Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 15)


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Today’s episode starts with engagement preparations are in full swing Swaragini and Sanslak leave for their office. Sumi ask them to come early from ur office. They complies.
Scene changes to the office. Sanskar thinks about Swara and their moments. Tears roll down. Laksh thinks that don’t worry bhai after few hour u will be the most happiest person in the world. There Swara also work as lifeless girl.
In the evening
Swaragini and Sanlak come to house. Annapurna ask them to get ready and come fast. Laksh got ready and went down. Ragini dressed Swara beautifully and goes down. Swara and Sanskar comes down and sees whole house dark. Swara stumbles in the stairs but Sanskar holds her. Spot light falls on them. They see eachother. Raglan comes there .
Laksh: Attention please.
Ragini: We welcome all you for my behan and jijus engagement.
Swasan eye eachother. Swara ask what is happening here. Family comes there and says SURPRISE. FBI shows Laksh tells we have to surprise them and tells them that engagement fixed Swara with me and Sanskar with Rags. Sumi tells but Ragini comes and says till engagement. I want to test my jiju how much he loves my sis FBI ends. Sanskar says lucky I wing leave u but Swara hugs Sanskar and cries. All smile.
Ragini says first we will do engagement and speaks.
Sumi brings Swara and Sanskar and make sit together. They sit too close. Annapurna says u have more time and makes Swara sit far. Laksh says its time for dance. Ragini and Laksh dance on Dilli Walli Girlfriend song. Sumi gives ring to Sanskar and Annapurna to Swara. Swara tries to put ring but Sanskar moves finally she puts ring. Sanskar puts ring into swara’s finger.
Swara and Sanskar searches for Raglak and they hides in the store room. Ragini says if they see us we will be finished. Sanskar catches Laksh and both ran from there hides behind a pillar and laughs. Laksh is mesmerized seeing Ragini and caress her face. Ragini closes eyes and holds the pillar tightly. Laksh come closer but Swara holds there ears and bring them to the hall. Swasan teases them and dances on dezi girl song and four them dance.
Precap: New entry and big twist wait and watch.

Credit to: Rini

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