swaragini would it better for me (Episode 3)

hi guys my ff name is wrong it is swaragini: would be better for me
guy thank u for ur coments . so lets begin

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scene starts from dhurv’s class
teacher:no dhurv i called u for helping ragini because she is new not to change ur place ok. ragini u sit near dhurv
ragini goes and sit neaver dhurv
dhurv:hey miss ragini keep distance(and he draws a line in the bench)
dhurv:it is my area and that is ur area ok.don’t dare to come to ny area
ragini stares him for a while and she did not reply
dhurv:in mind (i think this girl is mental but hw can a mental study in this college . i should do something)
scene changes to swasan’s class

swara:sanskar am thinking about that girl
sanskar:swara which girl
swara:that girl na whom we meet in morning
sanskar:which girl that car parking girl swara
swara:yes budhu that ragini only .
sanskar:i think she is quite interesting
swara:wat sanky do u think she is interesting. i think she has no friends till now and i think she is adamant
teacher : swara and sanskar if u don’t mind plz u both get out from the class
sanskar:swara wat a nice nice change lets go out
that time a staff came with a letter
teacher:students i have a happy news for u there is trip to shimla
the bell rings
teacher: ok students there is 1 week for the trip
teacher goes from the class

swara:sanky baby hip hip hurray we r going to shimla jolly jolly
sanskar :control swara
the college is over ragini goes to her house
sumi:ragini how was ur college .it was nice na . u got friends right . i know that in ur college there is a trip to shimla it is true na . ragini am giving u permision to go
ragini does not reply
sumi: i think ur tired go fresh up urself i will bring coffee for
ragini:college was nice

precap:ragini is in road . she is alone .

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  1. nice yaar
    updare fast

  2. very nice …waiting for next …

  3. Eagerly waiting for nxt episode.

  4. dhruvs character is played by whom
    it is nice now only i read ur ff continue
    and iam eagerly waiting to know ragini’s past

  5. Make it so so long and ragini character is very interestiing its making me more excited to read your ff upload anither one big one

  6. I like it. make it long if u can please..

  7. i like it but where is lucky today

  8. ragini and parth pair plz plz

  9. awesome but todays episode was short compared to ur other episode make it big

  10. nice dear but make it big

  11. Very nyc.. Who play the role of parth?

  12. Nice..plz make ragsan

  13. Very good

  14. Pls make it ragsan

  15. Superb epi. Plz yaar make it ragsan

  16. Rags was so silent

  17. Please make it dhruv and ragini. Ragini is so quite and dhruv is funny and a little arrogent. He already start fighting with her so they will make a cute pair

  18. plz make it long yaar. its quite interesting i like it very much

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