swaragini would it better for me (Episode 17)


hi guys thanks for ur affection towards me my ff name is swaragini: would it be better for me . thank u so much for ur comment
am revealing the pair it is going to be………………………………….ragini with………………………………………………………..
sanskar it is ragsan pair and manik wait for that

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lets begin
all the students are in the bus the came from kurfi snow point now they r going to shimla glen
swara:sanskar y krithi went
sanskar:some important work
dhurv:ragini what happened u r so sad
ragini:(in mind) how can i tell u that i saw maya again i thing the goons who harmed swara said to maya . i don’t know what to do
swara:r u thinking about ur brother raghul
ragini:s i can i forget and live my life
swara:see u have dhurv brother with u

dhurv:wat brother
sanskar:offcourse ur dhurv brother
dhurv:ss ragini frome nowonwards i am ur dhurv brother i can call u princess
ragini:so ihave dhurv brother
sanskar pointing piku :see piku ur new brother
ragini smile seeing piku
they all talk and chat the bus stops in the shimla glen
all get down
all are walking straight
swaralak hold their hands and walk where dhurv is busy talking with a girl name tina(guys note tina is not tha pair of dhurv i said na dhurv have 8 gf she is also among them
sanskar is walking taking photos where ragini is following him
ragini:i need someone’s help piku . in these five days i have changed a lot . raghul said i should not dependent on anyone onebut i need help now can i tell this to dhurv(in mind)
ragini saw dhurv he was romanceing with tina
ragini:sanskar would be write sanskar sakar
sanskar turns and see’s ragini he happy to hear his name from ragini mouth
sanskar:wat happened wat do u want
ragini:i i want to……..
sanskar:what u want to
ragini:can i talk to u

sanskar:ask me ragini
sanskar:u can ragini tell me
ragini :personal can we go somewhere
sanskar took her to the corner
actually guys shimla genis a falls so theywill walk in a dense forest then they will reach shimla glen(i was in the picture only so i don’t no it really or not)
ragini:sanskar i need a help from u
sanskar:what help ask me
ragini:i saw maya
sanskar:maya she was girl who killed
ragini:s sanskar i think the goons whom i fighted to save swara might tell them
sankar:don’t worry
ragini:will u help me
sanskar:in what
ragini:i will tell u later.i want to take revenge on her she is happy to the core but see me daily am cryind am dieing day by day u know that
sanskar:calm down i will help u
ragini saw a wild forest
ragini shouts:spider spider
ragini hugs sanskar tigtly

sanskar smiles and he hugs her back
ragini comes to her sense and breaks the hug
ragini:srry am too scared of spider
sanskar:ragini the great boxer affraid of spider
ragini:am i am boxer
sanskar and ragini walks it stars raining . sanskar runs but ragini stands there like a child and enjoy it.sanskar come and drags ragini
sanskar:ragini come or else u will get cold (sanskar drags ragini)
ragini:sanskar enjoy na see the natural beauty
sanskar leaves her and stated playing in the rain
sankar:ragini i love u
ragini stops playing in the rain
sankar:s ragini i love u to the core

he bends his knee and takes a ring from his pocket
he take ragini hands and he puts the hand
ragini was so shocked
ragini:but i love
sanskar blink his eyes
sankars:oh it is all dream . i wish it will happen one day but ragini said she love let it be it will be dream na(to himself)
ragini:can we go one the (rain stoped slowly)

while walking ragini slips because it was so wet she was about to sanskar catches her they share a deep eye lock un vizhigalil songs plays

the episode ends
guys i want some songs u can suggest me
abhi u asked me that sanskar should help ragini in taking revenge with maya . for u am making it

precap :swalak or ragsan (fight or romance wat u want sugesst me )

guys so srry i cann’t make it so romantic like other writers but i will try to
sindhu rm u wrote all alone ragini it was awesome i will miss it so much plz i want another ragsan episode from u plz plz plz my humble request

thank u so much for ur affection

Credit to: anamika

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  5. i want both swalak n ragsan fight n romance …..for swalak romance n then fight & for ragsan first fight n then romance n u made dhruv as rags bro…..seriously!!! in one epi u changed it that’s cool!!!! make it more longer yaaaarrr plzzz

  6. good episode..update soon

  7. Thankyou so much Anamika for considering my comment…
    Ragsan Swalak both fight with romance.
    Raabta ,Tum mile,and sanam re..songs.
    Waiting for next episode..

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    i like to suggest you some songs

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    2) I love you (frm bodyguard movie)
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    well its just my suggestion …..but decision is urs…..if u dnt like it then its ok…..

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