swaragini would it better for me (Episode 14)

hi guys my ff name is swaragini:would it be better for me . thanks for ur comment naimi , bisha , abi thanks for ur suggestion . bisha now am happy with my life with my bother and sisters and my grandma .abi i should say thanks to u because u suggest me so thank u dear. it is night 12 o clock i can’t stay without updating . so i thought of updating long lets c hw long it goes

so lets begin

swara went near the boat and someone came from the back and hugged her tigtly
swara:laksh wat is this
swara saw the face and was shock to see it
krithi:aah krithi only laksh wat is this(In teasing manner)
swara:i thought ur laksh
krithi:plz stop laksh purana. eppadi irruka. enna marandhitila(hw r u . u forgot me )
swar:no krithi
krithi:ne eppadi marakallam am going to be ur jijus wife(hw can u forgot am going to be ur jijus wife)
swara:ok ok hw u came here wat about ur college
krithi:ennalla sanskar illadha place la irruka motiyadhu so i came here(i cant live in a place where sanskar is not there)
swara:ok come to my tent ve will sleep there 2morow u go and see sanskar
krithi:illa illa na sanskara padhutu than varuvan(no no i will see sanskar then only i will come)
swara:he will sleep now come with me na
krithi:illa swara na chennai la irrudhu inga vandhadhu sanskara pakka than so srry i c him and i will come(i came from chennai to see sanskar only plz i will see him and i will come)
swara:ok krithi its ur wish . don’t disturb jijus sleep

krithi went to sanskar tent
krithi:sanskar wake up na unna pakka dhan vandhurukan plz wake up (i came to see u only wake up sanskar)
sanskar in dream world
sanskar:oh my god in my dearm also i want see the same girl plz deepika paducone plz come
krithi:edhu kanavu illa sanskar nejam . enna vida unaku deepika paducone vanuma ranvir aadhuku ok sollanum(it is not dearm sanskar it real u want deepika paducano for ranvir should say ok)
sanskar:krithi u i missed u (he is sleeping still)
krithi:appo nalaiku vadhu pakkalam .(then 2morow we can come and see )
krithi went to swara’s tent

scene changes to ragdhurv
dhurv after that wat happened
sumi:ragini wat happened u and raghul is sitting in different directions
ragini:sumi u don’t know anything just keep quite and watch
ragini:atleast speck something my idea will work
raghul:that was a idea for u
ragini:promise i will not repeat it actualy i did not do it knowningly yesturday full night i was thinking but i did no get any idea so that only
raghul sees ragini’s sad face
raghul:i think princess is angry on me
ragini:ur princess will never be angry on u
raghul:ok can we go out for celebrating
ragini:celebrating for what
raghul:princess we proposed a girl
ragini:today u proposed a girl not me
raghul:u were telling in ear phones right

fb ends
ragini:u know dhurv even swetha was in love with my bother
dhurv: really
ragini continues flashback
ragini:baiya ur dearm is coming
raghul:swetha where is she
ragini:raghul plz controll ur self calm down
raghul:where s she
ragini:raghul i said see that poster
ragini:boxing match u can difenitely win
raghul:s i forgot about it totally lets go its late

ragini’s is in her room
raghul:princess open the door
ragini:am coming raghul
raghul:it is for u
raghul gave a box
ragini open it and saw a fish tan and a golden fish was there
ragini:raghul its for me am so happy . hw do u know that i like fish
raghul:because am ur brother
ragini:y today
raghul i saw the letter which u wrote for me
by princess

dear raghul
do u know u hold a place in my heart that could be filled by no one else?there are good times and few fights, maybe because in many ways we are too much alike. i have never said it much as somehow the time or mood never seemed right or perhaps there is nothing in me keeps from saying it to your face as much as i should , but regardless i want you to know that i love u . our journey through life may take us apart but it will not matter as neither distance nor time will dull that which is between us . you are my brother because of blood , you are my friend because of love, you are my guru because u teach me , you are my life

love u raghul

with love ragini (ur princess)

ragini: oh my god i wrote it 2 years before still have it am so happy
raghul:hw will i loose u r my life .ok what namr ur going to keep for the fish
raghul:can know who is piku
ragini : offcourse p i k u piku stands for
p pooja ur first crush in school
i indhuja ur second crush
k kavya ur thrid crush
u u is forrrrrrr
raghul:u is for whom tell me(he was so eager to know about it
raghul:he is a boy ok
ragini:u was admiring him right
raghul:s for that he is my crush
ragini:s offcourse
raghul chase ragini
raghul:i will not leave u princess
ragini:piku piku piku p i k u uuuuuu piku(she shouts )

guys i think u like it i will eand flash back in next episode (i think so) u want to end r not tell
i want another girl name to play negtaivr character

precap:flash back plz bear for some episodes plz
guys srry for tamil i thought something different if u don’t like it tell me i will make krithi speck in english . and krithi is sanksar lover and krithi is a tamil girl from chennai

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  1. Who is kirti

  2. superbbbbb and i like ragul relationship …its amazing

  3. Its amazing dear,…
    I suggest Manya for female negative character name..

  4. Very nice episode.loved their bonding

  5. Nice….ppz reveal the pairs

  6. nice and adha khan from nagin for -ve role n make a bit more longer plzzz…

  7. Its ok anamika..u use some tamil…i will get to learn it a bit..i wl obv forget it as i wont b able to speak it still use tamil…lol…btw todays epi was awesum

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