am not mistaken) n swara wears anarkali so u cn mention that rags is wearing a plain saari or lahenga choli, as usual. And swara is wearing a simple dress.
    Not only for swasan n raglak u cn do it for others also. Describing the clothes wid clrs will give us a vivid imagination
    It’s jst a suggestion and it’s up to u if u want to take it or not.
    N sorry if u didn’t liked it

  14. These are ff’s *

  15. Please unit swasan fast

  16. rini don’t make swara forgive sanskar so easily.. so fast… let him to realize his love for swara..

  17. Rini i read this twice..loved it so much… I love the way you use only swra n sanskar n show their story unlike the show where everyone tries to come in between them

  18. its sooooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeeeee…. make sanskar feel for swara n make him jealousy

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