Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 5)


Scene 1
Sanskar asks what are u going to do now Lucky. Laksh says tomorrow they won’t finish the work and smirks. Annapurna comes and says I want to talk to u Sanskar and Laksh leaves the room. She ask him about the girls and thinks about Ragini. Annapurna ask him to tell the truth and he tells everything till now happened. Annapurna is tensed and leaves the room.

Scene 2
In Swaragini office
Its night Swaragini and their friends are working hard Ragini calls Shekar and tells we will come in the morning and tell mom also. He says ok and take care. Swara says I will go and get some tea and goes. Laksh comes their and cutted the fuse and says watch the result of messing with me. Swara sees him and asks who is he and follows. Laksh runs but Swara holds him both falls down and have an eye. In the office Ragini is tensed and Sanskar pulled her towards him. In fear Ragini closes her seeing her Sanskar gets mesmerized. He come closer to her and says you’re the first who messed the Sanskar I am leaving u now ok and leaves. Ragini stands still. Power comes and swara also comes and says we have to finish the work. She shakes Ragini and asks Wat happened but Ragini says nothing lets go and they finish the work.

Precap: Swaragini gives the sample to do on time

Credit to: Rini

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  1. Wow rini dear nice…. i like sans and ragini very much

  2. Nice make it a bit long and more explanatory. Good story

  3. It’s such a bad one. Same old drama like other serials.

  4. Nice rini continue to write yaar .love to read it. Waiting to read other episode. Update soon.

  5. Nice Rini plz update lengthy one its too short

  6. nice story. but plz make it swasan .

  7. Niceyaar continue your work?

  8. Great …job…

  9. Boring one. It is good time if swasan and raglak are pair.but I appreciate your ff.

  10. pls make swasan yaar

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