Swaragini (blackmailing track) one shot

Hey guys…. I am Zai… I am currently writing a ff on Twiraj, from a long time i wanted to write something on Raglak because i love them a lot, that’s why i decided to write a os on them. This is my first attempt of os so plz support me. And this is going to be a very long one shot.

So it starts where the story is now…. All characters are the same. Just a few changes i will make otherwise everything would be the same. You will know the changes as you read further.

It starts from the episode where Ragini slapped Swara due to the blackmailer.

In raglak room:
Ragini came crying to her and locked the door and closed the curtains. She cried bitterly.
Ragini (in mind):”i am sorry, really sorry Swara. I don’t have any option. Plz forgive… I am doing all this for our brother. Really sorry…”
She continued to cry.

Swasan room:
Swara was near the window remembering the slap. Sanskar comes to her and pat her shoulder.
Sanskar:”are you fine?”
Swara hugged him and she had tears in her eyes.
Swara:”sanskar, Ragini… I don’t know why she did so”
Sanskar:”swara, stop crying! We will talk to her. Come on calm down”
Swara:”i know there is something bothering her otherwise she wouldn’t do so”
Sanskar:”shhh….don’t cry” he wiped her tears and hugged her tightly.

Raglak room:
Ragini was still crying when Laksh knocked at the door.
Laksh:”ragini open the door…”
Ragini wiped her tears and opened the door.
Laksh, holding her hands:”what happened to you? Why are you behaving like this?”
Ragini freed her hands and went away from him. She turned her back to him and was silently crying.

Laksh:”ragini, i am asking you something”
Ragini:”and I don’t want to talk, plz leave me alone.”
Sanskar came there.

Sanskar:”Ragini, why did you…”
Laksh:”bhai, leave it, she doesn’t want to hear anything.”
Sanskar:”but Lucky, she has to explain…”
Ragini, angrily:”i said I don’t want to talk to anyone, just leave me alone.”
Saying this, she left the room.

Sanskar:”what happened to her?”
Laksh:”I don’t know bhai… I will try to find out.”
Sanskar was about to leave but Laksh stopped him.
Laksh:”bhai… I am sorry that Ragini slapped Swara”
Sanskar:”leave it yaar…”
He left from there, while Laksh was confused about Ragini’s behaviour.

In hall:
Everyone were confused about the incident, just then DP received a phone call informing him about his company getting the tender. (As in the serial)
Everyone congratulate Sanskar and Laksh as it was their hard work.
Ap:”ji, why don’t we keep a small party, this would change the environment also.”
Dp:”as you wish… I will call the employees and you invite the other guests”

They all leave to make preparations for the party. The ladies went into the kitchen except Ragini.
All were working, even Swara but she was upset.
Sujata and Ap noticed her and try to divert her attention.
Sujata:”Swara, invite your parents too.”
Ap:”yeah, beta… Call them”
Swara nodded yes and leave from there.

Sujata:”jiji, Swara is so upset about what happened, don’t know what happened to that girl”
Ap just listened to her and didn’t reply as she was also confused.

Ragini was helping the servants outside for the decorations. She was standing on the stool putting the decoration but suddenly she slipped and was about to fall. She closed her eyes due to fear. But then she realized that she didn’t fell down and opened her eyes. Laksh was holding her in his arms.
Laksh:”be careful Ragini”
He put her down.
Laksh:”i think you should say sorry to someone else” (he pointed to Swara who was on the phone behind her)

Ragini looked at Swara and felt bad but she couldn’t do anything, so she resumed with her work. Laksh wanted to question then think to let it be.

Ragini’s tears flow down her cheeks, she wanted to go and hug her sister but somehow controlled herself.

The party started:
All the guests arrived and the party was going on.
Ragini was with dadi.
Her phone rang and she went aside to pick it up.

After sometimes, she came into the kitchen, there was a woman there but her face was fully covered with her pallu. She was busy with the food items, she was one of the servants.

Ragini came back to the party and her phone rang once again.
Caller:”Ragini Maheswari, your family is so happy about the tender. But I can’t see them so happy.”
Ragini:”what do you want?”
Caller:”you will destroy each and everyone of Maheswari family, but before that, you will be punish as you didn’t give me the tender papers. You know that your brother is with me, so you will have to obey me.”

