Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 22)


Scene 1
Annapurna does Swara’s garh pravesh.
After few days Swara does puja in the home mandir. Sanskar says dont disturb God because he wont come to rescue u from me. Swara says but Mr. Sanskar he will give me strength to defend me from u. Sanskar twist her hand and says this is the punishment for speaking against me. She cries. That Annapurna calls her. He leaves her and leaves to office.Swara thinks God plz give me strength and she feels dizzy. She goes to kitchen and works suddenly she stumbles that time Ragini come and holds her. Ragini gives her water and ask Swara r u fine? Swara says I am fine and ask when did u come. Ragini says just now to see u and sees her hand and cries. This is all because of me said Ragini. Swara says my Rags it all fine u come and again she stumbles. Ragini says come first we will go to doctor. Swara says but Ragini. She says shut up Shona come with me we will leave.

Scene 2
In the hospital
Doctor checks Swara and Ragini waits. Doc and Swara comes. Doc ask her where is ur husband. Ragini says he is out of town and ask is there any problem. She is 3 months pregnant says Doc. Both r shocked. Swara says this cant be. Doc says is there any problem. Ragini says nothing doc and Doc gives some meds and ask her to come for check up and they leave.
Back to Sanslak house
They both reach the house. Swara comes to the room and cries. She says this child is a sign of betrayal No ……… No this cant be. She says I will abort the child. Ragini gets shocked and ask r u mad ? Y r u punishing the child for that blo*dy Sanskar. Swara acts like mad and says I will abort the child and tries to go but Ragini slaps her. Both cries.
In the evening
Ragini gives some meds to Swara ask not to take stress. When she leaves Sanskar enters and closes the door. He sees her sitting on the bed. He says u dont have the right to sit on my bed and pushes her and goes to fresh up. Swara thinks about Ragini’s words and the child. She says this is my child I will not give any right to Sanskar on my child.
In the night
While all r sleeping Swara rights the letter and keep in the room and leaves. Laksh calls Ragini but she scolds him and cuts. He says till when will u run Ragini I will get u any how in my life. Next morning Ragini gets ready and says I feel something bad has happened nothing should have happened to Swara. She leaves to Sanslak house. In the house Sanskar gets up and says where is this Swara any ways I will not see her face and he gets ready. Ragini enters the room and searches her and sees the letter when she is about to ready Sanky comes and she leaves. In the hall she ready the letter and cries Laksh comes and sees her crying. He ask What happened Rags tell me and all gather hearing his voice that time Shekar and Sumi also enter. They all ask Ragini. She holds Sanskar’s collar and says y did u do this because of ur ego and torture she left this city and cries. All get shocked. Dp ask Ragini what r u telling? She tells everything. Dp gets angry and slaps Sanskar. He says today u proved me wrong Sanskar and feels ashamed. He ask forgiveness from Shekar for Sanskar. Shekar says children will do mistakes I will bring Shona. Ragini says No she will not come. Sumi ask y Rags. Ragini says I didnt tell one thing. Annapurna ask what ? She tells Swara is pregnant. Sanskar gets shocked and happy. Ragini says but Swara doesnt want the child because she thinks it is a sign of betrayal but I asked her not to do so thats y she left the city and doesnt want Sanskar shadow to fall on the child. All cry. Laksh gets the letter and says this is all true and gives the letter. Sanskar leaves to room. He sees Swara photo and says y did u separate me from my child. I hate u but how do u think I will hate my child and cries. Elders sees this and says he is repenting.

4 months leap
Sanskar seeing Swara’s its being 4 months I searched in this whole Mumbai but u did injustice with me and cries. Ragini says God I know its difficult for me to conceal about Shona but it is right and prays for Swara’s safety.
In Delhi
Swara is seen getting ready having a big stomach speaks to her child that I will keep u away from all evil sights and thinks about Sanskar. She leaves to office. In her office her Manager comes to her and says our MD wants a PA for his branch so u r capable of all so I selected u. She says thank you sir. Manager says today itself ur going to Mumbai. She gets shocked and says sir Mumbai. Manager says u have to go Swara and leaves.She thinks about the past. She holds the stomach and says time to face the truth. She calls Ragini and yells her. Ragini gets happy. Freezes on Swara’s determined face.

Precap: Swara enters the office and shocked to see Sanskar. Sanskar smiles.

Credit to: Rini

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    Plz continue nd post nxt part fast
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