swaragini would it better for me (Episode 4)

guys my ff name is swaragini :would be better for me . thank u so much for ur comment . i so glad that ur commenting in my ff.
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dhurv’s character is played by parth samthaan
so lets begin
sumi:ragini ur teacher is my friend she said that there is trip to shimla u r going right
ragini does not reply .shw goes to her room
in ragini room
ragini’s room is full of her photo and a boy is near her . and many fish photos . room is is pink color there is fish in the fish bowl.ragini goes to the fish bowl and takes it
ragini:piku todays was my first day to collage in dehli . do know piku i saw four fools i know only one fools name it s dhurv. piku i missed u .piku in college there is a trip to shimla
for 18 days .i want to go but what will i do there without u .do thing piku i will enjoy without u . piku darling so i am not going there.piku let me give u some food
ragini goes and opens a cupboard which is full of fish foods .
ragini :piku do u want staple pallet,fake food or micro granules . piku i know what u will say u like staple food right
she goes and put the food in fish bowl . ragini thinks something for a while
ragini :idea .piku i am going to shimla . i will take u with me piku
ragini starts dancing onthe bed
sumi see’s ragini dancing and she thinks she is happy


Credit to: anamika


  1. Lila

    Awesome. Anamika plz dont pair ragini and dhruv. Plz plz plz. Plz make it ragsan. I love them. Next epi plz reveal the pair along with swalak. I hope u do ragsan. Ur story is great. Plz make epi longer

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