Ragini:”you won’t do anything to him.”
Caller:”then just do as i say.”
Ragini:”what do you want?”
Caller:”your punishment is that you will hurt Swara. You love your sister a lot right? So you will hurt her. You will pick up a knife on the table on your right and hurt her with it.”
Ragini:”how do you know…? You are here right?”
Caller:”nope, I can’t take the risk of coming there.”
(The blackmailer is not someone from the family)

Ragini:”then how do you know about…”
Caller:”turn to your left and lift you head up…”
Ragini did so and saw a camera there.
Caller:”not only in the hall, but in your room also there is a camera, so that i can watch you. To make sure you don’t do anything such that would compel me to hurt your brother. Now come on go.”

He hung the call.
Ragini hesitated to go. She was in a dilemma, she didn’t want to hurt Swara but if she doesn’t, that person will hurt their little brother. She took the knife nervously and started going towards Swara, who was with Sanskar and their parents.

Ragini was teary eyed by now. Her hands started trembling. Suddenly, that woman whose face was covered in the kitchen, came in front of her and cut Ragini’s hand. And the woman left. The knife fell from her hands. She covered her wound but she started to feel dizzy and fainted.

Laksh and the family members rushed to her. Laksh tried to wake her up, but in vain.
Dp:”Laksh, take to the room. Sanskar, call the doctor.”
Laksh picked her up and carried her in his arms.

Ap apologizes to the guests and said that the party was over and the guests started leaving.

The blackmailer who was seeing all this through the camera got angry and thinks that Ragini, you will have to pay this.

Raglak room:
Laksh and Swara were sitting next to Ragini. Swara was holding her hands and trying to stop the blood.
Soon the family members came there with the doctor. Swara and Laksh moved away so that the doctor could check her.
Doctor bandaged her wound.
Sanskar:”doctor, is she fine?”
Doctor:”yes, she is. Thank God that she didn’t cut her nerves or else… Anyway, you need to take care of her so she doesn’t try to commit suicide again”

Laksh:”no doctor, Ragini can’t commit suicide…”
Dadi:”yeah, my laddo can’t do so”
Doctor:”here are some medicines, she needs rest so take care of her.”
Adarsh went to drop the doctor also stating that he will bring the medicines.

Ap:”we should let her rest. Laksh, you stay with her…”
Laksh nodded yes and everyone left from there.

In the hall:
Sujata was talking about Ragini’s weird behaviour and listening to her Shekhar asked them what happened. Swara explained to them the recent incidents.

Sharmishta pulled Swara aside.
Sharmishta:”shona, there is definitely something wrong with Ragini or else why would she do so…”
Swara:”but she is not sharing anything to anyone.”
Sharmishta:”maybe not to us but she can share with Maa…”
Swara nodded and they talked to dadi as Ragini didn’t hide anything from dadi till now.

Raglak room:
Laksh was besides Ragini, holding her hand.
Laksh (in mind):”what happened to you Ragini? I know there is something bothering you….” He was still in his thoughts when Ragini regained consciousness.
Laksh helped her to get up.
Ragini nervously looked around and then calmed down.
Laksh,still holding her hand:”i know there is something bothering you, plz share it with me, Ragini. We are partners, right? You can trust me, plz share it if there is something wrong but don’t do this to yourself (pointing towards her wound) I can’t see you hurt. Promise me you won’t hurt yourself again, you can’t hurt yourself because you are mine and if you hurt yourself i will feel the pain too”
Ragini was emotional hearing her. She was about to say something but then remembered about the camera in her room.
She looked around the room and found it near the door.
Soon dadi and the family members came there.
Sujata:”ohh churi, what did you do? You didn’t think about us by doing this?”
Dp:”no Annapurnaji, Ragini has to tell why she did so.”
They all looked at Ragini waiting for an answer, and she was confused.
Dadi went next to her and asked her.

Ragini (in mind):”sorry, i will have to do this but I can’t let you come near me or talk to me. If i am with you all, the blackmailer will threaten me to hurt you all which I don’t. That’s why i have to make you all hate me and lock me in this room, so that I don’t hurt anyone.”

Ragini:”plz, I don’t want to talk to anyone…”
Dadi:”laddo, listen to me…”
Ragini, fake anger:”no, just leave me alone and go out of my room, everyone. I don’t want to see anyone’s face. Just leave from here.”

There was a glass near her bed, she took it and threw it away. Everyone was shocked seeing her. Her hand got hurt further and she yell of pain but didn’t stop throwing whatever she got in her hands.
Swara try to stop her but Ragini pushed her away and Sanskar caught her.
Ragini:”just leave from here. Plz go, leave me alone.”

