swaragini would it better for me (Episode 18)


hi guys my ff name is swaragini : would it be better for me. thanks for ur comment sindhu didi thank u nami i made parth has ragini brother because no need love triangle so that only
thank u for ur suggestions guys
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so lets begin

the episode starts with sanskar and ragini break their eye lock .
ragini and sanskar started moving they did not find the way to reach swalakdhur
sanskar:wat to do ragini hw can we go now
ragini:u brought me u don’t know the way
sanskar:come just follow me

ragini was following sanskar on the way
sanskar:which cartoon u liked in ur childhood
ragini:it is neccessary now
sanskar:it is boring yaar wat can i do
ragini:shin chan is my fav cortoon
sankar:even ur brother dhurv likes it. whom do u like the most in the world tell me fast
sanskar:ragini can u tell me whom do u like the most in the world
sanskar:u did not ask any question to me
ragini gets irritated and ask . ragini: tell me about ur lov story
sanskar:wat lov story
ragini:ya krithi who came to meet u and see it is boring i think ur story will be nice to hear and it will be long so it will not bore
sanskar:krithi. let me tell u one thing don’t let to anyone ok
ragini was so interested in knowing it
sanskar:i loved her so much but latter i came to know that she was behind my money yesturday she came na i scolded her so she went
ragini:bu u where taking nice infront of us
sanskar:swara will feel bad so that only

ragsan walks they came to a point where the way spilts into two
ragini:sanksar now which route in correct
sanskar:who knows god knows it
ragsan:this way(both show different dirrections)
sanskar:ragini left side we have to go

ragini:no right side
sankar:no left
they starts fighting
ragini:why we are fighting i will go right side
and u go by left
ragini and sanskar goes in different direction

scene swifts to swalak
swara:was having a leave in hand
laksh:swara wat is this u r going on taking photos . and plucking leaves
laksh holds swara
swara:leave me laksh if someone see’s us
laksh:swara see the climate it is so cold. see the cool breeze . fresh leaves this is so romantic but see my juliet is busy seeing leaves
swara removes laksh hand
swara:do u know laksh commiphora wighti
swara:The extract of gum guggul, called gugulipid, guggulipid, or guglipid, has been used in Unani and Ayurvedic medicine, for nearly 3,000 years in India. several studies have been published that indicate no overall reduction in total cholesterol occurs using various dosages of guggulsterone and levels of low-density lipoprotein (“bad cholesterol”) increased in many people.u know that laksh
laksh:stop ur science lecture plz
swara:u should have some common knowledge ok
laksh:u have knowledge in science see i have in romacing with girls
laksh goes close to swara. now swara is so close to laksh . he can feel her breathing.swaras hair come to her face due too cool breeze laksh sowly removes it and pin it and he sowly lifts her and kisses in her lips

scene swifts to ragini whose is walking alone

ragini:i know i am going in right ways only. that sanskar is wrong
ragini is walking fast while walking she hears some sound help me help me
ragini:sanskar vocie right
ragini:waht to do let me go and help him
ragini goes to the directions where sound comes she does not see sanskar
ragini:sanskar r u here. i herd ur voice

precap:its ur wish u can tell

guys thank u for ur suggestion today i want to thank abhi she is writing many ff in different names

Credit to: anamika

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  1. nyc episode…….i think its sanskar plan to bring ragini towards his direction…..if its then …..its a great idea sanskar…heheheh…..

  2. Awesome I realy luv us f can u make some forest scene and their romance there u knw na forest r the romance centre in serals so update fat will be waiting

  3. nice…..n i go with sinzo

  4. Thankyou so much Anamika…
    I would like to see some ragsan romance along with their fight like todays episode .

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