swaragini would it better for me (Episode 5)


hi guys my ff name is swaragini : would it be better for me . thank u so much for ur comment srry i did not update yesterday . thank u i wil make it long
i am still comfused with ragini weather to pair sanskar or dhurv
dhurv – parth samthaan
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so lets begin
ap:sanskar take care of dhurv because he is playfull
laksh:s sanskar take care of dhurv and leave this lucky somewhere
ap ignores laksh
ap:don’t leave him alone . he will get lost ok
laksh:don’t leave him but leave laksh
ap:make dhurv eat he will not eat properly ok
laksh:sanskar make him eat or feed him u have rights to take laksh food and give it to dhurv
ap is in tears

laksh: mom i said for fun srry mom
ap:do think it is easy do when dhurv’s mother i mean my sister death she took a promise to take care of dhurv. i remember it still now
laksh: mom iam sorry if i have hurt u
sanskar: laksh have u gone mad c wat have u done
ap:leave it sanskar
dhurv enters
dhurv saw ap crying
dhurv:mom wat happened y r u crying tel me mom i will not leave them
ap:no u r leaving me for 18 days for shimla right so that only
dhurv : mom don’t worry i will take care of this sanskar and lucky

every students r in the bus .just then ragini enters with piku .piku is the fish carrior every boby can c a fish in it
some studnts started to tease
ragini sits in last seat where swara ,dhurv,sanskar ,and laksh is sitting
swara:hey ragini lets be friend . srry i behave a bit rude so let be friends
ragini does not reply she opens her bag and took head set and stated to listen songs
swara:hw mean she i asked srry to her but what she is doing will not leave u ragini
dhurv:some light is glowing today
swara:stup up dhurv
sanskar:i will not support swara today
laksh:don’t worry swara i will be there with u forever .
swara and laksh moves to someother seat
dhurv:in mind(i have idea )
the bus goes to a hotel to eat every one gets down it is night
ragini:piku i am not hungry i have food for u so i will not get down
ragini saw pani puri stand opposite to the bus she takes her hand bag and piku with her
ragini was eating pani puri but she did not noticed the bus moving
pani puri seller:20 rupee
ragini gave 20 rupee and turned and saw but bus was not there
ragini:piku bus is not there but where it is piku
she sheached for bus and she atlast found that bus is not there
ragini was about to cry but she did not she saw dhurv standing
dhurv came near ragini

dhurv:u all so felt bus right even me too do u have phone because i felt it ib the bus irself
ragini see’s as if she has lost everthing in her life
dhurv: i konw whatever question i am asking u will not reply
ragini comtinues staring him
dhurv:oh god why have done like this atleast if u left me hell i will be happy but not with this type of girl because the worst thing in world is asking something to some1 and we will not get any reply
ragini:i have my ohone

dhurv:thank god u atleat have phone
ragini give her phone. but no signal
dhurv:god plz u gave me phone but no use
dhurv :come lets go
ragini looks at him for a while
dhurv:look ragini i don’t no wat is ur problem is .but we don’t have pption i will give u company trust me i will not cross my limit
ragini stares him for a while and smile at him
dhurv:come lets move for here
thay started walking
dhurv:wat is ur fish name
ragini does not reply
dhurv:ok leave it at least hear me . u will not reply it is ok
dhurv :do u know i have 8 girl friends
ragini does not reply
dhurv started talking like a fool ragini does not reply
ragini:wait a minute piku will be hungry
dhurv:piku who is piku iam dhurv but one thing is correct i m hungry . do u have something to eat
raini:piku is my fish i have only fish food
dhurv:it is ok for me
ragini:wat u will eat fish food
ragini:for wat
dhurv:u have spoken with me
ragini look for some time and keeps quite and she gave foor to piku
dhurv:oh fish name is piku nice name
ragini and dhurv continue walking

Credit to: anamika

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