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swaragini would it better for me (Episode 26)


hi guys thanks for ur comment my ff name is swaragini would it be better for me.

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guys as isaid i will start new ff i will post it tommorow i am keeping the voting now what do u want i willl preffer u only because u r my regular reader and my friend also i think u want ragsan only if u want i will change but there is many swasan . i thought ragsan in the new ff . am enough with this comments so what do u want tell me guys and support me in that ff also . i will not change for anyone only for u so suggest me even silent reader can suggest

so lets begin

recap :ragini and sanskar faints . sumi goes and give a compliant
ragini is slowly opening her eyes. she saw herself tied . she tried to release herself but she could not . she saw some
voice:s am
ragini:i will not leave u
voice:who will save u first . c left ur helper is near u only
ragini see’s sanskar tied in the chair
ragini:sanskar sanskar she hits his chair with her leg
sanskar slowly open his eyes and said
sanskar:badai maa plz wake me after five minutes
ragini:sanskar (she shouts)
sanskar was shocked to see her
voice:all the best
sanskar:can i know who is she . u r u (he shakes his hands to release but he could not)

sanskar was shocked to hear the word maya
sanskar:she is maya
sanskar:what is the problem . u killed her brother for ur revenge now what happened
maya:but ragini is happy now still am feeling for my sister u know that
sanskar:who said she is happy
maya:she is going to shimla for trip to enjoy but u see me. i have a surprise for u
ragini is still trying to remoke the rope
maya:she swetha and her daughter
some goons bring swetha and her daughter
sanskar see’s her and signals her not to tell anything
ragini:wat u want wat u r going to do
maya:u don’t have any brain . i kidnapped u for celebrating party

Credit to: anamika

  1. Nice…I want ragsan in new ff beause there are already so many swasan ff

  2. Keep it ragsan

  3. Come yar already u decided pairs as
    And how r u asking again voiting

  4. Awsm..ragsan plzz

  5. Pls make new one also Ragsan..pls.

  6. Nice episode.make the other one ragsan too

  7. Dnt do voting yar
    u make as pr ur wish
    btw im ragsan fan

  8. ragsan ff plz

  9. good one n you already decided them right , then y are u changing??

  10. hahaha…..very nice episode

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