Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 1)


Hi friends all are writing about swaragini. Mine is about how both family friends join together after so many years

Scene 1
Garodia and Maheswari families are dining together in a garden. Durgaprasad asks Shekar to start a new business but abroad denies. Far them 4 children are playing. One boy pushes a girl and her sister starts fighting. And back to them Shekar and Dp started arguing and here both families separate.
After 15 years,
Shekar became a big businessman in Mumbai. A girl is shown wearing green colour maxi and tieing her hair and another girl wearing a yellow Salwar comes down for their first day for the office. In maheswari house a guy wearing perfect suit and another guy wearing a T-shirt and a court comes down to go to office. Shekar and dp bless their children. Swaragini drive to the office with their scooty eventhough they have cars. And sanslak in their polo car.
Scene 2
In swaragini jewellery , the manager introduce swaragini to their staffs , and gave their cabin keys and told them their first meeting is with ALS international jewellers. Swara asks when is the meeting ? The manger tells 2 pm . In ALS sanskar and laksh asks their meetings and she tells with swaragini jewellery 2pm.

Precap: Swaragini and sanslak meeting

Credit to: Rini

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  1. So whom are u going to pair swara sanskaar or swara laksh???

  2. Who is the pair swalak n ragsan or swasan n raglak plz plz plzzz swasan

  3. This is not interesting.

  4. Plz swalak and ragsan they look very good plz……

    1. Yhhhh plzzz make it on swalak and ragsan. Make urz different to other ff. Others are about swasan and I don’t like that

  5. Hi guys thanks for ur support and mine will have some revenge , happiness , separation and pain. For pairing keep gussing and who have more comments I willmake them pair until 4 will be together but have some crush.

  6. Can mumina or Mrini Plz tell me how to make ff

    1. Just go to contact us section and tell them u want to post story they will reply u and on their mail id u give ur ff and chapters

    1. Anytime….and yeah in menu u will find contact us section

  7. Swalak and ragsan plzzz

  8. Plzz rini make swasan &raglak plz plz they r looking nice i luv swasan pair……

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