Laksh try to stop her from throwing the things but she pushed him also.
Sujata:”have you gone mad? Why are you throwing…”
Ragini, angrily:”yeah, i have gone mad. Now plz leave. Go away. I don’t want anyone. Leave me alone”

Everyone was shocked seeing her.
Ragini (in mind):”God, plz help me, i want to tell them but how? There are cameras here.)
She looked at the camera and just then Laksh hugged her to stop her from throwing the things.
Ragini looked at the camera again and position herself in such a way that she is not seen by the camera.

Ragini whispers to Laksh:”Laksh, i am sorry for what i will do, but plz take everyone from here. I will tell you everything later on. Plz Laksh.” And she kissed him on his cheek.

She pushed him away and he fell down. Sanskar helped him to get up.
Laksh was confused for what Ragini said to him. But then think to agree to her.

Ragini:”just go away or else… (She looked around and picked up a piece of the glass) or else I will cut my hand again. (She looked at Laksh with pleading eyes) plz, leave me alone”
Laksh:”let her be. If she wants to stay alone then let her be. Everyone, leave.”

Shekhar:”but beta, how can we leave her…”
Laksh:”papa, she doesn’t even want to hear us, so better to leave her alone, for sometimes”
Dp:”Laksh is right. Give her some time”
They all agree and left the room, even Laksh.

Ragini’s phone rang:
Caller:”what an acting, Ragini? But you didn’t complete my work… I told you to hurt Swara not yourself. This is the second time you didn’t fulfill my orders so now your brother would be punished”

Ragini:”no… You want me to destroy everyone in Maheswari family right? So let me start with Laksh. He is my husband, he fully trust me, he will be the one who would lose his faith on me with very difficulty. So let me start with Laksh”

Caller:”interesting, so you are telling me that you, the one who loves Laksh so much, will hurt him. I don’t believe you.”

Ragini:”you know, i can do anything to save my brother but also to save myself. I know you still have the video where Pari bhabhi fell in the river. So i am doing this to save my brother and myself.”

Caller:”yeah, i forgot that once you ruled on Maheswari house and its family members. Ok, then continue to break your relationship with Laksh. Then we will see the other family members”
He hung up the call.

Ragini (in her mind):”you knew this was my weakness and now i am going to make it my strength, i will tell Laksh all the truth later on, and i know he will support me. And we will pretend in front of everyone that we are fighting so that you don’t tell me to hurt anyone in the family.”

Ragini went to the washroom and texted Laksh to meet at a temple and she will tell him all the truth.
Then she thinks a way to get out of the house, not being caught by any family members nor the cameras.
She texted another person. (Will be revealed later on)

Laksh was going out when Ap stopped and he made the excuse of spending some time alone.
Ragini, in room, was tensed, she was already on bed.
The blackmailer was watching all her moves.

Suddenly, the lights went off in the while house.
The blackmailer:”what happened?”
After sometimes, the lights came back and he/she saw Ragini sleeping, covered with the blankets. He doesn’t see her face but only her back.

At the temple,
Laksh was impatiently waiting for Ragini.
She finally came there and saw him standing. His back was towards her. She run to him and hugged him from the back.
Laksh turned around and hugged her tightly.
Laksh:”Ragini, what is happening? What’s all this? Why did you call me here?”

Ragini explained him everything about her brother, how the blackmailer kidnapped him and now threatening her to do many things like slapping Swara. She explained why she had to cut her hands and about her behaviour. Everything, the camera in the room. All.
Laksh was shocked knowing about her brother being alive.
Ragini:”i am sorry, Laksh, I didn’t have any option that to hurt myself as he was asking me to hurt Swara. I can’t hurt her. Already i slapped her and I didn’t want to…”
Laksh:”shhhh…. I understand Ragini, if i would have been in your place, i would have done that too.”
He hugged her again.
Laksh, realizing something:”you said that that person is blackmailing you for a video right? Which video?”
Ragini showed him the video and said:”I didn’t push Bhabhi, Laksh”
Laksh watched the video and looked at her.
Ragini:”I didn’t push her… And bhabhi is alive. Nothing happened to her”
Laksh:”what do you mean?”
Ragini:”that woman in our house, who has her face covered is bhabhi. She is helping me in all that”

Ragini:”she was with the blackmailer before but not now. She was the one who was blackmailing me first with the video of taking my brother. She did so as she wanted to come back home. But the blackmailer found that video with her and used it for himself. After getting the video, he wanted to kill bhabhi. But bhabhi heard him and told me everything. She also apologized to me. And i told her that she cannot run away from him and that’s why we planned to show bhabhi’s death near the river, but we didn’t know that he will record it. I just wanted to save bhabhi.
And i showed that I didn’t care that bhabhi got drown. But i came back afterwards and bhabhi was fine. And now too, bhabhi is helping me to find my brother, because I can’t do anything without him noticing me. He always keep an eye on me. Now also, bhabhi is in my place sleeping on the bed so that he doesn’t suspect anything.”

