swaragini would it better for me (Episode 10)


hi guys thanks for ur comment i will reveal ragini’s past in the upcomming episodes . some want to know about pair plz wait for some time

my previous link are http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-better-episode-9/

the episode begins in dhurv hugging ragini

ragini:leave me
dhurv leaves her slowly telling
dhurv:it is so cold and u r my gf so i can hug u na
ragini does not speak a word she goes from there to her tent

nextday morning

swara was walking taking some photos in her camera. someone is following swara he is wereing black t shirt and jeans his face is covered
he went near swara and sprayed something on her face.swarafaints he takesswara to a isolated to a isolated place in kurfi snow itself
ragini also follows him
swara slowly get her consious
swara:who r u where am i (swara is crying)
the man :u donn’t know me
he shows his face
sameer:s offcourse i came to take revenge srry i came to marry u
swara:sam stop ur prank do u know i was so scared
sameer:do u think am a fool
swara:i said stop ur prank hw is meera maa now . her condition was bad 2 years back right hw is she now
sameer: stop swara i am not ur old sam. u used me to make laksh jealous . u played with my feeling . i am not fool this . u cann’t escape from me i will not leave
sameer comes closer to swara to kiss her ragini is seeing this on the other side
ragini:oh god it swara . i should save her i cann’t call anyone i donn’t have anyone’s number here. i should do something ragini think something u have to save her
that time dhurv laksh and sanskar came and started beating all the goons but they could not . all the goon catched dhurv sanskar and laksh
sameer: swara see ur faith ur lover laksh is here and ur getting married to me
sameer drags swara

swara catches sameer’s legs
swara:srry sam i did not know that i hurt ur feeling am so srry i cann’t live without laksh . plz i donn’t want to marry u plz sam leave me

ragini come from the back and started beating him
goon1:hey it ragini gadodia the boxer right
goon2:ss i can remember her
goon3:she here here means then where is raghul
all the goons saw ragini and they ran away
sameer was badly injured. sameer also escaped
swara went and huged ragini
swara:thank u so much u saved me from that sameer
sanskar started consoling swara
ragini was about to go but someone stoped her
laksh:hey who r u and wh the raghul the goon was telling u where boxer tel me
ragini does not reply
laksh:can u tell y u saved swara is that ur plan because swara made a prank on u if not y u saved swara . u don’t have any relationship with her. wat is the need in it .
ragini:do u know wat is humanity if u know then i will answer u . blood relation should only be sisters .and if some one try’s to harm a girl in front of me i will not keep quite like i was in past years i will fight against them . swara is not my sister u r right but she is my co student .i never talked with her for that i cann’t keep quite . yaa i was a boxer before but not now for that i cann’t forget wat i studied there .
dhurv:ok ragini relax relax but thank u so much

sanskar:s ragini srry in behaif of laksh . srry laksh loved swra like anything so in anger he spoked like that once again srry
swara:ragini am really srry i called u as lazy goose , and i tourcherd u by taking piku from u really srry i donn’t y ur not taking and all but u r good at heart i can say that very cerly so lets be frnds
ragini stares at her and smiles
swara:i c take ur smile as u said ok
ragini nods
dhuragsanswalak have a group hug

sameer was sankar strange feeling he felt like that because swara is in danger

guys srry for small one i will make it big

precap:true or dare game

Credit to: anamika

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    Plz someone tell me

  8. very nice ..

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