Swaragini Blooms again Analysis (part 2)


Hello guys this is the next part first ever fanfic of my Swaragini blooms again and I am writing another ff on my fb page and its title is Lve is painful and its complicated and if u want I will write it here. and here we go

Sanskar proposed Swara with the help of Raglak and she accepted it. Raglak had some liht moments. Meanwhile all elders decided to to get Swasan married and called them to inform it. All four came and announced the decision but when they announced it Swasan are not present so to tease them Raglak asked them to exchange the pairs and tell them. All objected it but Laksh made them accept it. Raini got swasan down and the elders told the decision as of Laksh request. All left except the four. Sanskar hollered at LAks but Swara stopped him because she want the families happiness and left crying. Sanskar also left. Ragini who cannot bear Swara’s tears asked Lucky to stop it but he He assured her that they will be the most happiest couple in the world. On engagement day All four went to office but their heart is somewhere.

The time comes all four got ready and to lit the atmosphere Raglak got down to do their final arrangement. Swasan got down and saw the whole house is dark. Swara stumbles and Sanskar hold her and the spot light falls on hem. Raglak welcome all for the engagement of Swasan. Swasan who are confused asked them whats all this and the family shouted SURPRISE. And tells them the plan.

Swara hugs Sanskar and cries. Raglak danced on Dilli Walli Girlfriend song and Swasan exchanged the rings to begin a new life but we are creators na we should add something like masti and mystery. For Masti Raglak are hiding in the store room because Swasan are raged because of their stupid prank. Sanskar got Lucky but the both slipped away and ran from their hiding behind a pillar and lauhs while breathing heavily. Laksh sees Ragini thus and mesmerized seeing her inner beauty coming out like a flower flowing through the water. Lksh caress Ragini’s face with his finger and she holds the pillar tightly because she feels something different in his touch. Laksh comes closer to her but Swara interrupted them by holding their ears and got them to the dance floor and the four danced on Dezi Girl song.

For Mystery…………………….. u should wait for the next update and I will upload regularly till then enjoy.


Credit to: Rini

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  1. swesome and pls pos ur second ff also

  2. U take so much time yr..now plz update that train wala ff..I dont remember its name…n yeah I loved Swaragini blooms again n this analysis reminds me those happy moments.

  3. what is your Facebook id

    1. Rini Stella is my fb id Khusubhu

  4. Give us a link of ur page dear
    This was awesome

  5. Rini I’m telling this with lots love in my heart that blooms again is the best ff in the whole ffs came now. Its just my favourite till now. I’m really thankful to you for making it. Love you sister. May God gives you lots of happiness in your life because you made smile and keep updating other ffs so that I won’t miss and sad that you are not with us 🙂

  6. Rini when r u going to upload choti si pyaar choti si dard pls fast

  7. its beautiful

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