(Pari didn’t know who the blackmailer is. He/she always had a mask when he/she met her)

Laksh:”why didn’t you tell me anything before? I would have helped you to bring back your brother.”
Ragini:”i know Laksh but everyone was already angry with us. I didn’t want to make them angrier so thought to manage on my own, but I couldn’t. And maybe they wouldn’t have understand me or bhabhi. I am sorry…”

Laksh:”you bear so much without anyone knowing what was happening. I am sorry that I couldn’t see your pain for so many days.”
Ragini hugged him.

Swara was making the bed, she was lost in her thoughts.
Sanskar:”Swara?” But she didn’t answer.
He again called her.
Swara:”yeah, sorry, wo…”
Sanskar hugged her from back.
Sanskar:”i know you are worried but it will not help you but rather stress you. So calm down.”
Swara:”how Sanskar? How can i calm down? I know there is something wrong with Ragini but I can’t do anything”
Sanskar:”what will you do? I know there is something going on in your mind”

Swara:”i will not ask her anything. I think that maybe we are pressurizing her to tell us and she is feeling suffocated by our questioning.”
Sanskar:”maybe, even Lucky was saying the same. We must give her sometimes.”
Swara:”yeah. We won’t do anything that will hurt her.”
Sanskar nodded yes.
Sanskar:”ok, now that you are clear about Ragini and what you have to do, plz concentrate a bit on your husband also. Everytime, you are busy with I don’t what. Sometimes look at your poor husband a bit.”
Swara:”ohh, poor husband seems to be jealous that his wife is not giving him importance”
Sanskar:”anyone would” he acts annoyed
Swara smiled at his childish nature and kissed him on his cheek.

Sanskar:”one is not enough…” He showed her his other cheek.
Swara smilingly and blushing kissed him again.
They both smiled at each other.

Raglak returned home, in their room. They successfully get in without being noticed.

Next morning,
Ragini and Pari bhabhi (with her face covered) were in the kitchen.
Pari:”its good that you told Laksh everything, and i am sorry once again Ragini.”
Ragini:”its ok, bhabhi but i don’t know what he will do.”
Laksh, at the door:”whatever, he does, we will manage together.”
(There is no camera in kitchen, only in hall and Raglak bedroom)

Laksh came to them and assure them that they will find her brother and punish whoever is doing so. “You don’t worry Ragini.”
Pari:”wow Laksh, you are only concerned about your wife.”
Laksh and Ragini smiled.
Swara came there and noticed them talking and smiling.
Ap and Sujata also came there and asked Swara why she is standing there. Swara nodded no and entered the kitchen.

Ap:”Laksh, what are you doing here?”
He left.
Ragini’s phone rang and she went away.

Caller:”You will come and meet me, i need to talk to you. You won’t tell anyone. There is a man outside your house waiting for you, you will come with him.”
He hung up the call.
The man came in front of her so she couldn’t go and tell Pari nor Laksh. He took her phone from her hand.
Ragini unwillingly followed him.

Isolated place:
They blindfolded her. They brought her to a dark room and removed her blindfold.

Ragini opened her eyes but didn’t find anyone.
She looked around.
Someone came there but his/ her face was not visible.
Ragini:”what do you want? Why did you bring me here?”
Person:”you shouldn’t have done that…”
Ragini:”what did i do?”

Person:”you shouldn’t have told Laksh anything.”
Ragini, shocked:”how…. How do…”
Person:”don’t forget Ragini, i have my eyes on you. Not only the camera but i have other weapon also. You know what, i got really angry when you did that and thought to kill your little brother immediately but then… I didn’t do anything.”
Ragini:”where is he?”
Person:”there….” He shows her a video.

