Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 23)

Scene 1
Swara enters Mumbai and resembkes about past. Ragini comes there and hugs her. She ask how was ur trip and how my prince. Swara says she is fine. They go to their guest house and Swara gets ready for office and she ask Ragini to meet her in the office. Swara enters the office and ask the receptionist and she ask her to go to cabin. Swara enters and shocked to see Sanskar. Sanskar gets happy. He compose himself ask her to sit and says U will be provided a cabin and timing is 9 to 6. Swara says but it is 9 to 10. He says My ur boss and I will decide. He ask her to leave and calls the recepionist. Swara gets a fruit salad around 10 am. She ask the receptionist who sent this and she says Sir told us. That time Sanskar calls her. She starta to yell him. He says this for my child . She says this my child and u have no right and cuts the call. After office hours Swara waits for Ragini. Sanskar comes there and ask her to get into the car. Swara says I will not come. Ragini comes there and starts scolding Sanskar. Suddenly Swara gets panic attack and screams. Sanskar get her into the car and Ragini also get in her. They reach hospital. Sanskar calls Laksh and tells everything. Laksh and others come to hospital. Doc comes and says we have to do cesarian. Hearing this Sumi cries. Shekar ask Doc to go ahead. Nurse comes ask what is the father name. Sabskar says Sanskar Maheswari. Doc takes Swara to OT. After sometime they hear the crying sound. Doc comes and says congrats its a baby boy. All gets happy. Laksh hugs Sanky and says Bhai u became papa. Annapurna ask how is Swara. Doc says she is fine and be careful as it is a premature baby and leaves. Nurse gives the child to Sanskar. He cries and says papa see my prince and kisses the baby. Ragini tries to go but Sumi stops her. Nurse says Swara got conscious. All go to see her.

Scene 2
Swara open her eyes and sees Sumi. She cries and says sorry maa. Sumi says its ok beta. Swara ask where is the baby and she sees Sanskar holding the baby and shouts it my baby u dont have any and breathes heavily. Ragini calls Doc. Doc comes abd gives her a injection. Doc says dont give her stress else stitches will open. All go out. Ragini snatches the baby and says u dont have any right. He says this is my baby and Ragini says ha baby you didnt become a good husband then how will u become a good father. Sanky says I dont care about her whethet she is alive or not. Annapurna slaps him and says u dont have any right on the child. If Swara took any wrong step then u wont blabbar my child. Now leave from here. He leaves. Shekar ask y did u sent him? Dp says Ragini is right he dont even value the relation of husband and wife then how will he do this big responsibility. Ragini says Swara woke up. Sumi gives the baby to Swara. She smiles seeing him.

Precap: Swara enters the home after long time. In the night Sanskar enters Swara room.

Credit to: Rini


  1. anu

    Very gud…… When will sanskar care about swara he now also don’t love swara so selfish…….but anyways keep writing your imagination is very Gud plz upload nxt part fast

  2. anu

    When will u upload nxt part plz tell me make it fast…… This is the best ff according to me I love this ff u r amazing rini

  3. anu

    And plz make swaragini’s family stant against sanky with swara as shekhar nd sumi doesn’t say anything to sanskar they should slap him nd don’t give him the baby

  4. Saba

    Offcourse! I like sanskar soo much! But really he’s looking cool in negative role, keep it up dear! Waiting for your next update…..

  5. ☺chiku☺

    What about raglak? over these 7 months…what has happened b/t them? are they married? are they committed? have i missed something?

  6. Anu

    Rini u can make a entry of a boy who is swara best friend nd he take care of swara over these 4 months when she is away from her family…….by seeing swara closer with sumone sanky feels jealous nd get insecure by the thought that he can lose swara only idea

  7. sumi

    thanks rini… I always like to read stories ,watch movies having same track like urs.. u hav the bst ff ever.. plz sanskaar kaa drama kuch din aur rakhna.. and jab sanskarko swara se really pyaar hojaayegaa tab bhi swara ussey nafarat karti rhe tab tak woh better husband and dad nahi banta… and thanks a lot for ur ff..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.