swaragini would it better for me (Episode 7)

guys my ff name is swaragini would it be better for me .thanks for ur comment guys i don’t want to hate anyone with the pairs . i will reveal it later . priya i saw ur comment plz don’t say it because there are many ragsan pair also and even ragsan ff writers too

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swaragini would it better for me (Episode 5)


ok lets begin our episode

laksh takes swara to a place by hiding her eyes
swara:laksh leave me where r u taking me plz tell always suspense break my head u know na
laksh:wait swara u need to wait
he opens swara eyes . swara is shocked to see it swara almost felt to cry
swara: i can’t belive it . it makes me remember my childhood
swara saw a room which had pictures of swara from her childhood her school her friends and everything it was decorated by flowers and baloons and a round table cover by red clothe a cake
swara:this photo is my school i really miss it . it the bench i used to sit in park whenever my mind is not well . this photo this is my dog joe it died when i was 11 i missed it like anything . this photo it is my birthday dress this was my last birthday which i celebrated with my parents (tears in swara’s eyes

laksh:swara i thought u will be happy to see it but ur crying it really pains u know when u cry
swara:some times due to over joy v can cry laksh
laksh come closer to swara
swara:i can understand ur mind laksh stop it go back
laksh:y i should u see v r in boat house no one can come u know
swara went back she hits the wall
swara:laksh it is our first kiss
laksh was about to kiss the phone rings
laksh:y these things are happening only to me oh god
it is sanskar call
sanskar:laksh is everything ok
laksh:y sanskar what happened any problem
sanskar:nothing i felt something starnge so that only i asked
laksh cut the call
laksh:ok lets continue
laksh kissed swara for the first time it was a deep kiss

swara:tell me hw u got these photos can u tell me
laksh:every easy i took ur dairy i saw many pics and some photos i collected
swara:my god laksh i will not leave u u u . it is my personal dairy ok
laksh:it was ur personal dairy but now it is my dairy
saying this laksh started running swara chased laksh

scene swifts to sandhurrag

raj:this is jhaku tample and 30.00 minutes time to watch this place and return to bus
ragini take piku in the container and she was walking in the temple.sanskar went to ragini
sanskar:do u want company
ragini does not reply’s as usaul
sanskar:its ok i will join u . hi piku hw r u .my name is sanskar maheswari . its my pleasure to meet u. i know that u have a adamant owner
ragini:i am not adamant ok
sanskar:wow ur voice is nice . maybe u have very good future in singing . but u cann’t
ragini looks at sanskar eagerly

sanskar:because u u cann’t even speck for 1 minute then how can u sing
sanskar :bye bye c u later dhurv must be waiting for me
ragini:to herself(something stargne with him i remember my fast when he said ur good singer )
tears roll down from ragini’s eye
ragini:piku u know how much i miss him srry it is all because of me i last i last my persious
dhurv:persious wat
ragini wipes her tears and continues walking

todays episode i have shown swalak scenes angel it is for mainly

precap: sankar feel something starnge for wat ?guess might be for ragini
dhurv and ragini moments in the snow . piku is missing it is just prank but who did it ?

guys i am going out so i cann’t type big i will post my ff in wednesday only if possible i will try my level best . don’t forget ny ff

Credit to: anamika


  1. Ezria

    Yaar awesome epi. Plz plz plz do ragsan reveal the pairs. I would be hurt if u do dhrub and ragini thats why plz tell paors soon. I am eagerly waiting

  2. Ezria

    Yaar awesome epi. Plz plz plz do ragsan reveal the pairs. I would be hurt if u do dhrub and ragini thats why plz tell pairs soon. I am eagerly waiting

  3. Sheela

    Fabulous Anamik plz reveal the pairs so that people wont get hurt if their fav couple is not selected. And also its a humble request plz plz do ragsan. Ur ff is amazing. There are not many ragsan ff. Lots are swasan. So plz yaar dont do ragini and dhruv together. Make it RAGSAN plzzzzz.

  4. amazing i enjoued swalak part thanks for swalak part
    and plz confirm my doubt plzzz isSwalak are couple means 1sr lead couple or u have to think about it

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