Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 2)


Hi guys all are waiting for whom will be paired but not now. Wait and watch guys.

Scene 1
Swaragini are eagerly designing their model and got down to go to sanslak. While riding they hit a brand new Benz car and got drenched in mud. It is obviously Sanslak car. Swaragini starts scolding them got into a heated argument with Sanslak . Sanskar tells u middle class cheap girls don’t have eyes while scolding Ragini slaps hard repeatedly on his cheeks. Sanskar gives an angry look. Raging tells don’t u ever point ur finger on girl and she leaves with Swara. Laksh tells Bhai get into the car and they leave to the office.

Scene 3
Swaragini enters ALS office and asks the receptionist about the meeting and she ask them to go to conference room. They enter the conference room and are shocked to see sanslak. Sanskar think about the slap. Swara says let’s go but Laksh stops them and says we give u the consignment and Sanskar gives a stunning look to Ragini and says u have to give the sample within 48 hours. Swaragini are shocked. Swara asks how could we? Laksh smirks at swara and says u have to and gives hifive to Sanskar and wishes them all the best. Ragini says we will see and goes with swara. Sanskar says lets see.

Precap: Swaragini working hard at night and Laksh shutting the current

Credit to: Rini

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  1. it’s a good start…. and love the beginning story. make it.. swara and laksh. they compliment each other.

  2. Fine i needed swasan no offence as there are already many fanfiction regarding swasan on facebook

  3. Nice start,I hope u pair swara and sanskar they look good together,I think they are awesome pair

  4. Nice start,I hope u pair swara and sanskar they look good together,I think they are awesome.. Well let’s wait for ur next update..

  5. Hi rini…. nice one but so small updates….

  6. Nice but plzzzzz make it swalak and ragsan

  7. nice update rini bt it is too short

  8. Rini yaar wat a start !!?? keep going dear !!!

  9. please make this SwaSan. They look so cute together!!

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