swaragini would it better for me (Episode 29)

hi guys thanks for ur comment and srry for late update . the fact is nowadays my granny is making me to cook before also i will look but rarely but now my granny is forcing me to do .so srry for late update

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so lets begin

ragini is standing near the gate . she is waiting for saskar . she is wearing a pink gilttering frock till knee
she seeing the watch
ragini:sanskar idiot am waiting so long where is the idiot
some car is coming .it is sanskar’s car
sanskar comes out
ragini:hw long will u take u fool am waiting so long
sanskar:srry yaar traffic srry
raginidoes not say a word she goes inside the car
sanskar is starting her
ragini:hello its all ready late plz come fast r u dreaming
sanskar:(in mind)she so cute while scolding
sanksar drives the car

sanskar can clearly see the face of ragini she is so angry
sanskar plays radio gerua song plays . after some time rj is specking in radio

rj: do guys know there are some line which make relationship strong SORRY and THANKS .TIME is a percious thing which u will never get it back so when ever u want to say something say it on that time itself
and then a song plays
sanskar:srry ragini actully traffic was heavy srry (he smile like a kid)
ragini too smiles
ragini:ok even am srry even i should have understand ur position
sudenlly sanskar puts a brake because a girl is standing
ragsan comes out .
sanskar:are u mad . if u want to die .die somewhere
sanskar can’t see the girls face because her hair is hidding her face
she moves her face

ragini:u know each other
sanskar:s she is my friend
ria comes and hugs sanskar
ragini is shocked o see it
sanskar:ria wat happened to u
ria:sanskar i want to die
sanskar:stop it ria
sanskar:ria come with me sit in my car we will talk there
ragini drags sanskar
ragini:sanskar wat hell r u doing
sanskar:plz ragini we will drop her
ragini went to sit in front of sanskar but ria sat
ragini is irritated
ragini sits back
sanskar:wat happened ria
ria:sanskar plz don’t talk about it plz sanskar change the topic
sanskar:ok i will not ask anything actully am going to bonafide restarurant so were shall i drop u
ria:no need sanskar i will also come with u because its long i did not see u so we will talk
sanskar:srry ria i came with ragini i have to ask her
sanskar see’s ragini through front mirror
before samskar could speakragini said
ragini:its ok sanskar(in irritating manner)
ragini:(in mind) oh god plz i want to go to my house plz god help me i vcan’t see this ria with sanskar

the car stops
all the three goes to the restuarant ria is holding sanskar’s hand
ragini see’s this and gets even more irritated
all the three is in the table . sanskar has booked a table
ria and sanskar keeps on talking
ragini is like a statue
ria goes to washroom
sanskar see’s ragini sad face and he picks her hand
sanskar:ragini will u dance with me
ragini is so happy to hear it

ragini s
ragsan dances . after sometime ragini and sanskar is having there food ragini is feeding sanskar and sanskar is feeding ragini . ragsan takes many sefies and photos
after that ragini hears some noise ur order mam(s it is ragini dream)
sanskar:ragini wat happened wat do u want to eat
ragini:fried rice that it
music is played in the restuarant
ria:sanskar plz come na we will dance together in our sckuldays we have danced after that now only plz na sansar
sanskar see’s her face and says ok
riasan dance together . and even many couples are dancing
ragini is watching together
ragini drinks water
manager comes to the dance stage
manager:i here to announce the best couple . he points eome one it is our ria and sanskar
ria is so happy . sanskar is tensed seeing ragini
ria:srry guys he is my x boy friend
ragini is shocked to hear the word ex boyfriend
sanskae is so tensed
ragini leaves from there sanskar follows her
sanskar:ragini stop ragini
ragini keep on walking
sansjar hold her hand
sanskar:ragini wat happened to u
ragini:sanskar plz think for wat u called me
she goes from there ria comes and drags sanskar inside

episode ends showing our poor rags

precap: i don’t know

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