Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 6)


Scene 1
Swaragini works together. Ragini asks Swara how did the power comes and Swara goes into flashback
Swara and Laksh falls and roll down. Swara was in the arms of Laksh. Swara closed her eyes and holds him tightly. Laksh sees her intensely. Swara opens her and sees Laksh so close to her and get up. Swara asks Laksh what r u doing hear. Laksh walks forward and says came to give ur favour. Swara asks what. He says you slapped Laksh maheswari and ask her to go and find out he simles and leaves. Swara comes to the office and sees the power cut and goes to the fuse box and fixed the power flashback ends. Swara says there was small fuse problem and I fixed it and asked Ragini about her and Rags thinks about Sanskar and ragini changes the topic. They finished the work and leaves to home

Scene 2
In the morning Swaragini and Sanslak woke up from their bed got ready for their meeting. Sanskar says now they will be finished and go to their office.Swaragini prays to the lord to get success in their work and goes to office.

Scene 3
In ALS office
Dp, Sanskar and Laksh wait for Swaragini but Sanlak thinks they will not come but just then Swaragini enters just then and apologise for the late. Durgaprasad asks about their sample they smirks at Sanslak and gives the sample Sanslak are shocked and look at eachother. Dp likes the designs and gives them the consignment and you have to finish 10 wedding sets in 6 months and goes. Swara comes to Laksh and says I have already told u not to mess with me but u didnt listen now u know about this Swara. Laksh becomes furious. Sanskar about to slap Swara but Ragini holds him and says wat do think abojt yourself. You are great egoistic handsome guy but u r a cheap hearted guy who doesnt even know how to behave with girls and says dont show ur face and leaves with Swara. Sanslak looks angry.

Precap: Annapurna and Sumi makes Swaragini and Sanslak meet eachother.

By Rini

Sorry guyz for the short update

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  1. Superrrr rini dear… i loved it

  2. yaar make it swasan yaar

  3. Let it be swalak and ragsan cos there is tooo much swasan ff

  4. nice episode @rini luv it 🙂 . will wait for next epi

  5. Waiting fr next epi yaar update fast ?

  6. When that next part will be updated…

  7. I fink neither ragini nor swara will go to lakshya or sanskar becoz they love me

  8. I fink neither ragini nor swara will go to lakshya or sanskar becoz they love only me

  9. Make it ragsan and swalak plzzzzz

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