Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 14)


Scene 1
Laksh and Ragini came to a chat shop. Laksh ask What you want eat Rags?Ragini says I will tell and says many dishes. Laksh looks on shocked. Ragini ask what do you want.? Laksh says My stomach is full seeing eating. Ragini while eating says dont keep ur eyes. They have a nok jok. Annapurna calls Laksh asks four of them to come to home. Raglak leaves.
Scene 2
In terrace
Sanskar comes closer to Swara. Swara walks backwards. Suddenly she drips and Sanskar holds her. They have an eyelock teri galliyan plays.
Sanskar sit on his knees and says
Sanskar: Why did u came into my life Shona. I hate girls. But when you promised mom that u will join this beautiful world and when you fought with me for ur sister I was bowlled. I am flat. Ur childish smile and innocent eyes attracted me.
He takes out a ring
Sanskar: In this beautiful place I want u to become MY BETTER HALF Shona will u marry this idiot.
Tears roll down Swara cheeks. Swara turns and says
Swara : I……..I
Sanskar: What Shona
Swara hugs Sanskar and says
Swara: I love you Sanskar I love so much that I want this moment to freeze here. Sanskar too hugs her and spins. He is about to put ring when Raglak comes there and says Mom calld ud we have to go. They leave.
Scene 3
In Swaragini house
Swaragini and Sanslal enters house see both families present. While they are talking Sanskar drags Swara to a corner and starts romancing. Swara says Sanky you surprised me only I expected more from you and stays annoyed.
In hall
Sumi says we have decided that Swara and Sanskar’s marriage takes place next week. Raglak gets happy.Ragini says Swara went to her room I will bring her. She signalls Laksh and goes. Laksh tells something to the family which is muted. Ragini comes to Swasan and sees them romancing she coughs. They see her and separates.Ragini says Dad is calling u both. Swasan comes down stairs.
Scene 4
Shekar says Swara ur marriage is fixed with Laksh and Raginis with Sanskar next week. Both are shocked. Before they could says anything Dp says we have lots of work for engagement tomorrow is your engagement and leaves.Sanskar ask what is this Lucky? Laksh says I dont know bhai now only they are telling. Sanskar says lets go and tell but Swara stops him. She says Sanskar our families are happy after long time why do u want to destroy it. Sanskar says but Shona. Swara says lets forget everything what ever happened. Swara goes to her room and cries. Sanskar also leaves. Ragini asks is this right Lucky. Laksh says jusst for one day tomorrow u see they will be so happy and pats her cheeks . Laksh leaves.
Precap: Swara and Sanskar gets ready sadly and comes down

Credit to: Rini

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