On the road:
Swara and Sanskar meet the nurse which has stolen the baby.
Swara:”why did you call us here?”
Nurse:”i wanted to apologize to you… For some money, i have stolen the baby. I am really sorry…”
Sanskar:”if you are regretting so much, then tell us where is the baby?”
Nurse:”a family had adopted him…”
Swara:”tell us which family, we will request them to give us back our chotu…”

Nurse:”it is of no use, the baby is not with them now”
Swara:”what do you mean? If not with them then where is the baby?”
Nurse:”wo… Wo…”
Sanskar:”tell us clearly”
Nurse:”your sister took him”
Swara and Sanskar were shocked.
Swara:”sanskar, this means that Ragini would bring him back home, we should go, she took chotu she must have reach home by now…”
Sanskar:”yeah we should go to baadi, she will go there first”

(They think that it is today that Ragini took chotu)
Nurse:”no, she didn’t take the baby today but few days ago.”
Nurse:”yeah… Didn’t she tell you?” Let me show you. She showed them the video where Ragini took the baby.

Swasan looked at each other.
Nurse:”but now the baby is with me.”

Swara:”where is he? I want to see him”
Nurse:”you have to promise me that you won’t complain to the police. And spare me from your dadi.”
Swara:”ok, we will not tell the police, and we will handle dadi.”
Sanskar:”now give us the baby.”
The nurse went from there and brought chotu back. She gave him to Swara.

Swara got emotional seeing him. She hugged him and tears fell down her eyes. Sanskar looked at the brother-sister duo.

Swara:”you will have to tell everyone the truth about dadi”
The nurse agreed.

Sanskar:”arey, let me see my brother-in-law too.”
Swara was about to put Chotu in Sanskar arms but he stopped her.
Sanskar:”no Swara, he is so small, what if i hurt him?”
Swara laughed on him.
Sanskar:”what are you laughing at?”
Swara:”you are scared to take him, what will you do with our child?”

Sanskar:”ohhh, you are already thinking about our baby.”
Swara, realizing it:”wo…wo” she said blushing.
Sanskar:”ohh so much blushing.”
Swara:”stop it, we need to bring chotu back to maa. She will be so happy.”
Sanskar:”yeah, all her tears for losing him will disappear now. Let’s go…”
They leave in the car with the nurse.

Isolated place:
Ragini saw everything on the video, through a camera hidden by the nurse.
Person:”see, your brother is going back to your family. I told the nurse to give your brother to them.”
Ragini was happy and smiling but also tensed as the nurse showed the video to Swara.
Person:”now that your brother is back to your mom, and as Laksh knows about you being blackmailed, so i will use you now, to make him do whatever i want.”
He called someone and they tied Ragini to a chair. She tried to fight back but couldn’t as two men grabbed her hand.
Person:”you wanted to see my face, right?”
He came in front of Ragini. She was shocked seeing him.
Ragini:”you were in jail, right?”
The person is Karthik, Kavya’s brother.
Karthik:”yeah, you all sent us in jail and enjoying, that’s why i want to destroy everyone.”
Ragini:”you and Kavya were punish for what you have done.”
Karthik:”but it was you guys who sent is to jail. And now, as you didn’t do anything that i asked you except the slap, and you even dare to tell Laksh everything, you will be punish for what you did.”
He started to beat her with his belt while she screamed out due to pain.

In the car:
Swara called Sharmishta and asked her to come to Maheswari mansion with everybody.

Sharmishta, Shekhar and dadi came there.
They said that Swara called them urgently.
Laksh with the other gents also came there.
Pari signs Laksh to come with her.
He was about to leave with her when Sanskar and Swara came there.
The nurse was with Chotu outside.

Ap:”what happened, Swara?”
Swara went to dadi:”will you tell everyone or should i tell them, what you did?”
Dadi was tensed listening to her.
Shekhar:”Swara, you can’t talk to your elders like this?”
Everyone was confused.

Sanskar:”no papa, if elders do wrong then we will not stay quiet. When you will know what dadi had done, then you also will question her.”
Swara:”i will tell you everything…”
She told them how dadi has asked the nurse to steal the baby in the hospital.

Dadi bowed her head down as she was feeling embarrassed.
Shekhar questioned her and Sharmishta also.
The nurse came there with Chotu and give Sharmishta the baby. She hugged the baby. Everyone was happy seeing that.
The nurse also confirmed what Swara had said.
Then she left from there.
Shekhar and Sharmishta were hugging their baby. And everyone was happy seeing that. Dadi apologized to Shekhar and Sharmishta. Sharmishta accepted but not Shekhar.
Shekhar thanks Swasan.
Pari to Laksh:”how did he leave the baby, Laksh?”
Laksh:”I don’t know…”

Swara:”baba, there is something else that i have to tell you all. I don’t want to hide this from you all”
Swara started to shout out for Ragini.

