Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 4)


Scene 1
Sumi going to Matarani temple there she meets Annapurna both see eachother Flashback Similar says Annapurna how could we join this family Annapurna says one way is there our children they will make this broken family one Flashback ends.
Annapurna says our prays are heard Sumi our children met yesterday. Sumi says thank God from now onwards our broken will become one for that we have make them meet. But Annapurna says first we ask our children what they think about eachother lets give them sometime then we will tell them what happened. Sumi says Ok Annapurna and they leave the temple

Scene 2
In Sanslak house
Sanskar and Laksh are exercising . Sanskar thinks about slaps and caress his cheeks. Sanskar tells Laksh that cheap girl slapped me I want to destroy them Lucky. Laksh says don’t worry bhai I have already planned and smirks. Sanskar got ready with white shirt with pink coat and Laksh with white shirt and blue coat and got down to go to office

Scene 3
In Swaragini office
Ragini asks Swara what are you going to do? Swara says surprise and shows their college friends Ragini is shocked and hugs them. Swara says let’s start the work. Ragini says we have to finish 2 wedding jewellery. All work day and night and finished the 1 set. Swaragini are on the way to their home they are stopped Laksh and friends they starts to tease them and Swara took her slipper and slapped Laksh face became furious and asks friends to take the black spray but Swara starts to speak in Bengali and joined the group they bested Laksh and his friends and asked Swara to blackened his face and Swara does she smirks at Laksh and says I am not like my sister don’t mess with me and she leaves with Ragini. Laksh comes tells everything to Sanskar and says I will not spare that Swara and this is a challenge.

Precap: As of second episode

Credit to: Rini

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