Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 10)


Hi guys hope u enjoyed last episode. This is the last episode because I have exams I will try to write whenever I am free.

Scene 1
Swaragini comes to home laughing. Sumi ask them what happened. Ragini tells in the park 4 guys misbehaved with us we. Swara says I have pepper spray and Ragini had chilli powder. And we beated them. Ragini while laughing tells that Sanslak came and got frightened. And the trio laughs. On the other side Annapurna also laughs hearing it. Laksh says vo jhansi ki ranis they are really dangerous. Sanskar says ha Lucky. Annapurna says you guys are really mad and leaves.

Scene 2
Swaragini comes for dinner. Shekar asks how was ur day and they says really bad. He ask Wat happened. Swara says we told u 2 guys misbehaved he says ha Shona they followed us and said we have to meet them in Rajiv park else they will come to house. Shekar says tomorrow u go to office I will meet those idiots and he leaves. Ragini calls Laksh
Ragini: hello Lucky
Laksh: ha tell Wat is the matter
Ragini: tomorrow bring uncle to Rajiv park dad will come there at 10
Sanskar takes the phone
Sanskar: how did uncle accepted to come
Swara: we told 2 freak guys will come to park you have beat them.
Sanskar: is he stronger than me Shona
Swara: he got black belt in karate me and Ragini got Brown belt Sanky. Ok bye Sanky and Lucky
Sanskar cuts the call and says these girls are really dangerous and tells Laksh everything. They go to Dp and tells him Swaragini dad want you to meet him in the Rajiv park at 10. Dp says Ok I will meet him and he leaves

Scene 3
In Rajiv park
Shekar waits and Dp comes keeps hand on his shoulder. Shekar says Prasad and turns. Sanslak and Swaragini see it hiding behind the bushes. Swara says what are they talking I can’t hear. Laksh says bring a speaker we will keep it there and hear hey fool we are also hear how could we know. Shekar and Dp starts fighting. Swaragini and Sanslak comes there. Shekar says you have same thinking today also you can’t bear that I have became like you. Dp says u have complex that you can’t face me that’s y sent ur daughters. Swaragini and Sanslak says stop it.

Precap: Shekar and Dp hugs eachother and cries.Swara hugs Sanskar and cries. Sanskar is shocked.

Credit to: Rini

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  1. Nice one, All the best for ur exams

  2. Its ok dear….. concentrate on your xams dear….

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  4. swasan i luv them

  5. Confusion first it was swalak now swasan???
    I really want swalak together

    1. I told who have more votes from my survey both have equal votes so I concentrate on both jodis when it comes to climax i will make the one have more votes.

  6. reshma chippy

    good pls bring more

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    1. I agreeee

  8. Plz make it ragsan and swalak plzzzzz

  9. Oye yaar koi bataega Ki ye kya chal raha h. Ye konse updates Kr rhe Ho aap. Or main epi to kuch or h hai n ye chaps.. Please clarify dear.. M really confused

    1. I dont understand hindi

  10. Yar plz isko continue Kro….twist bht a6a hai…ab swasan….gud luk

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