swaragini would it better for me (Episode 2)

hi guys srry srry my fanfic name is swaragini :would it be better for me there is a mistake in the fanfic name srry
thanks a lot for ur comment am updating 2 episode thanks for comment lets begin
my previous link http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-better-episode-1/
the episode starts from ragini eating
sumi: ragini today we can go to shopping after u come from the college
ragini keeps quite
sumi:ragini am asking u question u should reply ok. it is not right to behave with elders that 2 ur parents
ragini:i hate unnessary talks bye(saying this she left)
sumi:today is her new college atleast from today i think she will get friends . kisahji take care of my daugter ragini

ap : dhurv beta all the best
laksh and sanskar:mom for us
ap:ok sanlak all the best
sanlakdhurv are going to college in car on the way they picked swara
swara:hey guys
dhurv:swara u look good today i think someone is blushing my dear lucky
laksh:stup up dhurv swara allways look pretty
dhurv started teasing swara
swara;sanskar see they r teasing
sanskar:don’t worry sona dhurv will get a girl that time we will get a chance to tease
they came to college near their car a black bmw car came and went to park . all the places were full expect one place a board was their .in the board it was written it is reseved for back benchers but bmw car was parked and a girl is getting down it is our ragini

dhurv:hey look there in our place there is a bmw car parked
swara:s let go down and wat is happening
dhurv:hey miss take ur car and park it somewhere else it is our place
ragini did reply
sanskar:cann’t u hear wat he is saying take ur car it is our place
ragini did not speck a word she starts to walk few steps swara hold her
swara:hey girl r u deaf cann,t u hear
laksh started doing some actions and said
laksh: u don’t know how to behave with deaf girl see we have say her in action
ragini:am ragini gadodia (saying this she started walking)
dhurv:hey look u may be ragini gadodia r whatever take ur car and park somewhere else
ragini did not listen a word and she went

swara: leave lets park our car somewhere else
dhurv: i think she is mad
(in mind i wish i will not meet again )
laksh:leave her let go
sanskar:in minds (something interesting i wish i should meet her)

all came to their class laksh,dhurv and ragini is in the same class and swara and sanskar in same class
@dhurv’s class
teacher:good morning students let me introduced a new student she is ragini gadodia she is from kanpur
dhurv:(in mind)always god makes like this
teacher:ragini u can sit in last bench
ragini goes to last bench where dhurv is sitting
dhurv:wat mam u want change my place ok i go near laksh let misti sit hear

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    1. i will reveal it but read my previous link

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    i think it is rag and parth pair

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