swaragini would it be better for me (Episode 35)


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so lets begin

the episode begins with ragini

ragini:sumi its already late hw long will u prepare breakfast
meera:sumima(meera raghul’s daughter is calling sumi as sumima) its late me and bua is going to meet ragini’s friend
sumi:ok ok fine here it is
sumi bring the lunch meerag ate their beak fast
ragini is driving the car
meera:bua were we are going
ragini:i will tell u
meera:tell me na bua
ragini:today full day am going to be with u because
ragini:i will tell latter
ragini stops the car near a house
ragini removes meera seat belt
ragini and meera are going inside
meera see’s the name of the house . meera tries to read it
meera:ma mahes hes
ragini:maheswari mansion meera
meera smile

someone comes and wellcomes them it is ap and sujatha
ap:ragini na am correct
ragini:ji haan
sujatha: u r ragini means then this is meera
uttara’s daughter oh my god she looks like uttara only
ap:sujatha controll ur self if my husband hears it wat will happen
sujatha:s sanskar said we should not tell anyone
meera:can we go in it is so hot here
ap:srry beta . come come

meerag goes in just then someone comes it is rp and mp(i said right third brother of dp . he is dhurv father)
ragini take blessings from them
rp:sujatha i said na sanskar is my child he select a nice girl as bahu
sujatha:sanskar is my son ok
ragini and meera is talking to ap and meera is playing
ap:ragini thank u so much for coming here in this house everyone like uttara except my husband thanks for coming. i was so happy when sankar said he loves u and he want to marry u not only that uttara is there she is havin a daughter
after sometime ragini is going to sanskar’s room

ragini see’s the room and she shocked to she it . the room is so neat and clean everthing is arranged properly
ragini:my god hw is this sanskar keeping the room so clean i can’t believe is he really a boy no no see the room everthing is arranged properly
sanskar is hearing everything because he is standing at the back of ragini
sanskar hugs ragini

ragini p.o.v

is it meant to be a romantic hug?:
He looked at me with his gleaming eyes and brought me to his warm embrace. I sank my face into his chest as if to ask him to never let go as I put my arms around him. hiding deeper affection kind of thing?:
I looked at him and as if he could read my every want, he moved closer to me. All I wanted, his arms around me, it was happening and I didn’t know how to respond to that. I awkwaqrdly placed my arms around him, knowing that if I didn’t he might stop hugging me. Maybe one day this could be something more.
He walked up to me slowly as if trying to decide on something. I watched him as he pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arms around me. It was a lot more awkward than I could have ever imagined it, but I liked it. and I loved to be with him and him hugging me was different; a good different.

ragini:i love u sanskar

Credit to: anamika

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