Ap:”she is not here.”
Dp:”what happened Swara?”
Swara looked at Sanskar.
Swara told them about Ragini knowing about the baby from before and how she took him from the family that adopted him.

They were shocked.
Sujata:”I can’t believe that girl kidnapped her own brother…”
Sanskar:”no mom, that’s not what we said…”
Sujata:”then why did she not tell us then?”
Shekhar:”even i want to know why she didn’t tell us”
Shekhar:”no I want to hear from her… Where is she?”
Sujata:”don’t know where she went since morning? Maybe she run away as she got to know Swara got to know about her truth. Who knows maybe she was also involved with her dadi”
Dadi:”no she was not involved with me. She wanted to adopt this child, she will not do this.”

Sujata:”yeah, she wanted to adopt it when she didn’t got to, she stole the baby”
Swara:”no, you are misunderstanding all… She must have a good explanation to this”

Ap:”but she will have to explain. Laksh, you should know where she is”
Laksh nodded no.
Sujata:”see, i am sure she run away…”
Shekhar:”i thought that she changed but no, she is still the same. She kidnapped her own brother.”
Sujata:”stop defending her. She was a betrayer and will remain one.”
Laksh:”enough chachi…”
Everyone looked at him.

Laksh:”you all can’t say anything about her.”
Ap:”you are again supporting her Laksh…”
Laksh:”its not about supporting her, its about the truth. You all assumed that she kidnapped Chotu but why don’t you think, she was about to adopt that child. Papa, she is your daughter, don’t you trust her?”

Shekhar:”she always broke my trust and today also.”
Swara whispers to Sanskar:”i think he knows why Ragini did so…”
Sanskar:”yeah, that’s why he is defending her. Swara, provoke him, maybe he will reveal the truth to everyone”
Swara nodded yes.

Swara:”baba is right, she tried to kill me, she kidnapped maa, she could also have done this.”

Pari:”she didn’t do anything wrong…”
Sujata:”who are you to interfere in our family matter”
Pari lifted her veil/pallu while Laksh was tensed.
Adarsh:”what are you doing here?”
Pari:”i am sorry but Ragini didn’t do anything wrong, stop blaming her”

Dp:”stop it Parineeta, why will we believe you? You broke everyone trust by trying to ruin Uttara and Swara.”
Pari:”this is why all your loved ones turned against you. No matter what we do, how much we try to change, you guys will always blame us for our past mistake.”

Adarsh:”you can’t speak to Papa like that”
Laksh:”why bhai? Bhabhi is saying the truth. When Ragini lied about her pregnancy, you all blame her. And now, without knowing the truth, you are again blaming her”
Sanskar:”what truth Laksh? Everything is in front of us.” He tried to provoke him.

Laksh:”you know what, Ragini was right, no one would understand. Today I realized why she didn’t share the reason with you all. Because you all would have blame her again. You all believe that she has kidnapped her brother right, then fine. Believe what you want. She is tired of explaining herself each time and now even I won’t let her do so. Why should she explain to those people who blame her for everything. Bhabhi, plz, you won’t tell them anything. I will try to search for Ragini.”
Pari nodded yes.
Laksh left from there.

In his car:
Laksh was tensed, he was trying to her phone but no answer.
Laksh:”Ragini, where are you?”
His phone rang and he saw the name. He stopped the car and answered.
Laksh:”Ragini, where are you? Everyone is asking for you. Where are you? I will come to pick you up…”
Karthik:”no need, Mr. Maheswari. Your wife is with me.”
Laksh:”who’s speaking?”
Karthik:”the one who was blackmailing your Ragini since so many days.”
Laksh:”who are you? Where is she?”
Karthik:”she has been punished for telling you the truth.”
Laksh, shocked:”what did you do to her?”
Karthik:”the baby has reached his mom, right?”
Laksh:”answer me, what did you do?”
Karthik:”your wife didn’t obey me, but now you will. Right now, you will go back to your house and tell your dad to cancel the tender you just got. If that tender get cancel, the whole Maheswari family will come on road, that’s what i want. Go…”

Laksh:”i will not do anything like that. You can scare Ragini but not me. What do you think that I can’t take Ragini under your clutches. Be a man, and face me. Why are you hiding behind someone.”
Karthik:”ohhh, challenging me. Ok, try to find your darling wife in 3 hours, without police help and if you can’t, then you will do what i ask you”
Laksh:”ok, in 3 hours, my wife will be with me”
Karthik:”keep trying.”
He hung up.

