swaragini would it better for me (Episode 11)


i guys my ff name is swaragini:would be better for me . thank u so much for ur comments and its swalak pair only i said the strange feeling for when swara is in danger a friend can also guess ok swara and sanskar r childhood friends

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lets begin
it starts from ragdhursan and swalak playind true r dare in one tent

swara:its my changes i have to ask to ragini
dhurv:ask fast
swara:true r dare
ragini does not reply
sanskar:ragini plz think us like pikuwe r not strangers right answer us
swara:tell me y ur not talking
ragini thinks for sometime and replys
ragini:due to some personal problems
swara:wat problems
ragin smiles sanskar understood that and said
sanskar:u can ask only one question

now the change goes to laksh
laksh:dhurv be ready
laksh:if me sanskar is a girl and ur gf then whom u will marry
dhurv:my god laksh is self fish and sanskar is grandfather srry grandmother who allways advice to me so i wil no marry u both
now changes goes to sanskar
sanskar:i want to ask ragini
sanskar:i don’t know adbout ur past but who is raghul. the goon said ragini is here then where is raghul
tears fall from ragini’s eyes continuesly ragini could not controll her tears
laksh:hey ragini what happen y r u crying if u don’t want to tell don’t tell
swara:ragini it just game don’t cry
dhurv was continueslt staring at ragini
ragini:raghul is a boxer
saying this she stopped crying
swara:leave it guys donn’t make her remember her past now

ragini:its ok

a teacher ame to the tent and gave phone to ragini
teacher:ragini ur mothr sumi is specking. u know na she is my friend
ragini took the phome and kept near her ears
sumi:ragini beta i am missing u so much . r u happy there . hw is piku . everything is fine right ur eating properly . don’t go out without ur teacher ragini atleast speck something i want to her ur voice
ragini:i hate unecessary talks
sumi:ok just hear wat am saying. be carefull. eat well. take care
ragini did not hear morethan that she just gave the phone to the teacher
teacher moved from there
swara:u r the only child in ur house
ragini :me and my brother
sanskar:its allready late go and sleep 2mmorow we have to play in snow
all went to their tent
ragini took a photo from a bag and went out and sat in the snow. piku was with her
ragini:piku i commited a sin.i hate my life without raghul.i wish he would be alive now.it was all my mistake piku . piku i want my raghul back.i miss him to the core
just then someone come from the back it is dhurv
dhurv:ragini what happened ur sitting here

ragini does not reply’s
dhurv:ok let me tell u y i came here. i saw a girl wereing white color t shirt and blue jeans

precap : maybe flashback

Credit to: anamika

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  4. hey i know that u will get less comments because it is swalak u plz change it into swasan .i hate the writers who write withswalak r ragsan pair plz change it i hate the pair to the core. i don’t no y u guys have like this taste swalak plz change it r u will not get comment . and comming to ragini . u pair ragini with anyone i don’t care about . i just want swasan
    its my humble request .

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