swaragini would it better for me (Episode 12)


hi guys my ff name is swaragini :would it be better for me . thanks for comments . guys yesterday i got comment from xyz i don’t know who is it but srry xyz i have already told that it swalak hw can i change now and srry i cann’t change the pair u can read some other ff but plx don’t scold the writers who write with pair ragsan or swalak .
ok guys lets begin

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dhurv:i saw a girl wearing white t shrit and blue jeans
ragini looks at her dress she was also wereing the same dress
dhurv:she had a pony in her
rags have same
dhurv:she slowly came close to me i woke up
dhurv:it was dream
dhurv saw a pic in ragini’s hand
dhurv:it is raghul right
ragini was in shock

ragini:hw do u know
dhurv:wait i know more about u and ur brother raghul. u and ur brother was a boxer right . a famous boxer in ambala district right it enough r u want somemore
ragini:hw come it is possible hw do u know it
dhurv:don’t get tensed c me like piku . sharma family had shatter ur family right
ragini:(tears in ragini eyes) yes my life my brother’s life my family a shatter into bits because of them but i cann’t do anything u know that .

dhurv:ragini controll urself tell wat actully happened tel me about ur past. u will feel good if u share something to ur friend
rgaini:after so many years i am going to tell u wat i did and i regret for it. my problem started because of my unecessary talks to strangers

sumi:where is this ragini . ragini hurry up its alreay late
ragini:plz sumi 5 minutes
sumi:no plz ur brother is ready u know that
ragini:omg i frogoten it totally
sumi:wat r u saying
ragini:brother and sister screct it is
sumi:anyway u r ur brother i will not interfear in it ok
ragini:thank u sumi
ragini went for bath she came wereing a bjue jeans and pink top
ragini:sumi wat is this i just hate it

sumi:it is salad
ragini:sumi i don’t hw my father sheker maried u
voice:u r right princess
ragini:raghul see today also same salad
sumi:no today vegetable salad yesterday it was fruit salad
raghul:sumi plz make something different u know to cook r not
sumi:i will kil u raghul if u call me sumi
raghul:then wat about my princess
sumi:i know ragini will not listen atleast u stop calling it
sumi went to kitchen
ragini:raghul r u ready
raghul:am scared princess
ragini:don’t be afraid i will talk to the girl
raghul:i think it is so fast to ask a girl

ragini:i really don’t r u a boxer
sumi:can i know which girl it is
ragini:sumi u should wait for ur bahu
sumi:wat bahu
raghul:maa i don’t no
sumi:my bahu should know cooking
ragini :oh u will sit simply sumi watching swaragini daily
sumi:so wat
raghul:stop it we will talk to the girl first then we can have this conversation that who should do which work . princess we allready late lets go
ragini:bye sumi love u
ragini and raghul went
sumi:plz kisanji that girl should tell ok for son


raghul:princess am so nervous it is first time right
ragini: me to raghul. see the girl came

raghul went near a girl
raghul:sweatha can i talk something
sweatha:s raghul any project matter
raghul:no no(raghul is so tensed)
sweatha:then wat esle
raghul:i lost something ur sherachig it right
ragini on the other side
ragini:idiot raghul i said i know u lost something ur searching for it right
ragini is specking through hear phone
swaetha:wat u lost and wat am searching for(in confused manner)
raghul:srry i know that u lost something and ur searching for it
sweatha:plz can u say it cearly

ragini:say wat am saying now . u lost ur surname right .can i help u by giving my name raghul gadodia
raghul repeated the same
sweatha:i need some time to think about it
a girl is watching this
girl:i will not leave u sweatha i loved him but he is loving u i will not leave u .
sweatha went

ragini and raghul @ temple
ragini:raghul do think she will accept u
raghul:i don’t think so. i thought u planed so many things to propose but wat u did
ragini:my idea was awesome. but u made it a mess
raghul:i said i will bend my kness and i will give one to propose her but wat u said
ragini:it is old fashion i will give u new idea
raghul:is this new idea u took it from facebook laughing colors wat will she think about me now
ragini:she will think u r a dumbo nothing more than that
the fb ends

the scene sifts to some other place

sameer:i will give only less money because u cann’t even beat a girl
goon1:u know ragini and raghul is a boxer
goon2:u cann’t defaet them
goon3:hw ragini is alive
ve talk this to our boss
sammer: i don’t about this boxer or ragini hear is ur money

snece swifts to ragdhur
ragini started telling fb

precap:fb only for 2 or 3 episodes srry because i want to show the bonding between ragini and her brother raghl so bear me plz plz

after flash back i will tell the pairs
guys suggest me somes name for a girl
it is ur wish u can suggest someone for raghul and sweatha and that girl
i thought of shasthiri sisters anu and ranjat for swetha and raghul wat r u saying plz suggest

Credit to: anamika

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  3. Its awesome dear…
    And I suggest shaurya of ek hasina thi as raghul.

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