Karthik:”you didn’t do good, Laksh. How dare you challenge me! Now till you don’t find Ragini, i will keep punishing her. But now i have to change her place”
He looked at an unconscious Ragini who had several bruises and blood.

Laksh came back to MM
Sujata:”what happened? Did you not find her? Or you got to know what we said was true?”
Laksh left from there and went to his room.

He removed the camera and broke it. He called someone asking him to track Ragini’s number.
Pari came to him and he told her everything.
Laksh:”I don’t know what he did to punish her, but if she has a bruise i will kill him”
Pari:”control yourself Laksh.”

Laksh and Pari came in the hall.
Shekhar, angrily:”i will not wait for her anymore. Let’s go Sharmishta and plz do tell her not to show me her face ever again.”
Laksh walked to the camera and removed.

Sanskar:”where was there a camera here?”
Sujata:”forget about that, don’t know where is this girl now, she should have at least call Laksh. Jiji, that girl don’t deserve to be here. It’s good that she left.”
Swara, to provoke Laksh to say the truth:”you are right maa, she is the worst sister ever…”

Laksh:”swara… Don’t you dare say that? You don’t even know what she did for her brother and somewhere for you too. She has sacrificed a lot for her brother. She agreed to act rude to everyone for him, she slapped you for him, she agreed to whatever she was asked for, for chotu. She cut her own hand so that she doesn’t have to cut yours.”
He spoke with lot of pain and tears in his eyes.

Sanskar:”what do you mean, Laksh?” He hold him to support.
Laksh:” Chotu was kidnapped by someone, that person blackmailed Ragini to do all the things she have done till now. He blackmailed her to slap Swara. At that time, Ragini couldn’t think anything, so she did it. And she told me the truth but that person came to know and he kidnapped her. I don’t know but he had done something to her, he said that he punished her. Ragini did all this to save her brother and us also as that blackmailer wants to destroy Maheswari family. She bear all the pain alone since so many days and you all are blaming her”
Sanskar hugged him to console him. Swara was shocked hearing that. And others were ashamed of what they said for Ragini.

Pari:”that blackmailer made that video of Ragini taking the baby, but that was not the complete truth. He made her do those things. Ragini didn’t want to but she had to. And during the party, she told me to cut her hands so that she doesn’t have to do it with Swara.”

Laksh got a phone call telling him that Ragini’s phone was tracked. Sanskar and him left.
Swara wanted to go but they stopped her.

Isolated place:
Sanlak reached there. They searched the place but didn’t find anyone. They came to room where they had tied Ragini.
Laksh noticed Ragini’s jewelry, her earring.

Laksh:”bhai, she was here.”
Sanskar:”maybe they changed her place as you challenged him.”
Laksh saw blood down and touched it.
Sanskar console him.

They left from there.
Laksh was angry and hit the car.
Sanskar:”lucky, calm down.”
Laksh:”we were so near, bhai. Ragini was here. We have only one and half hour left.
Sanskar:”we will find her Laksh”

Another place,
Karthik put Ragini there and asked his men to continue to torture her. They kept beating her with belts. She was screaming, and soon felt unconscious. They stopped as they didn’t wish to kill her.

They left from there. Ragini opened her eyes a bit. She was in pain, she couldn’t move. She tried to see around her and found one of the goon mobile there which he forgot. With much difficulty, she took it and dialed a number.

In the car:
Sanlak were worried.
Laksh phone rang. He gave it to Sanskar as he was driving and Sanskar put it on speaker.
Ragini tried to speak but couldn’t as she was in much pain.
Sanskar:”hello… Who’s it?”
Ragini, with difficulty:”La…laksh…”
Laksh stopped the car.

Laksh:”Ragini, are you fine?”
Ragini:”Laksh, plz save me. They are beating me a lot…”
Laksh was hurt listening to that. Sanskar called the same person who track down Ragini’s phone and ask him to track this number.

Ragini was crying over the phone and Laksh was trying to control his tears.
Laksh:”listen, you are my strong baccha, right? We are coming, once we got to know where you are. We will reach soon.”
Laksh tries to fight back his tears.

