Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 20)


Scene 1
Bihaan brings Sanskar down for ring finding ceremony. Thapki brings Swara. Pragya ask Thapki who won in ur ring finding ritual. Thapki looks at Bihaan and says in this I lost my life itself. Sanskar and Swara starts to find the ring. Laksh drags Ragini out. Ragini says what r u doing. Laksh says come lets celebrate our victory. Ragini says I’m already enjoyin. Laksh thinks OH GOD this dumbo doesnt understand anything. Abhi and Pragya comes there and says Laksh wants to take u for a long drive. Ragini looks at Laksh. she says no I wont come Swara is alone. Pragya says I am here u go. Laksh says Plz come. Ragini compiles. They go out in Laksh car.

Scene 2
Back in Swaragini house the
Thapki and Pragya make Swara ready for weddin night. They leave her in the room. Thahaan and Abhya leaves the house wishing the family. All go to sleep. In the room. Swara sees Sanskar standing near the window. Swara keeps her hand on his shoulder. Sanskar turns and says who r u ? Swara is shocked.
Swara: Sanky wat happened?
Sanskar: dont call me Sanky. his face became pale. What do u think that I love u and married u. No Shona….No.
He sits on the sofa.
Sanskar: i married u to revenge for what u sisters did with me. Did u think I am fool like lucky do forgive u. No… No. From my college I hate girls. When ur sister slapped me she touched my hatered. It is a external Scar. But what u did was unforgettable.
Swara cries and ask what I have done to u plz tell me.
Fb shows after their submission of Jwellery consignment and Dp heard about Sanskar plan to destory their consignmen from Swara. Dp calls Sanskar and slaps him. do u think I’m fool I warn u Sanskar I got u know all about ur deeds from Swara. So maintain distance and Dp leaves Fb ends.
Sanskar: u touched my EGO. So I want to destroy u. After our picnic I came to know that u started love me. I thought that this will be ur biggest punishment. with help of lucky I made some drama to make u trust me. After that Sangeet night I achieved my victory. Swara shatters and falls down. He comes near her and says onething I got to know that ur adopted. I thought that my aim was wrong but I came to know that ur Ragini’s weakness. Swara gets up and ask then y u came in the wedding. Oh that Amit I only called him to scare Ragini but that idiot Laksh made all my plan flop and called Abhi and Bihaan thats y I came or else I would have gone away from u and he laughs.
Swara says Mr.Sanskar its ok u told all the things to u give all the pain to me but if u touch my Ragini I will become Durga u dont know about the real Swara I know I am orphan but after Ragini came she is my world so dont u ever think hueting her. Outside it starts raining. Sanskar holds Swara and says after all this also ur EGO is big come I will show u the pain of being my Wife. He brings her to the terrace and says now this ur bedroom u should be here if it rains and not. And he leaves. Swara cries and thinks about the sweet moment between them

Precap: Swara calls Ragini. Laksh propose her.

Credit to: Rini

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  1. Rini y did u make Sanskaar the villain….plz make a reason y sanskaar is behaving mean to swara plz rini do that

    1. I got this idea from the serial Laksh is always a flirt but Sanskar is not like that. And to add some spicyness to story I made Sanskar like this. But seeing Swara loving nature He will start loving her. But soon I will make them one

      1. ohh thats cool too

  2. Plzz..i dont want to see sanskar as a villian

  3. Please don’t make sanskaar a villain

  4. Nice track ? plz update next part soon?

  5. ur fiction is too good.. plz update the next part soon

  6. Though I can’t see Sanskar as a villain this track is good as it has more scope for a love hate relationship.. Good.

  7. Dear Rini,
    Thanks for this beautiful ff. I love your FF very much. Its my humble request to u plz plz plz Don’t make Sanky -tiv. Instead of that make reason for sanskar’s behaviour as you have already shown a beautiful relationship between Swasan.

  8. It’s awesome superb I loved u r free
    Please continue :-):-)

  9. I mean fanfiction

  10. This is my most favourite ff, please update soon, I’m excited to know further but sad to see her like this, but know he loves her so much he must return to her… Please continue and thanks to give your precious time to upload this episode… Keep it up ?

  11. wow so nice. superb twist.

  12. Whether sanky is a villain or nt i dnt care… I will always admire his xter … Hp u maitain swasan

  13. Nice track but make sanskar positive nd unite swara and sanskar.

  14. this is not fair .how could u make sanskar like that.dont u do that again

  15. Yr very Gud plz continue……different from other ff…..this is one of the best ff

  16. Pls make like sankara was playing a prank on swara and unite them but lakhs should try to take revenge from swara and marry raging to torture her so it will be very interesting then a it will enter again and even in hate he will save ragz from him and he will warn him as she is Mrs. Ragin laksh make amit villian and even lakhs tried all the stunts to impress ragin pls change the story

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