swaragini would it better for me (Episode 15)

hi guys my ff name is swaragini : would it be better for me thank u so much for ur valuble comments . guys the marriage is over .

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so lets begin
its starts from flash back only

ragini:u know dhurv i didnot expect that . that was my last day withmy brother . even swetha started loving my brother
dhurv:wat r u saying ragini. u said swetha is in love with ur brother then wat happened
ragini:maya was my brother friend she was loving my brother like anything so thant she sended some goons . but i thought the goons where my brothers friend
strager1:hey ur ragini gadodia right
ragini:s offcourse
strager2:we are a big fan of ur brother
ragini:oh my brother raghul
stranger1:s we want to meet ur brother
ragini:for what
strangers2:actually our company owner would like to sponser u
ragini:which company
strangers2:maya company . can u take us to him
ragini and strangers

ragini and the strangers went to isolated place
stanger:ragini madan can i know place we r standing
ragini:in this place only my brother will do his pratice . no one will come
ragini:raghul raghul
strager1 attacks ragini on her head
ragini keeps her hand on head and see back . ragini falls down on the floor
ragini:hey ur today will be ur dead day my brother is here he will not leave u
raghuls come ruinnig hearing ragini’s voice
raghul:hey hw dare u to beat my princess
stranger1:his she princess
raghul:hey leave her what do u want
stranger1:ur life

ragini:leave me
raghul:leave her plz she is my world my princess plz leave her what do u want
strager2:like that only even maya was crying for her sister
raghul:what maya and her sister i don’t know anything
strager2:u know maya right ur friend
strager:her sister loved u to the core. when she herd that u love some one she commited sucide and she died u know that
raghul:u know i don’t even know that maya’s sister loved me . she did not even express her feeling to her hw will i know it then . leave her plz
just then maya comes
maya:sry even i was crying like this when my sister died u know hw much i love her . even ur sister should know the pain which i felt there no need of ur sister. i want u to be died it is in ur hands if u sattb by urself it is easy if i should do it then i will kill ur sister too
raghul: listen maya i don’t even knowur sister was loving me .i loved swetha
maya:u want swetha to be killed also and ur princess too
raghul:no leave she is inosent . plz forgive me i don’t know anything plz. leave my sister (he tuoches her feet and crys )
maya:u r boxer right ur asking for forgiveness i can leave ur sister but not u am not that bad ok. even ur sister should feel the pain which i felt
raghul:give me the knife

maya:wow nice dicision bye raghul
saying this she felt
ragini:raghul don’t do that i will not live without u i will die i will commit sucide if u do that
raghul:princess ur my world i cann’t live without u but i can scarifize my life to u.
stranger2:hey stop ur bro sis affection its time have the knife
hethrows the knife to raghul
raghul:i will die but u should leave my sister ok
stranger2:we will not do anything ok
raghul takes the knife and keeps it in his neck
raghul:princess i will not be with hear after i have only 1 wish u should be brave . u should not depend anyone.u should be strong . i cann’t fufil anything to our mom as a son .i miss u surly i love u
ragini:raghul no plz raghul no(ragini crying and shouting no no but waht to do the goons is holding ragini tigtly
raghul:u should avoid talking to strangers
saying this he sttaped his stomach
ragini:leave atleat now
the goons went
ragini went near her brother
ragini:raghul speck something come i will take u to hospital
raghul:its late ragini u should go to hospital for ur wound(he cann’t speck at al but some hw he is specking)
ragini:no raghul i will not leave u
raghul is in ragini’s lap
raghul touches ragini cheeks
raghul:call me baiya once
ragini:(ragini is litterally crying ) baiya
raghul is smiling
raghul:thank u ragini i could noy fulfil a brother duty properly .
ragini:plz don’t say anything plz raghul i will not leav u
raghul:i will say one thing follow it avoid talking unnecessaryly ok mainly to strangers. call me baiya again
raghul:love u princess

saying this he died
ragini shake his body
ragini:baiya open ur eye u look at me ur princess .open ur eyes i am ur princess baiya(she shouts). i will not leave them baiya iwill take revenge . baiya look at i am ur princess. daily who will support me whenever sumi scolds me baiya come lets go to our house come baiya baiya . i am ur ragini baiya .raghul raghul . i will not leave them
the fb ends
ragini is crying
dhurv:ragini it was not ur fault raght
ragini: i should not take them to my brother and i was my brother weakness too u know that
dhurv :calm down ragini . because of crying u cann’t do anything
ragini:after that incident me my mom and my dad went to kanpur and now we are here. i still miss my brother raghul to the core u know. my does not know anything y they killed raghul and because of my fault he died. because of my unecessary talks
dhurv:ur mom knows it u asked hw i know it right. ur mom friend i mean our mam said to me to take care that time she said me these things ur mom said to her . see ur mom knows it she did not scold u because it is not jur fault
ragini:no dhurv it is my fault(ragini is crying tears continueslly falls from her eyes)
dhurv:ragini calm down ragini ragini

he holds ragini hands tightly
dhurv:ragini i love u i love u so much . don’t feel for ur past. past is a news paper and ur future is a exam paper and u don’t know what will come but present is plain paper u should write what u want i love u ragini.
ragini was looking at him like continuesly ahe is in a big shock
dhurv:thank god ur tears went ragini raguni(he shake her hand)
ragini comes to sense
dhurv:don’t be scared i don’t know what to do to make u not to cry. so that i gave a shock srry
ragini thinks for a while and laughs
ragini:i was scared .
the sun rises
dhurv:u said ur full story a whole night has gone.am tired lets go today we are going to enjoy the kurfi snow ok
raginismile abd says:tk

guys so srry today i updated in my phone .so difenitely so many mistakes are there so srry. even i cann’t type so emotional like other writer to be frank i just tried something plz adjust. and don’t know the flash back is nice not and i am that good in english. so srry

precap:sansakrithi romance and ragini feels sad(we don’t for what might be for dhurv or sankar)plz guess something

and once again thanks for ur comments

Credit to: anamika


  1. Lila

    nicee…. I got worried when he sed I luv u….I want ragsan plzzzz..reveal….it will break lots of hopes if people find out later that their pairs are not selected

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