Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 21)


Scene 1
Sanskar enters the room and thinks that now I will sleep peacefully. While sleeping he thinks about Swara and gets up y I think about her No I dont love her and he leaves.

In the terrace
Swara cries hard. She calls Ragini. Scene changes to Raglak. Laksh stops car in a park. Ragini gets down and ask Laksh y did we come. Laksh says wait LIGHTS ON and whole place become beautiful. Ragini smile seeing the place. She turns and sees none. She shouts Laksh and cries. Laksh comes from back and Rags. She hugs him and ask where were u and scolds him. Laksh kneel down and gives her a ring. That Ragini gets Swara’s call. Swara says Ragini where r u and to house first. Ragini says Laksh we have to go to house first. Laksh thinks my surprise is gone flop and they leave.

In the Swaragini house
Raglak enters the house silently. Laksh wishes Rags and goes to sleep. Ragini calls Swara and she ask her to come to terrace. Ragini goes to terrace sees Swara. She runs to her and ask wat happened shona. Swara cries and hugs her.Swara tells everything to her. Ragini says I will not leave that Sanskar. Swara stops her and says it is my fault that loved him and says I have to keep u away from him, he will do anything. Swaragini bgm plays. Ragini says tomorrow u will go to his house I wont send u with him. Swara says I have to go for our parents happiness. Ragini says first u come to the room and change the dress. They leave.

Scene 3
Sanskar wake up and sees Swara getting ready. Sanskar ask how was ur night shona. She looks at him. He says Oh Mrs. Swara from today onwards u will be in my cage. Ragini comes there and ask them to come breakfast. They come and sit in the table. Sanskar holds her hand but she smashs his leg. He control his voice and looks at Swara. She says dp u think I will become weak No if do anything u will get adverse reaction from me now eat the food. Ragini smiles seeing Swara. Then Swaras bidaai takes place.

Precap: 4 months leap

Credit to: Rini

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  1. I love where your track is going. Showing Sanskaar as a bad boy is really cool! Can’t wait to read further!

  2. Very supper but short, make it long dear please! And update soon we’re waiting…

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