Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 13)


Scene 1
Sumi says did u purna. Annapurna says yes Sumi lets see for some time and decide. Sumi says ok and both smiles. After spending time both family got ready to leave. While travelling Swara sleeps on the shoulder of Sanskar. Meantime Ragini and Laksh are fighting for phone. Sanskar signals them to keep quite. All sees this smiles. Soon they reach their homes.
In night
Swara and Ragini changed their clothes and got ready to sleep. Ragini asks her Sanskar came like a superman and saved you how sweet and teases Swara. Swara feeling jealous he is not like that I would have come up even of he is not there. Ragini says someone is burning in jealous. Swara throws pillow on her and they start fighting. Soon they doze off.

Scene 2
In Sanslak house
Sanskar thinks about Swara and ask Laksh what do you think about Swara. Laksh understand and says she is arrogant, always have fire in her eyes and smiles. Sanskar says No lucky she is so cute and always have smile and thinks about her. Laksh shakes him and says Bhai you finally fell in love and hugs him. Laksh says tomorrow go and propose her. Sanskar says tomorrow what will she think lucky. Laksh says no after her marriage yes Bhai I am going to sleep u think and he doze off. Sanskar in confusion sits on the chair.

Scene 3
In morning Swara gets ready and thinks about Sanskar. Ragini comes there and asks her Sanskar is so cute na. Swara says yes and comes to reality and chases Ragini. Shekar sees this calls Dp and asked him to bring Annapurna to the house. Sanskar with the help of Laksh calls Ragini and ask her to bring Swara to Guest house. Ragini complies.Annapurna tells Dp that Swara is best for Sanskar. Dp says I am also thinking about it Shekar called us lets go and speak their.

Scene 4
In guest house
Swaragini reach the guest house. Ragini ask Swara to go and she will come. Swara nods and goes. When she enter the house rose petals falls on her in that there was a chit which says” COME TOO ME WHERE YOU CAN MEET WITH HEAVEN” Swara thinks and says terrace and goes towards terrace. Sanskar from far sees this and goes. Swara comes to terrace and gets another chit” KEEP YOUR HAND WHERE THOUSANDS OF STARS GET REBIRTH” Swara guess switch and ons it. She sees the terrace is beautifully decorated as a garden. In the center She sees Sanskar. Sanskar come towards her. Swara breathe nervously.

Precap: as of last episode

Credit to: Rini

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  1. Give ragini sme importance….u r shwing only swasan momnts….

  2. dont keep this the secound last ep please carry on because it is interesting carry on and dont give up with this please

  3. Very cute

  4. Write next part quickly

  5. Hey rini, nice nd interesting episode plz carry on nd post nxt part soon
    Can u clear my doubt that how swara feel jealous I m confused

    1. Hi anu swara is jealous is because she had fell in love with swara. Her sister who could not praise any guy is praising her lover boy.

  6. Ok so this turning in to swasan. I won’t be reading this now. Sorry rini. I came here for ragsan and swalak. But it swasan and raglak ?

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