Sanskar saw him and knew that Laksh wouldn’t be able to talk so he talked to Ragini.

Sanskar:”yeah, Ragini. We are here with you. Don’t be afraid, ok? Just keep talking to us.”
Ragini:”Sanskar, chotu reached home, right?”
Sanskar, with pain:”yeah, he is playing in Maa’s lap. Everyone is very happy to get him back.”
Ragini:”i am sorry Sanskar that i slapped Swara”
Sanskar:”don’t be Ragini.”

Sanskar received a text and he showed the address to Laksh and they headed there.

Ragini:”the blackmailer is…”
Laksh:”you saw his face?”
Ragini:”he is Karthik…”

Ragini:”Laksh, someone is coming.”
Laksh:”put the phone away but don’t cut it.”
Ragini did the same.
Karthik came there with the goons.

Karthik:”so you are awake. You know your husband has challenged me. There is only 1 hour left now. And i thought to punish you for his audacity. My men had a great fun beating you, now my turn.”
He started to beat her with his belt while Ragini screamed.
Sanlak were hearing all this through the phone.
Laksh couldn’t control his tears. Sanskar also felt very bad.
Sanlak reached the place, it was quiet far and an isolated place.
They heard Ragini’s shout and rushed inside the house.
Sanlak saw everything near the door, how he was beating Ragini.
Sanlak came there and stopped him.
They started to beat Karthik.

Laksh:”how dare you beat her?” Sanlak fought with them and soon the police reach there. The cops stopped Laksh from beating Karthik.
Even Sanskar stopped him.
(They called the police on the way)

The police arrest them and Sanlak rushed to Ragini.
Laksh hugged her but Ragini screamed due to her wounds.
Ragini smiled at him a bit.

Sanskar:”laksh, we should go”
Laksh picked her up and carried her out while Sanskar called Swara to tell her that they found Ragini and they are coming home.

In the car:
Laksh was holding Ragini’s hand.
He make her drink water and then she rests on her shoulder. Sanskar saw them from the mirror and smiled.

Sanraglak came in. Both sanlak supported to walk. Everyone was appalled to see Ragini’s condition. Swara rushed to her. They make her lie down on the sofa itself and Adarsh called the doctor.

They brought her to Raglak room.
They were all waiting outside except Swara, while the doctor was treating her. Swara didn’t want to leave her alone so she stayed with her.

The doctor came out and assured them that she was fine but she must take complete bed rest and not to strain herself.
Everyone agreed and doctor left after giving the prescription to Adarsh.

Everyone went to Raglak room.
They apologized to Ragini even though she was confused for what. She doesn’t know what they said when she was not here.
But still they apologized.
Ragini:”even i want to say sorry, i should have share it with you all.”
Shekhar apologized to her.
Ragini:”baba, plz forgive dadi…”
Shekhar looked at dadi. He went to her and hugged her. Dadi also promised that she would not do any bad things now.
Even Maheswari family forgave Pari bhabhi.
Everything was now fine. Karthik was again sent to jail.

During Ragini’s recovery days:
Swara took care of Ragini, everyday she was there with her. She was pampering Ragini a lot.
She apply medicines to her wounds and make her have medicines.
Swaragini background musci plays.

After somedays:
Ragini was fully recovered and everything was like before.
All family was having dinner together.

At night, Swasan room:
Sanskar came there with his laptop in his hand.
Swara came to him in a night dress.
Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her.
He smiled at her. He put his laptop on the table and came to her. She turned around to face the mirror.
They looked at each other reflection in the mirror.
Sanskar:”perfect jodi- swasan” he kissed her shoulder.
Swara turned around and hugged him. Sanskar picked her in his arms and carried her to the bed. He placed her on the bed and kissed her cheek. Swara was blushing and turned around. Sanskar make her look at him and kissed her neck. And then they consummate.

Raglak room:
Ragini came in the room, and was surprised to see some gifts on the bed. She opened it and found a beautiful chain written Raglak on it. She put it around her neck but couldn’t. Then Laksh helped her.
Laksh touched her neck and moved her hair.
Ragini closed her eyes feeling his touch. He turned her around and kissed her eyes. He moved down and kissed her cheek.
Ragini felt shy and hugged him.
He reciprocates her hug and then kissed her forehead.
He carries her to the bed and put her on the bed. He kissed her cheek once again and they also consummate.

The end.

Hope you liked it. I know this was very long but couldn’t do anything.

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