Swaragini Blooms again Analysis (part 1)


Hi guys I think u didnt forget about my Fan Fiction Swaragini Blooms Again for that I am going to give a three part Analysis ans Here is the first part.

This is the story of two sisters Swara and Ragini who are like soulmates and can go to any extent and bear anything for each other And how they join the broken family with the help of Sanskar an arrogant businessman who thinks his ego is greater than any thing that he can take revenge who ever hurts his ego and Laksh a flirt but can go to any extent to get what he want.
Swaragini gets ready for their first offically meeting with ALS international and Other side Sanslak gets ready to meet Swaragini jewelers. They thought this meeting will be smooth but destiny had other plans. Swaragini hitted a brand new Benz with their scooter. Obviously its of Sanslak. Both got into heated arguement. Sanskar talks cheap about Swaragini and in rage Ragini slapped him repeatedly and said to remember this slap when u talk to a girl. Angered Sanskar leaved with Laksh to his office. When Swaragini enters ALS office they are shocked to see Sanslak. Sanskar thought about the slap and asked them finish the sample piece of wedding jewels in two days.

Swaragini with confidence leave the office and tell everything to their Mom Sharmishta. Sanslak also tell their mom Annapurna about Swaragini. Sumi and Ap met in the temple and the Fb reveals that Shekar and Dp father of Swaragini and Sanslak were thick friends and separated because of their ego. Meanwhile Swaragini finished their sample with great difficulties and got the contract. Sanslak are again defeated by the sisters. Sumi and Ap calls them to a park and reveals the truth and asked them to join this family and dont break it because of their Ego. Swaragini and Sanslak became friends for there family. Swara got know about her Shekar’s lonely feeling regarding his friend and calls Laksh but picks it and they have nokjok. Sanskar started to feel for Swara. Sanslak thought to teach the sisters a lesson and sent goons but to their surprise Swaragini hitted the goons with pepper spray and chilly powder. Swaragini laughs at their terrified face and asked them to meet them with their father in the park. Swaragini made them realise their mistake and joined the family once again. Sanskar fallen for Swara and struggle to express it. And God made his work easy. To celebrate the union both family gone to picnic.

There Laksh teases Sanskar who was staring Swara who was playing with Ragini. Sanskar chased Laksh and fall on Ragini and they feel different for eachother. Suddenly all hear Swara’s scream who was hanging down the cliff. Sanskar gets her up and both hugged eachother and he consoleed Swara. The elders saw them and decided to get them married. After this incident Sanskar proposed Swara and she accepted him. And all elders decided something and told their decision to Sanlak and Swaragini which shocks them……


Credit to: Rini

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  11. Hi guys yeah this ff was completed I want relish u all by giving a three part story so u talk or ask queries by mailing me and this is my email [email protected]

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