swaragini would it better for me (Episode 24)


hi guys thanks for ur comment my ff name is swaragini:would it be better for me. guys am relly lacking in odeas after this problem i will end but it may continue naimi its not prank dear

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so lets begin

the episode begins in sanskar looking angrily at ragini

sanskar:ragini wat happened to u
ragini keeps quite

sanskar:what happened
ragini closes her ear with her finger
sanskar is so angry he goes near her and hold her hand tightly . ragini looks away she tries to free herself but she could not
ragini:i have no interest in u ok leave me
sanskar:ok u have no interest right then look at me and eyes and tell me
ragini:why i should tell to u
sanskar:u have no interest right then see my eyes and tell me
ragini tries to see but she can’t (guys she is hiding something)
ragini atlast see’s his eyes and tell i have no interest in u
sanskar: y r u avoiding me ragini
ragini:because u cheated me(ragini is shouting )
sanskar s angry to the core he moves towards her . slowly ragini hits the wall.sanskar comes close to her
sanskar:when i cheated u
ragini:leave me sanskar
sanskar moves from there

ragini: do u think am a fool
sanskar:actully i should ask u that question do u think am fool
ragini is crying
ragini:do u know i started loving u in the tour itself u know that but u cheated me
sanskar is shocked but happy somewhere
ragini:s i loved u but i hate u now because wat u done is wrong . i don’t know the truth actually
sanskar : calm down ragini there is some misunderstanding

Credit to: anamika

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  1. Super yaar…plz upload next epi quick

    1. thank for ur comment

    2. thnk u today i udated another episode also

    1. thanks for ur comment

    2. thank u for ur comment

    3. thank u for ur coment

  2. What happend to her

    1. thanks for ur comment when sanskar is there nothing will happen to her

  3. Amazing..update nxt prt soon

    1. thanks for ur comment

    1. thank u for ur comment

  4. Wow rags loves him..awesome..

    1. thank u for ur comment

  5. wat happened ????

    nice episode……really awesome

    1. thank u for ur comment

  6. Nice episode.i always forget to tell that your cover picture is very beautiful

    1. thank u it is edit by roop in facebook nikita sharma (kavitha) picture but ragini face

    1. thank u for ur comment

  7. Nice but too short yr
    make it lengthy

    1. thank u for ur comment

  8. nice and make it longer n thanks for clearing my doubt

    1. thank u so much for ur comment

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