Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 8)


Scene 1
Swara says maa we told u about 2 guys misbehaved with us Ragini says they these 2. Sumi says I know everything. Sanskar asks badi maa how could u think about this Laksh says I think this is the destiny. Annapurna says this not the destiny did u remember u 4 were best buddies in the childhood. Sanslak says shona and rags and swaragini says Sanky and lucky. Sumi says this is the destiny it was a beautiful world. Annapurna says because of your fathers ego the world broken me and Sumi tried lot but didnt work. I told her our children will do but because of your 4 ego again it is going to break and cries. Seeing this Swara comes and says dont cry aunty I promise u we will again build this beautiful world. Sumi cries happy and hugs Swaragini. They come to Sanlak and says we doing this for our family and hand. Swaragini and Sanslak shake their hands and says from now on we are friends and leaves.

Scene 2
In Sanslak house
Laksh says bhai how could we be friends with these girls. Sanskar says this is destiny they are trapped without their knowledge we will help them at the same time take our revenge and smiles.
In Swaragini house
Swara asks shekar who is Durgaprasad please tell me . Shekar says we were best buddies from college. We were so close that there is no one like us. We got married in the same day. For his every birthday I am the first to wish him but fate didnt like that. He became a great businessman but I was a small worker. To show his greatness in front his society he asked me to start a business with his money and insulted me. I told him I will become like him in short duration and broke my friendship. Shekar cries and says I successed it but I feel lonely Shona. Swara says u shared ur pain with now sleep and leaves

Scene 3
Swara comes to her room and calls Laksh . But Sanskar took the call
Swara: Hello Laksh
Sanskar: No Sankar Shona
Swara : dont call me Shona
Sanskar : Oh Ok Shona sweety
Swara: If u talk like this Sanky
Sanskar: hey u dont call me sanky
Swara: else wat
Sanskar : ok leave it why did u call
Swara: Meet me and Ragini in the same park at five in eve
Sanskar : ok bye Shona (in teasing tone)
Swara becomes irritated and cuts the calls. Sankars smiles and says Shona and thinks about childhood

Hi guyz in this episode u have to write the precap.

By Rini

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  1. RINI?????? RINI !!!!

  2. Yr mini plz make it swasan only plz plz plz

  3. Precap- ragini comes to meet sanskaar meets ragini and gets mesmerised by her beauty. Laksh and swara have funny nok jhok. Swara is about to fall and Laksh holds her on the right time. They have a eye lock.

  4. Rini dear plz
    Sanskar and ragini pair acha hai dont seperate it

  5. we need swasan and raglak pair pls

  6. Loved it and plz ragsan & swalak plz..

  7. Make it swasan plzzzzzzz??

  8. Hey rini
    Plz make it swasan because swasan is best and today swasan scene is best scene in both chapters we want more swasan scene

  9. And the precap is that sanskar and swara meet in part nd sanskar tease swara by saying shona nd then swara gets angry with sanskar nd starts to go but she stumbles nd was about to fall but sanskar catch her nd they have an eye lock

  10. swara n laksh…

  11. ragsan looks good plz dont seperate them plz….., swara and laksh looks great plz make them pairs plz…….

  12. Super episode loved swasan scene#expecting more of it…eagerly waiting for next episode

  13. Wow…nice precap Aahana…

  14. I like to see ragsan plzzzz bcz dey r more swasan ff but let this b ragsan…bczzz dey luk sooo great together….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….nd i lyk ua story…..plllzzzzzzz

  15. Precap:-swarag and sanlak reach the park,but,they don’t find each other and goes in search in four directions. Swasan and raglak have an eye lock 🙂 🙂

  16. Swalak nd ragsan r best zodi..plz rini make ragsan nd swalak..

  17. Plz let it be swasan today i love swasan scene nd make more swasan scene plz plz ragsan are nt made fof each other make it raglak but nt ragsan because swasan r best

  18. yaar make it swalak yaar..bcz their nok jock ws very good nd its more funnier dan swasan……
    in real show swasan gonna to happen…nd there r so many swsasan fanfiction….so pls let it to br swalak nd raglak….pls
    we really miss swalak….whenver thinking about their nok jocks small fighting lak teasing shona….that ws cute moments….nd dat swaras birthday day swalalk dance kissing scenes nd dat park waali scenes kidnapping scenes…whenever thinking about dis i jumb from swasan to swalak…srsly miss swalak…there r so many ppls nw want swalak soo pls yaar make it swalak nd ragsan

    do u guyzz miss swalak?????

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  22. Rini plzzzzzzzzzz make it as Aahana or Riya told fr it wud look cool nic n awezum

  23. Precap

    Swaragini reach park bt dey dont find swalak so dey starrmt playing volleyball or smthng nmeanwhile sanlak r searching fr dem

  24. swasan pls

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